An Open Letter to Huckabee Supporters in Behalf of Ron Paul

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It’s true.

I admit it.
It seems I’m a recovering Huckaholic.

I attended
a "Huckabee for President" campaign rally in St. John’s
Michigan last Friday Night. Please don’t hold it against me as it
was Huckabee who invaded my space and not the case of my going out
of my way to swoon over his rock star–like status. My son was
competing in a home-school basketball game and the Huckabee campaign
decided that the venue would be a great photo op and rally site.
Now, I could have decided to just miss the game since it was being
converted into an “All ignorant Jesus lovers vote for me” rally
but since I am an assistant coach for Anthony’s team I thought I
would grin and bear it.

However, since
I was forced to be there I do have an observation about those gathered,
an observation about Huckabee and a sociological observation regarding
social behavior towards those who refuse to drink the kool-aid and
who scream loudly that others shouldn’t drink the kool-aid.

First concerning
the gathered lemming; I must say it was as if I was transported
to a Tom Jones concert of 40 years ago. You know … the type where
all the women would throw their undergarments on the stage along
with their hotel room keys in hopes that Tom would pick them. The
swooning was surreal. Before Huckabee arrived their were announcements
on the PA about how the Huckabee staffers were nervous that the
crowd would swarm him and pleas that people would show their Christian
behavior by letting the candidate approach them and encouragement
not to mob the candidate. The people in charge of the campaign kept
giving us minute by minute updates on the coming of Huckabee. “Governor
Huckabee is 10 minutes out. Governor Huckabee is 5 minutes out.
Governor Huckabee is 2 minute out.” And on and on it went. The last
time I’ve seen a person tracked this closely with this much excitement
was Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Every time an update was given
the 500 souls in the gymnasium would swoon like teenage girls being
asked out on their first date. Then we had practice cheering runs.
“Let me hear what kind of noise you’re going to make when future
President Huckabee shows up.” Louis XVI would have been so fortunate
to have such an adoring people as these Huckabee groupies. These
people were wetting their pants over getting to be in the same room
with a guy that makes Tricky Dick and Slick Willie look like amateurs.

And then when
Huckabee arrived it was more of the same. The Huckster’s speech
was boiler plate political vapid. There was no there “there.” My
18-year-old daughter characterized it as “bushwah.” And yet people
were screaming their lungs out as if Huckabee was serving as the
prophet of Allah making pronouncements revealing Allah’s will.

To be honest
I was ashamed of myself. Ashamed because despite all my skepticism
and cynicism I had underestimated the ability of those who call
themselves Christians to be totally deluded. Those 500 people present,
most of whom no doubt would label themselves “Christian” have no
idea who Mike Huckabee is or what policy he has pursued, and further
have no desire to know. It is enough for them that Mike says he
is the “Jesus candidate.” I used to think that these people were
being manipulated by their Pastors but having spoken to a few Huckabee
Pastor types I realize that the fog in the pew is because of the
mist in the pulpit. In short, their Pastors are just as deluded
as the rank and file. Somehow a lemming avalanche for Huckabee got
started and once the avalanche begins no amount of reasoning will
thwart its kinetic energy.

I know this
because I got snowed over by the avalanche. When it was announced
that Huckabee was going to be in St. Johns and when I realized it
was the home-schooling organization that I am loosely a part of
that was pushing it I sent an e-mail out to those in the home-schooling
group simply explaining some of the liberal and statist tendencies
of Mike Huckabee and providing links for people to look closer at
this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Given the response I received you
would have thought that I had committed blasphemy by touching the
Lord’s anointed.

So here is
the summary of the first observation. People, including Christians,
so desperately want heroes that they will turn off rational thought
once they decide, for whatever reason, that some person is going
to be that hero. Secondly, the Christian community is no different
from the non-Christian community when it comes to shallowness, practicing
thought by emotion, and sheer unmitigated gullibility.

The observation
about Huckabee is that he is slick the same way that Clinton was
slick except that he has added a Jesus coating to his slickness.
This is my chief reason for disliking Huckabee. It is my estimation
that he is cynically using Jesus to get elected. Let’s face it,
if it weren’t for Huckabee’s ministerial ties and willingness to
invoke Jesus at every turn he would be running neck and neck with
Duncan Hunter and be easily dismissed as a center-left moderate
Republican (what they call a Social Democrat in Europe). Recently,
I am blaming him less and less for this and increasingly I am blaming
the “Christian community” for being such willing naifs. Huckabee’s
“I am the Bible’s candidate” spiel came out again in the few minutes
that he spoke where he appealed to people to help him slay the giants
he was facing in the Michigan primary the way that David slew Goliath.
This was just more identity politics and more red meat for the Jesus

Here is the
summary of the second observation. Huckabee will ride this “I love
Jesus” train as far as he can. What is unfortunate about it is that
he is getting away with what so many ministers in our churches get
away with and that is constantly having Jesus on their lips while
preaching a theology that is not particularly Christian. The goods
are out there on Huckabee in terms of his leftist, statist and non-Christian
agenda but Christians just don’t care because it is enough to invoke

My final observation
is sociological and has reference to the way people treat those
who are unwilling to drink the kool-aid. During the 36 hours when
all this was unfolding I was told it was inappropriate for me to
e-mail people to warn them about Huckabee. My son was told by someone
that they “felt sorry for him that he had the father he had,” and
the most benign look I seem to get now is one that is quizzical
as if somebody is looking at a hunchback cannibal with the remnants
of dinner still wedged between his teeth. Like the human body, a
community protects itself by attacking foreign elements that it
perceives does not belong there. Much of the Christian community
has decided that Huckabee is the man and woe unto those who suggest
that a vote for Huckabee is a vote which is, in reality, precisely
against their best interest.

So yes… I attended
a Huckabee rally.

And my worst
fears were realized.

21, 2008

Bret McAtee [send him mail]
writes on and
is from Charlotte, Michigan where he dwells with his perfect wife,
dazzling children and where he prays daily for Reformation in the

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