The Effects of Mass Deportation Would Ruin Us

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presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that if he’s elected,
you can count on him to send all illegal immigrants packing. According
to the Washington
, the former governor has "signed a pledge to
enforce immigration laws and to make all illegal aliens go home,"
and he reportedly plans to accomplish this through "attrition
by law enforcement."

So let me
get this straight. The guy who as governor of Arkansas fought for
welfare benefits like college
tuition breaks
and advocated pathways
to citizenship
for illegal aliens, now all of a sudden believes
in sending them all back from whence they came? Well, at least he’s
not pandering!

Assuming Huckabee
remains true to his word (even though he can’t win a general election,
but that’s another
), rounding up at least 12
illegals would be an extraordinary undertaking. Ultimately,
it is one that would fail — not for lack of trying, mind you, but
because it would eventually alienate virtually every American
citizen in the process, as well.

In no uncertain
terms, an adventure of this magnitude — one relying on the use of
government law enforcement agencies to accomplish desired ends —
would require a near-complete militarization of our cities from
coast to coast. Police officers, ICE and border control agents,
and (most likely) military units would be tasked with patrolling
our streets night and day in order to track down these lawbreakers
— we are going to remove all of them, right Mike?
— the vast majority of whom are non-violent workers who have aggressed
against no one.

To say this
would be a messy affair would be an understatement of magnificent
proportion. SWAT-style assaults and home invasions would be the
order of the day. Today’s ruthless, tyrannical drug raids would
actually look tame in comparison as government thugs went door to
door seeking out suspected illegal aliens. The right to privacy
of citizens and non-citizens alike would consequently evaporate
as property rights became a thing of the past. Chaos would ensue.
Racial tensions would intensify as primarily brown targets would
be ensnared by their primarily white captors. Protests and riots
would erupt, the merits of which would be hard to dispute.

Children born
as American citizens would be seized from their parents, automatically
rendered homeless and converted into wards of the state as a result
of such totalitarian behavior (Huckabee once seemed
to understand
the demerits of such atrocious behavior). Human
beings who have come to this country to make a better life for themselves
and their families would be treated like animals as they were hunted,
captured, incarcerated, and eventually deported. And this would
merely be the fate of those who complied.

Those who
resisted, on the other hand, would not fare nearly as well. They
would end up beaten, maimed, tortured, and even killed. If Americans
can be electrocuted
and shot
by the roadside simply for arguing with the police nowadays, just
what type of treatment would befall the illegal immigrant suddenly
rendered persona non grata via this new Soviet-style diktat?

Sadly, this
issue says much less about Mike Huckabee than it does about countless
American citizens, with whom the candidate simply seeks to curry
favor this election year. Huckabee is a sleazy politician and thus
to an extent can be forgiven for behaving like one. This doesn't
excuse his most recent stance, but it's very telling that he can
get away with it. After all, he's just posturing for an American
electorate whose mainstream values are reflected in its president,
in whose office we unfortunately place so much influence that one
man can be empowered on our behalf to commit wholesale acts of violence
against fellow humans. And if we can identify enemies abroad, so
too can we apparently identify local "enemies" living
within our borders.

But make no
mistake. A mission literally to cleanse our land of unwanted immigrants
would more or less amount to a rogue experiment in state-sanctioned
domestic terrorism scarcely seen before in the United States, and
one that would almost certainly result in civil war.

All in response
to a hot-button political issue that essentially could be eliminated
by doing little more than putting an end to those attractive welfare
subsidies Mike Huckabee and so many of his fellow Americans seem
to love so much in the first place.

21, 2008

Trevor Bothwell
[send him mail] maintains
the web log, Who's
Your Nanny?

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