Non-Working Automobile Headlight Shines Light On Government Intrusiveness

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A state trooper
recently ticketed me for a nonworking driver's side headlight. He
ignored the sport-utility-vehicle exceeding the speed limit, made
a u-turn and pulled me over. Then the trooper was kind enough to
provide the paperwork that I would need to get the ticket dismissed.
This kind of routine traffic stop happens every day and is a prime
example of how we are conditioned to accept the intolerable intrusiveness
of government and its agents the police.

No auto owner
wants a vehicle's headlights to fail. A properly working vehicle
helps keep us and other drivers safe. Had I caused an accident and
harmed someone else or damaged someone's personal property by driving
my car with only one headlight then I would have to pay the consequences
but the amount of time, money, and energy required to force me to
repair my car is a waste. It is in my own best interest to have
my car's headlight repaired.

I drove to
an auto repair shop, which fixed my light. Then I drove to the state
police barracks to have a trooper complete the necessary paperwork.
The time, money, and energy spent created more opportunities for
traffic accidents, reduced my personal productivity as well as the
productivity of the police and wasted time, money, and resources
that could be better spent.

While the state
trooper was busy completing the paperwork to dismiss my ticket,
somewhere someone was being robbed, maimed, raped, or killed. While
the trooper was testing my low beams and high beams, crimes could
have been prevented if that trooper was on patrol.

Statists argue
the state aims to protect people. The state's goal should be to
protect individual freedom but the power hungry have twisted its
mission to limit individual freedom in favor of "protecting"
the masses.

I hope Dr.
Ron Paul's Revolution inspires more potential statesmen and stateswomen
to run for office on libertarian ideals with an eye on dismantling
unconstitutional government agencies and agendas.

While my recent
run in with the law occurred at night, it shined light on government
intrusiveness and lack of concern for individual freedom and personal
property rights. As Henry Ward Beecher once said “The worst thing
in this world, next to anarchy, is government.”

8, 2008

David Ward [send him mail]
is a stand-up comedian in Ballston Spa, NY. Visit his

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