Sticks and Stones

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The latest
move by the mainstream media against Ron Paul is to call him a Libertarian
whenever they can fit it into the story.  One after another,
the pundits work the word in and attempt to make it sound as fringe
as possible.  The funny part about all of this is that it is
not working and having quite the opposite effect. After all, Libertarian
just means that you value liberty. How is that an insult? 

Most Americans
are Libertarians as children, when we are innocent and learn our
basic morals. Children learn to share with each other, respect each
other’s toys, not to steal, and not to be bullies.  It is only
as one grows more “sophisticated” that a person begins to internalize
the cognitive dissonance and lies that are told to us by our government. 
At some point we go from knowing deep in our hearts that theft is
wrong, to accepting the concept of taxation. Somewhere along the
way, we accept that it is perfectly okay to take (steal) from
person A to give some of it to person B, some of it to the government
for all their trouble in making the transfer, and the majority of
it to end up serving corporate interests. 

At some point
in our lives we start to believe that it is morally right to go
to other countries and tell them who should be in power and that
anything the great United States says must be followed by the world
or there will be severe consequences and sanctions.  After
all, we are the United States of America. We know best what is good
for all countries.

We begin to
accept that charity that comes freely from individuals can never
take care of anyone and entitlement programs are born: 
programs that teach the givers to resent the beneficiaries and programs
that teach the recipients to demand more and more.  In the
old days of private charities both sides gained virtue from the
transaction. The givers felt good about themselves and felt needed
and were appreciated. The receivers were grateful, thankful, and
vowed to help out others as soon as they were able. Nowadays, instead
of anyone feeling good or learning moral values from the practice,
both sides learn something ugly, and hatred and scapegoats are born
daily. We have lost something important as a society.

We walk around
knowing that something is wrong deep inside, but we can’t quite
put our finger on it.  It sounds like a nice thing to do to
shout to the government that other countries are in trouble and
we should help them out. However, we neglect to look at the consequences
it costs the poorest in this country. We ignore that our government
has no money of its own, and when we demand that our government
help others, we are actually demanding that they take the money
from the people in this country to accomplish the feat. As children
we would call that theft. As adults we call it compassion?

When someone
points out the damage this forced giving does to the poor in our
own country, we try to push that information down and claim that
there must be a way to help everyone. Sadly, money has its limits.
So does any commodity. You cannot create more just by wishing it.
If we help other countries by simply creating credit for them out
of thin air (essentially printing more dollars) we devalue the currency
here at home and all goods and services go up in price having a
disproportionate effect on the poor and slowly eliminating the middle

On the other
hand, we also want to give money to the poor at home, which sounds
like a noble cause, but again, we must take the money from someone
to give it to them. Instead of offering entitlements, if you let
people keep their entire paycheck, the people could take care of
themselves and the rest would have enough to make their own choice
about which charity they want to support.

Did you know
it costs around seven dollars in transaction costs just to get one
dollar from person A to person B?  Can’t we do better? 
Why is it so hard for people to want to eliminate the middleman? 
Americans are a giving bunch.  We would take care of needy
people.  You would, wouldn’t you?

Being a Libertarian
simply means that you believe in the rights of the ordinary person. 
It means you believe that people should be free to do what they
want as long as they are not hurting anyone.  It means that
you believe that people should be responsible for themselves. 
It also means that you believe in having privacy in your finances
and other personal information. Being a Libertarian means that you
have returned to your once unshakable morality that always made
sense … before you became “sophisticated”… when you were

The more the
media calls Ron Paul a Libertarian, the more they compliment him. 
As an added bonus, a lot of his supporters are realizing that deep
down inside, they too believe in freedom and liberty, and are coming
to realize those are the ingredients that are missing from their
lives. However, Ron Paul is not just a Libertarian; he is also a
conservative constitutionalist Republican. With Ron Paul, you get
a person that believes in limited government coercion in people’s
private lives, but also believes in strong national defense. 
You get someone who would rather we have our National Guard here
at home to deal with national disasters such as wildfires and protecting
our borders rather than someone who takes our best trained border
guards and sends them to another continent.

Of course the
Ron Paul message is resonating with people.  Until the Neocons
hijacked the Republican Party, most Republicans leaned in the Libertarian
direction.  Here we have, once again, a Libertarian leaning
Republican and he is drawing tens of thousands back into a party
that frankly — has been dying.  Ron Paul gave a wonderful
speech about the Neocons that can be found
.  You can even watch it below. Do so; it is worth
your time.

The saddest
part of all of this name calling however, is that the once
strong Republican base is being torn in two by one side that wants
to spend every dime we have building an empire and creating a
world government (the Neocons), and the other side that wants to
stick to the roots of the Republican party and limit the size and
scope of our foreign policy, pay down our debt, and keep the money
to protect the people here at home. 

Ron Paul's
message is even resonating with Democrats who want Big Brother off
of our backs and are worried about the loss of civil liberties that
has taken place in the past several years. Ron Paul brings people
together. Most people say they want a fiscally conservative government
that offers individuals personal freedom but they have to choose
between a party that only offers one half or the other. With Ron
Paul, you get both.

The mainstream
news rarely reports on the wonderful bills put forth by Dr. Paul.
Were you aware that Ron Paul wrote a bill to make Social
Security benefits tax-free
?  Did you even know that he
wrote a bill to separate
out the Social Security payments
from other money that Congress
spends so that the folks that need the money would always have it? 
(Seniors, when the media tries to scare you to death by saying that
Ron Paul wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare he means
he would eliminate it generations down the road and he would only
eliminate now it for the young people who voluntarily want to opt
out of the system.)  Ron Paul is the only man who has a plan
that will save your benefits by eliminating wasteful spending
on foreign policy. Ron Paul has never voted to give Social Security
money to Congress to spend on other things. Did you know that he
was forced to write a bill that requires
our government to follow the Constitution
?  How
sad is it that we have come to a day and age where we need a law
to force our leaders to follow the law?

If the Neo-Conned
Republicans don’t get wise they are going to lose in so many ways. 
First, they will lose one of the greatest patriots to ever run for
President by ignoring his candidacy and making fun of him because
that is the Neo-Con agenda.  Second, they nearly guarantee
a loss to a Democrat next year as the 70% or more Americans who
don’t want the war in Iraq to continue come out to vote and find
only one candidate on the ballot that is anti-war.  (Not one
Republican will say anything more than we can only leave Iraq once
we have our dignity back and have won this war.  Yet no one
is willing or able to give a definition of “winning.") 
As Ron Paul put it, how many Americans have to die so the Neocons
can save face? 

Finally, the
Neo-Conned Republicans will lose the only chance America has of
getting better.  We need free markets to bring
down the price of health care
.  We need to return to a
sound money
to end the inflation tax that destroys the middle class
and kills the poor.  We need to get the Federal Government
of our schools
so that parents can decide what their children
get taught and the education system can get better.  We need
our children to be taught by multitudes of people with many different
curriculums. You wouldn't want the government to take over the press
and have full control of teaching you information, so why do you
want them to decide all the information your children learn?

We need to
end the IRS
so that workers can have an incentive to work harder, will have
enough money to take care of their families and will not have to
look to the government to support them, and so they can have money
to invest in a brighter future for themselves… and in so
doing, for all of us.

We, Americans,
need Ron Paul.  Ron Paul offers hope and freedom and prosperity
to a country that was once at the top and now has a dollar that
is falling fast.  Ron Paul offers us all the things that we
dream of but have been taught can’t be possible — we don’t know
why they are not possible, but somehow, somewhere along the way,
we accepted that taxes are inevitable and that we as a nation must
control the whole world or it will fall apart without us, no matter
how much it costs us. We have learned to accept that a 40-hour workweek
is part-time, and you really should have both parents working full-time.

The dream we
once believed in can come true. You can keep the fruits of your
labor and we don't have to police the entire world. Not with a Ron
Paul Presidency.  The change wouldn’t happen overnight, but
it would happen and four years from now you would be better off
financially and safer.

So, yeah, go
ahead and call him a Libertarian.  He can take it.  You
might as well call him a patriot while you are at it.

Please click
on the links in this article.  They take you to very important
speeches and bills given and written by Ron Paul. 

If you want
to learn who this man is, read what he believes.  Then you
will understand why so many are so passionate about him.  Have
you seen anyone running down the street shouting Hillary,
Hillary!  How many homemade signs have you seen for Rudy or
Mitt or Fred?  Find out why the people are so intrigued and
inspired by Ron Paul. The interesting part is that the most
learned men and women in our society are becoming enamored with
Ron Paul.  Learn who he is.  If you still don’t like him,
at least you will be informed.  If I have not covered a certain topic
or you want further treatment on a subject, go to the
home page and search the Ron
Paul file
for articles others have written about him.

There is a
reason the "revolution" is growing. People are tired of
having no voice. People are fed up with having those folks in D.C.
take the people's money and send it to corporations and bail out
the banks with it. People don't need to take it anymore. Ron Paul
is here and Ron Paul is on the people's side. As a pundit recently
stated "A lot of things he says just make sense."

9, 2007

Hamilton [send her mail]
is a retired attorney.

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