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For nearly
two decades I have listened to conservative talk radio because I
used to think it spoke the truth, balanced the other so-called “leftist”
media, and gave the common man a constructive outlet to vent.

It took a while
but I finally realize I have been duped and so have millions of
other Americans.

talk radio is mislabeled. In reality, it is Neo-Conservative Talk
Radio. It exists not because it is popular but because it is necessary
to the state, multi-national corporations, bankers, and the powerful
bent on using the media to maintain the status quo, squash dissent,
and brainwash Americans into thinking they care about the country
and the common man. Neo-con talk radio gives the common man the
illusion that today’s conservative hosts are libertarians. They
are not. Libertarians are more like the Old Right while neo-cons
are the new statists, the new globalists, and a threat to true freedom.

talk radio exists to reinforce the war-mongering state, military-industrial
complex, and global banking network. It seeks to reinforce the status
quo, squash dissent, avoid debate, obscure issues, and cloud minds.
Constant calls for more war, more nation building, and more government
in the form of the military-industrial complex make neo-con talk
radio anything but conservative.

I credit the
presidential candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul with helping to awaken me
from a thirty-five year slumber. I feel just as Neo felt when he
was unplugged from the Matrix. I suddenly realize “reality” is not
what it seems. Dr. Paul is like Morpheus in the Matrix. He sets
people free with knowledge. He is a true physician. He is the true
“Doctor of Democracy.”

And Dr. Paul
is the only true statesman who understands the Constitution, the
vision of the founding fathers, and the bedrock of ideas upon which
the United States was founded.

And what does
Neo-Conservative talk radio and TV do to Dr. Paul’s candidacy? It
maligns, dismisses, and smears it. It labels Dr. Paul and his followers
“extremists, whackos, loons, crazy, nuts, and delusional.”

Why? The last
thing this country’s power brokers want are well-educated citizens
who understand the Constitution and realize how far the country
has been torn from its foundation.

The United
States today feels like a house with just one-quarter of its structure
sitting atop its original foundation.

Despite the
dire consequences of inaction, apathy, and disbelief, I find reason
for hope.

One need only
look around, listen, read, and speak with so many on both the left,
the right, and independent of political party affiliation to realize
how many Americans are beginning to awaken from a long slumber.

If you listen
carefully to the list of grievances on the right and the left you
hear how many Americans are more libertarian than they realize.

I firmly believe
more and more Americans want the same things from their government.

  • A non-interventionist
    foreign policy focused on free trade, diplomacy, peace, and good
  • Limited
    Constitutional federal government.
  • The abolishment
    of most federal government agencies.
  • An end to
    central economic planning headed by the Federal Reserve.
  • A return
    to real money, gold-backed currency.
  • Secure borders.
  • True protection
    of private property.
  • Protection
    of parents’ right to choose how best to educate their children.
  • The repeal
    of intrusive federal laws that currently block choice and restrain
  • A return
    to a small Constitutionally restrained federal government that
    protects all Americans’ God-given unalienable rights to freedom
    and the pursuit of happiness.

The next time
you turn on a conservative talk radio show, listen to how many times
you hear these issues discussed from this perspective. I am sure
you will still be waiting years from now.

With Dr. Paul’s
presidential run in high gear, it is time for Americans to unite
behind one of the nation’s last true statesman.

7, 2007

Ward [send him mail] is
a stand-up comedian in Ballston Spa, NY. Visit his

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