Open Letter to Veterans of the U.S. Military On Behalf of Ron Paul

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Policy positions
aside, what follows are characteristics in a person that
would serve us very, very well in a President.

1. He tells
the truth.

It is not fun
to hear that our country is going bankrupt, or that our government
is out of control, or that we are losing our liberties at a dizzying
rate. It is scary and upsetting. But if we are to regain the country
that we like to think we live in, the truth must be heard.
Dr. Paul discusses with great frankness the actual reasons for troublesome
conditions we now face, and while this may be bitter medicine, it
does point the way to reversing the spiral and regaining our footing
as a peaceful, free, and prosperous nation.

2. He is

When others
are in an uproar, Congressman Paul demonstrates a remarkable level
of equanimity. On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Jan 7th),
for example, he discussed FOX's shameless decision to exclude him
from their "Republican debate" without the slightest hint
of rancor or hostility; he even showed a sense of humor. When he
has been scoffed at in debates, he has ignored the jeers and gone
on to explain his positions in a mild and deliberate manner. This
calm demeanor would be a great asset in dealing with the myriad
clamorings that make their way into the Oval Office.

3. His story
does not change with the political winds

For many long
years, Dr. Paul has been talking about the same crucial topics:
sound money; honoring the Constitution; protecting life, liberty
and property; friendly relations with other nations and entangling
alliances with none; maintaining a strong national defense; honoring
our veterans, etc. It doesn't seem to matter where he goes or who
is listening — the story remains the same. Wouldn't it be nice to
know that the President of the United States had an unswerving commitment
to principles of freedom that you could depend upon, once he was
in office?

4. He is

If you notice
how Dr. Paul behaves in debates, you will see that any annoyance
he demonstrates is strictly on policy matters. No matter how much
pressure he is under, he is unfailingly polite and respectful, and
does not join the game of tossing out rude barbs to trip up or embarrass
other candidates. Consider how important might be the simple fact
of Presidential good manners in dealing with testy foreign nations.

5. He obeys
his oath of office.

When Congressmen
(and Presidents) take office, they take the following oath: I,
loyal citizen of the Republic, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States
against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true
faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely,
without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I
will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which
I am about to enter. So help me God.” In ten terms in
Congress, Dr. Paul has an untarnished record of adhering to this
oath. Who else can say that? Nobody. It is, sad to say, practically
unheard of. And if we ever needed it in anybody, surely it is in
the head of the Executive branch.

6. He is
open about what he is doing.

An example
of this can be found on Dr. Paul's campaign website, where in prominent
display are the totals, minute by minute, of money flowing into
his coffers from campaign contributors. I've seen no other candidate
do this. It is a small example, perhaps, but it is telling.

7. He is
neither owned nor cowed by special interests.

In his years
in the House of Representatives, Congressman Paul has proven beyond
doubt that he cannot be bought. Lobbyists, I am told, don't even
bother trying to get in to see him, since they know that if government
funding of their pet projects would be unconstitutional, they are
wasting their time. The pressures on a President to bow to powerful
interests are sure to be tremendous, and a man who can stand up
to them is a very great man indeed.

8. He believes
in the America of our Founders

It has been
a slow and painful awakening for some of us to realize that the
America in which we now live is not the one our Founders gave us.
Sadly, our peace, prosperity and freedom are all under assault.
We still have a lot to be thankful for, there is no doubt of that,
but we cannot afford to let our freedom keep slipping away, and
I want the guy who remembers where we came from and wants to make
good the original Revolution.

9. He is

When Congressman
Paul talks about his success, he attributes it to the popularity
of the ideas he espouses. It is the ideas, not the man, that
are carrying this movement, as he has repeatedly said. But the truth
is that in the world today, it takes a giant of a man to carry this
torch, and he, who is such a man, carries it with grace and modesty.
This suggests to me that he cares more for the ideas and for the
freedom of his countrymen than he does for his own ambition, and
who wouldn't want a President like that?

10. He addresses
the issues that matter

There is always
political noise about something, but Dr. Paul cuts under the fray
to get at what is causing situations to occur. This sort
of approach lends itself to solutions. It is interesting to consider
that under a Paul administration, the tide might be reversed, and
we might actually regain some of our freedom and prosperity and

11. He is

If we ever
needed a brave man in office, it is now. The pressures that threaten
freedom in our land are formidable, and a mere politician, I think,
could not stem the tide. Only a statesman could do that, and in
Dr. Paul, by the grace of God, we have such a man. Even he could
not do it alone, though, and it is heart-warming to see the great
numbers of people who are rising up to rally around this cause.
This is a movement of historic proportions, and may give us the
best chance we'll ever have to restore the foundations of our Republic.

12. He is
a nice person

The President
is the first and most public Ambassador of the United States of
America. Dr. Paul shows in many ways that he would uphold this responsibility
admirably. He demonstrates through example the tenets of his faith
(like wanting to treat other nations the way we would like other
nations to treat us); he demonstrates professionalism and honesty,
scholarship and humor, compassion and integrity. By example alone,
he would improve America's standing in the world.

9, 2008

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