A Reminder to New Voters and Those Formerly Apathetic on Behalf of Ron Paul

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It’s already
December 2007 – do you know where your polling place is? Do
you live in an open-primary state?

Good intentions
can get stymied when simple details are neglected. If you’ve recently
been cured of your apathy by Ron Paul or are a new voter, don’t
forget the obvious: register to vote now.

Closed primary
states require you to register with a party before you can vote
in its state primary election. Does yours? If you live in a closed
primary state, you must be registered as a Republican by the deadline
for your state to vote for Ron Paul in your upcoming state primary

All the money
and good work expended thus far by many others won’t be effective
in this election if you don’t jump through some state-mandated hoops
now in the holiday season when it’s easy to get distracted by family

This link
is an excellent place to start. Deadlines for some states are already

Register, or
change your registration to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in your
state Republican primary. Do it for your family’s future.

26, 2007

Perry [send him mail] is
an engineer in Phoenix, AZ, where he lives with his family.

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