How Ron Paul Can Win On Super Tuesday

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Ron Paul is
every American's candidate. We just don't know it yet.

Since the
beginning of his run for the presidency, Congressman Paul has proven
Murray Rothbard's assertion that political libertarianism is popular
within the heartland, and that Nock's Remnant, previously invisible,
is alive and strong in Red State America.

Ron Paul
took fifth place in Iowa and is currently running in South Carolina,
behind Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

minor alterations in strategy could easily catapult him into the
front-runner's position.

Since money
is no object, and with new supporters and donors joining the Revolution
on a daily basis, the Ron Paul Campaign should step up its ads operation.

Ads are meant
to appeal to Americans whose primary news-medium is the radio and
television. Thousands of people, indeed, the majority of primary
voters, have never made the transition to web-based news sources
and are still in thrall to the Old Establishment Media of MSNBC
and FOX.

Ron Paul
needs this bloc of ordinary Republicans to win on Super Tuesday
and at the County and State Conventions across the country. Ron
Paul needs supporters willing to step up to the plate and serve
as delegates to the National Republican Convention.

folks, previously apathetic to the political process but now desirous
of change are Dr. Paul's natural constituents. Their concerns are
Internet regulation, sky-high gas prices, and the cost of living.
These are issues that matter more than blurred statements manufactured
by the media — global warming and the fear of Islamic terrorism
which propelled Rudy Giuliani into front-runner status.

Huckabee's vague "economic populism," appeals to Americans,
but the "Man from Hope" offers no concrete solutions.

The Ron
Paul Campaign offers practical solutions. Of all the candidates
in either of our major political parties, only he addresses matters
important to the American citizen.

To vie with
other presidential campaigns over issues like defense and border
security is important, but these are not issues that will cause
Joe Six-Pack to rise from his chair in realization that Internet
regulation will affect him personally, just as the ban on Internet
gambling did.

The solution
to high gas and diesel prices — allowing the open unregulated market
to increase production of oil and creating new refineries and nuclear
power plants is simplistic, yet must be forcibly stated in order
for Americans to appreciate it.

The significance
of the Ron Paul Campaign's ads must be clear and direct:

To Americans
in general: lower gas prices are the result of deregulation and
the suspension of Federal taxes.

it is possible once again to bring about a dramatic fall in the
price of oil — indeed, one even larger than occurred in the 1980s.
And it could begin right away. All that is necessary is to abolish
the U.S. government's restrictions on domestic energy production
inspired by the environmentalist movement." — George Reisman.

There is
only candidate who has been consistent on this issue: Ron Paul.

Ron Paul
is the only presidential candidate whose answer to high gas prices
is not outright socialism.

To Republicans
in particular: Ron Paul is the only Republican Candidate who can
win in 2008 against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

It's really
that simple.

the fact that Iraq is relatively stable at the moment, by November
5, 2008, millions of Americans are going to be wondering what, besides
a temporary feeling of security, we have gained in return for an
immense expenditure of American lives and dollars.

They will
not be electing candidates whose platform promises future "foreign
adventures" and the expansion of an already bloated "Defense"
budget with their tax dollars.

like to back winners, candidates with who are willing to deal with
core issues.

Ron Paul
is a winner. Moreover, he is also a teacher and a man of ideas,
an Apostle of Misean Theory, bringing the premise of genuinely free
markets to the receptive masses, inculcated since birth in social
and economic Keynesianism, but possessed of a natural desire for
individual liberty and the prosperity which results from markets
devoid of statist intervention.

his campaign, thousands of people around the world have become students
of Austrian Economics. Witness the phenomenon of the International
Ron Paul Meetup Groups, as men and women the world over take their
stand for liberty and free markets, and against Globalism, Statism
and U.S. Imperialism.

The Ron
Paul Revolution cannot end with Dr. Paul's election to the presidency
or with his defeat.

Only by
the continued proliferation of Dr. Paul's message can we continue
battling the encroaching Nanny State.

Ron Paul
supporters are a diverse lot, united in their opposition to establishment
politics. When this election is past, why should we separate on
sectarian lines and cease to be a united force?

The Meetup
Groups are the greatest strength of Ron Paul's insurgent campaign.

They have proven
a valuable tool in political campaigning and will therefore shortly
be under the state's scrutiny as politicians continue the de-legalization
of genuine Grassroots political campaigning.

There will
be negative repercussions, incidents involving the nature of Meetup
Groups which will necessitate calls for regulation by the Federal

why it is important for Ron Paul to win on Super Tuesday.

must learn exactly what Ron Paul stands for, and what the other
candidates do not.

It's time
to go negative — and not just on Mike Huckabee. South Carolina and
every other state in the Union need to hear about Tax-Hike Mike.
Republicans should know that Mr. Huckabee left the Arkansas Republican
Party in shambles. As Governor, he repeatedly placed his presidential
aspirations before the best interests of his Party. Consequently,
Arkansas now has a Democratic Governor, and two Democratic Senators.

want to bet Mike won't stab you in the back again?

John McCain
has many skeletons in his closet.

His foreign
policy "expertise" comes solely from his many trips abroad,
funded wholly by the U.S. tax-payer. Senator McCain fully intends
to continue George Bush's "invade the world, invite the world,"
policies. His cavalier disregard for the Constitution in general
and the First Amendment in particular exemplified by his support
of the Patriot Act and sponsorship of the McCain-Feingold Act more
than disqualify him from the presidency.

McCain bills himself as an "independent" and a "man
of the people." Yet, he has never held a job in the private

These facts
must be made known to the American people.

This is
not a negative ad campaign; it is simply a recitation of the facts
about each candidate.

Ron Paul
can win.

Win as
in beating Rudy Giuliani like a drum reveille.

Win as
in giving the Republican Party the shaking of a lifetime.

Win as
in building a 21st century coalition of liberty-lovers.

Win as
in taking the White House by storm, in 2008.

14, 2008

Paul Bingham
[send him mail] is
a welder, student, and writer. He volunteers for the Rocky Comfort,
Missouri, Ron Paul Meetup Group #56.

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