An Open Letter to Pagans in Support of Ron Paul

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They might
call it the Golden Rule but we know it as the Wiccan Rede. An’ It
Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt. As long as you’re not hurting anyone,
it’s no one else’s business what you do. Live and let live. That’s
the One Rule by which we live. It doesn’t matter which particular
path you follow, just that you are allowed to live your life as
you see fit and let others do the same. It’s because of this one
simple philosophy that I think it’s very important you consider
your role in the future of this country.

Some things
have happened lately that some of you might not be aware of: the
USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Violent Radicalization
and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, several executive
orders and signing statements… I’m not going to try to educate
those who don’t know about these things because I know you’re all
smart enough to learn for yourselves. It’s what we do, right? And
most of you have probably been keeping up on these things with a
fear you’ve not known since you learned the monster under the bed
was there to protect you.

The last time
people were rounded up and put into pens it was the Japanese Americans.
That was when nationality was top of the list of "Things To
Be Afraid Of". Now it’s religion. So we have to ask ourselves:
how long before they start to bring up the old lies about us? How
far a leap is it from “Suicide Bomber” to “Human Sacrificer”? We’ve
been persecuted for quite a while.

Some of you
are registered priests and priestesses. Have you ever thought how
silly it is to have to “register” to be a priest or priestess? Okay,
maybe “insulting” would be a better word than “silly”, but you get
my point. This is interference. But if you want to read Tarot in
public, or do Chakra Readings or Aura Therapy or anything else that’s
part of our traditions, you either register or you keep the disclaimer
we all know and loath: “For Entertainment Purposes Only”.

And now the
WHO isn’t just a pretty good band but an international organization
that’s trying to tell us we can’t sell aromatherapy bath salts or
incense or herbal teas as health goods. What are we supposed to
do? “For Air-Freshening Purposes Only”? NAFTA, CAFTA, AU…

And then came
a man. A lot of us have learned to fear monotheists because the
belief in “One above all others” when it comes to gods translates
into a belief in “one above all others” when it comes to people,
too. But there’s a monotheist that actually understands the Wiccan
Rede, even though he calls it the Golden Rule.

Get this for
Dichotomy. He thinks abortion is murder but demands that the federal
government stays out of it. He thinks marijuana is extremely bad
for you except under direct medical supervision but that no government
agency has a right to tell you what you can and can’t put into your
body. That goes for any of the herbs or chemicals you use for any
purpose. There will be no more fighting about “freedom of religion”
when they can’t tell you what you can and can’t do. He’s a staunch
Christian but thinks it's the wrong idea to let some government
body control what two people do consensually with each other. And
he actually thinks just like we do about marriage! It has nothing
to do with governments or societies or anyone outside the couple,
their friends and their religion. No more begging permission to
say “I love you” in the way you want and to whom you want.

He believes
that government control of the environment is both impossible and
unethical. If your neighbor is poisoning your land, your water or
your air, that’s a crime and should be dealt with as such. The government
can’t “fix” the Mother, only those who work with her and have their
hands and hearts in hers can truly protect her from those who would
defile her. And he wants to give us the right and the power to do

A lot of us
feel that government run schools are mind control. So does he. If
we could afford it, we’d teach our own children. He wants to make
that possible. How many of us have as one of our fondest dreams
a “Pagan Parochial School”, a private school with faculty and staff
run and operated by pagan parents for pagan kids? Imagine that being
possible without any need for special permits or regulations. That’s
what he’s already worked for and will continue to work for.

Nearly all
of us believe that war is tantamount to mass murder on the grandest
of scales. He does too. He’d bring all our troops home from Iraq
immediately (as immediately as would be safe; he says they’d all
be home in no more than a year). But he wouldn’t stop there: he
wants all our troops home from all over the world. No more crusades.
No more Saint George and the Dragon. No more death to the infidel.
Just an extremely strong defense. How long has it been since the
word “defense” actually meant “defense” and not “offence”? He wants
to return it to the correct definition.

“Oh sure, but
what does he want in return?” He wants us to vote for him. Dr. Paul
– he actually is a medical doctor, specifically an OB/GYN,
who never accepted Medicare but instead took care of patients for
free when they couldn’t afford to pay – is a US Representative
who wants to be President so he can return that office to its rightful
place of service instead of rulership.

Do me a favor,
please. Do yourself a favor. If you don’t already support him (as
I expect most of us do), then please go to
and check out his stands on the issues. Find the records of his
speeches before congress and the laws he’s voted on (both yea and
nay) and sponsored. Research him. And research, really research,
the rest of the candidates. Most of us are Democrats (or were) or
independents. Most of us despise Republicans. He’s the exception
to the rule of what Republicans are, though, so don’t let yourself
turn off when you hear his party. When they hear we’re pagan, they
write us off. We’re better than that.

Finally a man
that the Three Fold Law holds up and bathes in light is running
for President. Finally a person who will be President will actually
carry a lantern instead of a rifle.

Yours in faith,

Reverend Jack
Robin Winterset,
a.k.a. Christopher Quick

15, 2007

Quick [send him mail] is
a software engineer in Lincoln, Nebraska, who has been a practicing
pagan for more than two and half decades. He follows an urban-shamanic
path; reads and teaches Tarot; and does metaphysical counseling.

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