An Open Letter to Individual Freedom Advocates About Ron Paul

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This letter
is part of a series of “open letters” on behalf of or about Ron
started by Walter
Open Letter to the Jewish Community in Behalf of Ron Paul
similar to David Gordon’s An
Open Letter To Libertarians on Ron Paul
. It is directed to agorists,
market anarchists, libertarian
, classical liberals, individual anarchists, free
, and other anti-war,
advocates of individual
. This is also partly in response to some of the recent
criticisms made about Ron Paul and the arguments for and against

In contradistinction
to Gordon’s letter and most of the other open letters which argue
for supporting the Ron Paul
, this will instead argue for not losing sight of the
big picture. Even if you believe that voting
and political activism is not the right approach to ending or minimizing
the impact of the State on yourself and your fellow human beings,
you can hardly deny the impact of the “rEVOLution.”

Even if you
disagree with some of Ron Paul’s positions – as target readers
already realize, each one of us is not a Ron Paul –
you must surely admit feeling some comfort or even joy when Paul
stands up to Howard
Fineman’s insinuations
and points out that the money collected
by the I.R.S. is “supporting some real evil in the world … pre-emptive
war …” Even if you believe that politics
is detrimental to expanding individual liberty, aren’t you at least
thankful that Paul’s candidacy has inspired so many outstanding
grassroots efforts, e.g., the 5th
of November “Money Bomb,"
the Tea
Party celebration
, the Ron
Paul Blimp
, etc.?

When was the
last time you saw so many people (Albert
Jay Nock’s
so energized and interested in so many of the topics we have been
advocating for so long? And as you may be aware, the phenomenon
goes beyond
the United States

On the other
hand, let us be realistic. Ron Paul is courageous, determined, principled
and has other valuable attributes, but he is just another man. Do
not buy into the argument that this “historical
moment … unique and unrepeatable”
is all we have, that if
he doesn’t become the 44th President of the United States, all hell
will break loose and we’ll have to endure eight years of you-know-who,
and so on.

As Stefan Molyneux
counseled recently
and Harry
argued earlier in How
I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
, “freedom is a personal
project," i.e., you first need to find freedom in yourself. Consider
the things that are “tying you down” or “holding you back” and take
action to become free from them. Continue to educate yourself about
the freedom
, by reading and by thinking about what you
read. Continue to take steps in your own life to minimize the impact
of not only the power of the
, but of other presumed “authorities.”

If you are
so inclined, spread the message of freedom in ways that you find
may be effective: talking to friends and family, writing or speaking
out on issues that you are passionate about, volunteering your time
or donating money to worthwhile projects or campaigns.

If you really
believe you must do something for Ron Paul, politically
speaking, here is a suggestion that I haven’t seen made elsewhere:
IF (isn’t that a big IF? :-) he does get elected,
you know he is not going to get much traction interacting with the
current crop of “people’s representatives” in Washington, DC. So,
why not work in or support the campaigns of liberty-friendly
political parties or groups
. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be seeding
the next “historical moments” …

Thus, look
beyond the immediate election. I see Ron Paul’s “movement” as not
just one “long
but many diverse “long tails” unified only because the
web made it possible for them to find each other. The “tails” will
tend to disperse, even if Ron Paul succeeds. Therefore, think about
ways to nurture those individuals so they will continue advocating
freedom regardless of the outcome on November 4, 2008.

12, 2007

Joe Abbate
[send him mail] is a
computer programmer in Florida and webmaster of

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