The State of Conspiracy

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I’ve been living and working in Mordor for about half a year. The
experience has been quite illuminating. I realized right off the
subsidized-bat that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore when I saw the King’s
crime of Taxation Without Representation printed on local
license plates. Now that’s supposedly a protest slogan, but it seems
more like a slave’s sick, self-deprecating joke. The highways are
congested with cars and cameras, but the overpasses aren’t mounted
by gun turrets, so the workers don’t complain much. For those who
don’t or won’t drive, there’s a neat metro system where the trains
run on time some of the time to all kinds of “free” museums espousing
the progressive history of government. The parks are there for the
people to roam, play frisbee toss, lick ice cream, and read the
daily spin under the shadow of various pagan monuments. Meanwhile,
the instructed Decider instructs the young armies to invade faraway
lands full of sand. There are few worries over war among the diverse
populace, for our fair and balanced press has confirmed that the
best defense is a blitzkrieg offense. Civilizing these countries
through a barrel of a gun with American Democracy is not just for
the common good of our infallible nation, but for the world good
as well.

I have front
row seats to the madness of post-9-11 Washington D.C. The overtly
fascist overdrive of the U.S. government has twisted an already
backwards nation into a Homeland of Terror. Most of the happy people
say the loss of freedom is justified because we obviously "need
to be safe from the gang of cavemen." However, there are those
brazen individuals who are more concerned with domestic black helicopters
than "the gang of cavemen." Unanswered questions in the
9-11 Commission Report have led to the creation of quite a few theories
revolving around September 11th. But mainstream inputs
have already debunked all that Conspiracy Theory rubbish… haven’t
they? Hologram planes aside, one or more of the following is true
about that tragic day: the government’s past actions provoked the
attack; the government was grossly unable (or unwilling?) to protect
the country; or it was all just a huge, high-tech deadly magic show
put on by very secret, compartmentalized elements of the U.S. (and/or
foreign) government. Remember the Maine? Hitler’s Reichstag? The
Gulf of Tonkin non-event? Is it really unreasonable for one to suspect
the beneficiaries of war and government growth to have had a hand
in 9-11? Could a twin tower-sized inside job actually be pulled
off? Many folks were outraged with the New York Post’s April 12,
2002 headline: “Bush Knew!” (as if Dubya knows anything). But even
the notion that September 11th was an inside job orchestrated
solely by the Bush administration ignores the Oligarchy, which has
dominated the United States for over a century, regardless of which
puppet is in office.

For multiple
reasons, I've had the opportunity to listen to all kinds of so-called
"Conspiracy Theorists" over the phone. Many of them inform
me that we’re being listened-in on by They. So goons from NSA or
DHS put food on the table by monitoring… me?! I’m flattered! But
I'm hearing deep anti-Establishment stuff here, so are They really
dumb enough to let this conversation go unmonitored? Anyway, I'm
lectured about fluorinated water and the vaccinations with mercury.
This troubles me, because I like water and my mom made sure I received
every vaccination. Others say I must watch Zeitgeist and Loose Change,
for both these online flicks have all the Answers. I'm also told
about the founders being Free Masons and then I see the map of the
Executive Mansion resting at the top of a city street pentagram.
Well… I always suspected that Satan’s power flows through the White
House. And what’s this about the U.S. still being under the Martial
Law enacted by President Lincoln? No wonder that neo-Confederate
Tom DiLorenzo hates Honest Abe so much! These conversations warp
me into a dimension where my birth certificate legally handed me
over to the “State” of D.C.’s jurisdiction. The task is now to reclaim
my legal sovereignty from the U.S. Corporation and to escape the
Uniform Commercial Code, the Elite's shadow legal system that redundantly
enslaves us all through a web of buried technicalities. But even
as I reach as high as I can for the pyramid's peak, it is, much
to the delight of the owl-worshipping aristocracy, always out of

Have you heard
the conspiratorial view of the first through third national banks,
where the good ol’ U.S. of A is little more than a sovereign-in-name-only
satellite for the British Empire? In this story, Andrew Jackson
is hailed as the greatest American ever. Five months after the expiration
of the first U.S. Bank's charter in 1811, Americans would find the
British burning down the White House (hallelujah!). However, a miraculous
post-war stand by General Jackson in New Orleans sent those Red
Coats reeling. Two years after the war's end in 1814, the privately
owned Second Bank's charter is authorized by then president James
Madison, so in 1832 it’s up to president Jackson to veto the rebirth
of the dragon-demon from hell. Perhaps Jackson was aware that Mayer
Amschel Rothschild once said, “Permit me to issue and control the
money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”? Unfortunately
for you and me, "Old Hickory" was not around to stop the
banker’s secret 1910 Jekyll Island meeting where legislation to
cartelize the banking industry was crafted. These bankers, out of
the goodness of their hearts, had their men in Congress push for
the "much-needed" Federal Reserve Act, which eventually
passed in December of 1913 during the administration of their pet
president, Woodrow Wilson.

Let's now take
a friendly visit to the generally subversive Council on Foreign
Relations, a globalist policy club for the elites founded in 1919
by president Wilson’s right hand man and soul mate, Colonel Edward
Mandel House. For almost a 100 years now, CFR members have included
the heads of academia, law, media, insurance and especially finance;
and every presidential administration since the 1920s has been dominated
by CFR members. According to Alex Jones, the mission of the Council
on Foreign Relations is to destroy the United States. While I’m
not a fan of fronts for the House of Morgan and Rockefeller, does
anyone really believe CFR members like Dan Rather are aware of,
say, Cecil Rhodes' American Round Table group? That aside, only
0.001% of the U.S. population can claim membership to the Council
on Foreign Relations. With one exception, every media anointed presidential
front-runner in this election is a proud, card-carrying member of
the highly exclusive CFR. The Huckster is that exception, but the
Establishment needed a relative outsider to don the robes of conservative
savior. They'd take anybody but that kooky, crackpot Ron Paul. You
should all know the media’s song:

Long shot,
9-11 Truther, Ron Paul. Crackpot, Libertarian, Ron Paul. Long shot,
Neo-Nazi, Ron Paul!

*End Transmission*

It has long
been the dream of powerful men to possess Earth. Throughout history
rulers of many a great empire have tried to conquer what they figured
was the whole thing. These mad dogs were not raised to be content
with the power that they merely inherited. No, the father to son
line is always, “There are always more sheep to shepherd.” And thanks
to technology, this ant world of ours is becoming a much more manageable
ant farm. The State, their corporate beneficiaries and financial
masters have managed to sell mercantilism and paper money to the
whole world with the goal of obtaining total control. These powers
use the United States as the military engine for their New World
Order; and a militaristic Empire that the world despises is easily
disposable down the road, along with all those silly notions of
sovereignty. One hears this and replies “Oh, so you believe in the
Illuminati!” Not knowing much about Adam Weishaupt, I explain the
long history of the international banking cartel, the socialist
tax-exempt foundations and all about the State-media, but their
programming responds snidely with “Conspiracy Theorist."

So while I
may never acquire the all-seeing Eye's view of the Puzzle, I think
it's pretty clear that Conspiracy is a dirty word for a reason:
the Establishment engages in conspiratorial acts on a daily basis.
It would be foolish for They not to publish loads of worthless historical
facts, promote stereotypes along with skin-deep diversity, teach
dismal sciences, and report misinformation in order to divide, distract,
and mislead the serfs. Think of the armies of dumbed-down children
ushered into their local brainwashing center for at least eight
mind-numbing hours. Fortunately for Liberty, most don’t finish their
homework on so-called market failure. But for “adults” there’s that
old, Banker-financed Marxist child’s fable of the Proletariat vs.
Bourgeoisie which has crowded out the more accurate, generalized
depiction of our situation: the ruling class vs. We, the People.
It should be of no surprise that libertarians are widely seen by
their fellow peons as poor-hating, ego-worshipping children who
just want more of Society’s money.

Maybe this
is just the chemtrails talking, but “Conspiracy Theorists” are not
crazy for wanting to expose the men behind the curtain. The real
crazies are the statists blinded by the curtain of red, white, and

23, 2008

Ward [send him mail]
hates the machine because he loves liberty.

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