Dr. Ron Paul Has the Prescription Every American Needs

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If Americans have Stockholm Syndrome, Dr. Ron Paul has the cure.

is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage,
in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker,
regardless of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage
has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed
in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as
battered person syndrome and the prisoner/interrogator relationship.
As I watch the field of Presidential candidates and the way the
American people respond to them, it appears to me as if many Americans
have a form of Stockholm syndrome. It seems the people have been
abused for so long that they no longer believe in their wonderful
American heritage of liberty and have taken to being satisfied with
less and less freedom. Then, these citizens actively protect the
very politicians that are working to usurp their freedom.

Freedom is
a precious thing. Once lost it is very difficult to get back. Yet
today, you are much more likely to hear "there ought to be
a law…" than "they ought to repeal a law." People
have become used to and in fact protective and supportive of their
hostage takers. And yes, I do call it hostage-taking when you must
beg the government to grant you a license to work in many fields.
I call it hostage taking when the government owns your wages and
gets to decide how much of them they are generously going to allow
you to keep this week. I call it hostage taking when after you have
paid off your house you still have to pay the government rent in
perpetuity just to able to stay there (they call it property taxes).
Worse yet, you have no power to be able to negotiate with your abductor.
You are truly powerless.

In spite of
all of this, Americans still clamor for more laws, more government
power, and less control over their own lives every day. They want
the government to take care of us from cradle to grave no matter
how little the pittance that is kicked back to them. Never mind
that you most likely will never see a dime of Social Security money
if you are under 30. Forget the fact that the more the government
takes charge of our schools the less our children learn. You wouldn't
want the government to take over the press so that all of your
information came directly from the government, so why do you want
them to be in charge of all the information that your children learn?

Well America,
it is time to get some much-needed help. It is time to see your
captors for what they are: great big bullies who want to take as
much of your money as possible but not so much that you stop working.
They have an agenda. This agenda does not have your best interests
at heart. In case you have no idea how bad things have become, read
No really, please stop and read it.

Your typical
politician wants to get elected, steal as much as they can get in
the time they have, and then flee before the whole place starts
to crumble. The Bush team has managed to somehow take more than
any other administration in history and now the whole country is
on the verge of bankruptcy. We are coming to the point when hyper-inflation
may take over and we will need wheelbarrows full of these fiat dollars
just to buy a loaf of bread. Our Social Security will be gone and
our savings so eroded by inflation that we will be wishing we had
bought something tangible – anything at all – back when our money
had some value.

This is a very
volatile moment in our history. We are at a crossroads. We can continue
down the path of self-destruction, avoiding all knowledge of what
our captors are up to, accepting the calming words of the mainstream
media designed to placate us and go back to watching Desperate Housewives.
Or we can snap out of it, read a few books, get our news from reliable
sources on the Internet, stop filling our heads with the manipulations
of the mainstream media and stop begging for more foxes to guard
the henhouse.

It is time
to wake up and realize that we NEED our freedoms and our liberties
in order to be able to live free lives. It is time to start fighting
for our lives again: Time to stop allowing the nanny state to spy
on us, time to object to databases being kept on us, time to get
those Orwellian cameras off of every corner. We need to pay attention
to the bills that are being voted on, and speak up when they trample
on our freedom. Leviathan has gotten out of control. You can now
either choose to continue down the path towards total socialism
or you can stand up and fight. Fight for what we claim to hold dear
in this country: liberty and freedom. It is time to really support
the troops: the troops that fought the Revolutionary War.

This Presidential
race will reveal the mental health of the American citizenry. We
have one man running who is a true patriot. He is a doctor and knows
what affliction plagues this country… and what the cure is. He wants
to be President not to run your life or even to run the country,
but to restore American principles in this country so we can find
out what it feels like to be free. As he stated
in Seattle: “I see the Constitution as being written precisely for
one purpose – to restrain the power of government; never to
restrain the people.” He offers hope for freedom but you have to
leave the safety of your confinement to get it. He offers liberty,
but you have to let go of your captor's apron-strings to use it.
He offers an end to the Income tax, but you have to dare to dream
it possible and stop listening to hostage-takers whispering in your
ear that the country will fall apart without it. (In case you haven't
figured it out by now, they are lying to you. The country can survive
quite well without an Income tax and did so for over a hundred and
thirty seven years.)

You have only
one opportunity to get Big Brother off of your back. If you don't
take it now, by the next election, the Internet may be so regulated
and taxed that this kind of free speech will be forever quashed.
The mainstream media is worse than useless; it is actually part
of the problem. Newspapers are increasingly filled with more opinions
than facts. Your television news is often nothing more than stories
about how to lose weight and White House press releases designed
to look like news. The Internet is the last (and newest) bastion
of freedom that we have. Use it before it is lost. Use it to find
out about and support the only man who cares about you and your

Who is this
great statesman to whom I am referring? Who is your one choice between
freedom, liberty and prosperity or indentured servitude to a government
pretending to keep you safe? His name is Ron Paul and he has been
working in Congress for twenty years trying to protect you. He voted
against the war in Iraq, he wants to strengthen our borders at home,
he has never voted to regulate the Internet, he votes against every
single bill that does not meet the strict standards of the Constitution.
Tragically, many people think that our rights come from that document.
Not so. The U.S. Constitution is a promise that the Federal government
will never violate man's inalienable rights that are naturally endowed
and predate ANY government. How backwards has our understanding
become when we think that we must search for our rights in a piece
of paper?

People laugh
at the idea that we should heed our founding fathers' warnings against
letting government get out of control as being old fashioned. Nothing
could be further from the truth. We need those protections now more
than ever. Do you think it is a coincidence that as soon as we got
completely off of the gold standard inflation started rising as
never before and shows no signs of stopping? Inflation comes from
inflating the money supply, printing more dollars out of thin air,
which makes the dollars in your pocket worth less than before and
therefore prices go up. The government decides how much inflation
there will be each year and that is yet another tax that you pay
that you don't even see. You just know that you are working harder
and harder, making more and more money that can buy less and less.

In fact, no
one really knows how much money we pay in taxes every year because
so much of it is hidden in higher prices on goods due to tariffs,
higher costs of food due to farm subsidies, the hidden taxes in
the gas you buy, the extra cost of that drink after work to pay
for the money the owner had to pay for the liquor license, etc.,
etc., etc.

If you want
your one chance to have a man who understands all that I have written
about and ever so much more, if you want to get out from under the
government's thumb once and for all, if you want to keep your hard-earned
money so you can purchase education and health care on your own
terms, then you have only one choice running for President: Ron

When you are
finished with this article, please pass it along to someone you
care about. There is hope America. You just have to believe it is
possible. Dare to dream. Dare to live outside the cage.

15, 2007

Hamilton [send her mail]
is a retired attorney.

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