Ron Paul Is the Red-Headed Step-Child of the GOP

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The Republican
Party should be ecstatic right now. One of their candidates in the
2008 Election just raised more money in a single day than any candidate
in political history. The previous title holder? John Kerry, when
the Democrats announced him as the nominee in 2004. He raised $5.7
million. Surely, we will be hearing about this for weeks to come.

After all,
the Democrats have been out-raising the Republicans all year. Hillary
Clinton raised more than twice the amount Giuliani raised last quarter.
They lost Congressional seats in 2006. Their support base has been
shrinking. Everyone knows that the GOP will have difficulty winning
this election. It’s “Hail Mary” time. Certainly, they are shouting
news of this great fund-raising feat from the rooftops. Right? Right?!?

It seems the
only thing the Republican Party wants to shout about is the endorsements
candidates Huckabee and McCain have received from Chuck Norris and
Joe Lieberman, respectively. I searched the news papers and news
channels, and that’s all I can find. Plenty about how Huckabee is
so hip because Walker, Texas Ranger is voting for him. I hear he’s
got a fist underneath his beard. Is this month-old endorsement still
news? What about Joe Lieberman and John McCain? Wow! He’ll really
be able to bring Congress together to get things done. McCain must
be the unity candidate of the 2008 Election.

I did see a
thirty-second bit on how Ron Paul has broken his own fund-raising
record set on November 5th. Ho-hum. No mention of breaking Kerry’s
record. Ron Paul is one contender in a crowded field of candidates
scrambling for donations, and he raised more in one day than Kerry
did when anointed the “chosen one” in 2004. Talk about ammunition
against the Democrats. The GOP should be getting so much mileage
out of this.

If they are
genuinely interested in expanding their support base, why aren’t
they getting behind Ron Paul? Congressman Paul isn’t getting endorsements
from Democratic politicians, he is getting actual Democratic voters
to change their party affiliation to vote Republican in the primaries.
Why aren’t they talking about how Ron Paul is stealing from the
Democrats’ base? Why not talk about how Paul may out-raise Hillary
this quarter? Why not laud this “internet sensation” with praise
for getting young people involved and interested in politics again?

The silence
speaks volumes.

It would be
baffling if it weren’t so predictable. If there is anyone out there
still buying the Democrats vs. Republicans paradigm, this should
settle the issue. Ron Paul is not one of them, and they don’t want
what he brings to the party. Never mind that he could actually beat
a Democrat. He is the only true conservative running in this race,
and his integrity is causing the cracks in the election process
to show. He is an “outsider,” not a Washington “insider.” He knows
how the game is played, but won’t play by their rules. The establishment
heads and big-wigs in both parties want to keep him out of the ring.
They won’t give him a fair fight.

Ron Paul is
like Brad Pitt’s character Mickey O’Neill, the Gypsy bare-knuckle
boxer, in the movie “Snatch.” He’s does not know how to throw a
fight. He can knock out his opponents in one punch, and he isn’t
afraid to let them know it. He cannot be bought, and he won’t go
down in the fourth round.

If you are
waiting for the Old Media to give Ron his due sometime this week,
don’t hold your breath. He has a few appearances scheduled this
week, but nothing like the barrage of coverage we saw last month.
The November 5th Money Bomb was a novelty to the Old Media, and
the establishment wasn’t afraid of Paul, yet; however, Tea Party
’07 has proven it to be more than a fluke. It is a repeatable event
that can occur every month if necessary. He gained more than 25,000
new donors on December 16th. There were 20,000 new donors on November
5th. Do I see a pattern forming?

Come January,
I secretly hope they decide to overlook him when the fourth quarter
fund-raising totals are announced. With Paul coming in first, they
could simply pretend he doesn’t exist, and report on who came in
second, third and fourth place. It would defy logic, expose their
bias, and our numbers would continue to grow stronger.

20, 2007

Jason Rink
[send him mail] has
dropped out of numerous institutions of higher learning, and holds
no degrees or academic designations of note. Feel free to check
out his blog.

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