Ron Paul Debates the Frankenstein Monster

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Would the Pope
agree to debate an atheist? Well, Roman Catholics (like me) already
know the answer to that one. I think even atheists, deep down, know
the answer, too. The Pope's decision would be a model of clarity:

But, the politically-correct
crowd is bound to ask: How come? Is the Pope opposed to "ecumenism"
or something?

Well, fundamentally,
yes. After all, it's arguable that a principled person could never
truly embrace the relativism inherent in a philosophy of ecumenism.

Today's almost
panicky enforcement of ecumenism in all things is among modernism's
most tyrannical by-products. Here's my definition of ecumenism —
a worldwide movement committed to making the Devil feel better about

all this presents a quandary: Aren't we, by refusing to publicly
confront a dangerous opponent, forgoing an opportunity to bring
others to our cause?

By now, it
should be plain to anyone with even modest media-antennae, that
someone out there has been having a head-to-head battle with the
most monstrous foe of America's freedoms, and by doing so, gaining
converts left and right. And that someone is — Ron Paul.

Political debating
in today's goose-stepping environment contains a bold warning-label,
one that embodies a unique, neo-con-ized twist on ecumenism: Only
candidates who pay obeisance to the Frankenstein Monster are welcome.
Everyone else must prepare to be slandered and marginalized.

else" being, again, Ron Paul.

So, what's
all this about the Frankenstein Monster? Remember him? He's that
quasi-human atrocity, pieced-together with body-parts from stolen
corpses, including a brain from a criminal. He terrorizes the countryside,
and tales of his horror and disruption have spread to the four corners
of the earth.

Sounds remarkably
like a description of the Federal Reserve.

So, who has
Ron Paul actually been debating all this time? Well, it hasn't been
his Republican opponents.

Dr. Paul has
been debating (very successfully) his, and America's, most evil
nemesis — Franken-Fed, the economic undead, financial adviser to
Satan, destroyer of the middle-class, hypnotizer of politicians,
godfather of the mass-media, master of the inflationary universe,
promoter of social decay, purveyor of paper-or-plastic, and history's
most gifted warmonger.

To insure that
the playing-field is as uneven as possible, Franken-Fed's acolytes
have even established special rules-of-engagement for debating their
soulless master.

First of all,
acknowledging Franken-Fed's "usefulness" in working so
hard to "manage" the economy is an absolute must.

You're allowed,
occasionally, to question his policies (very gently). And, sometimes,
you're even permitted to suggest ways to help him bail out his friends.
But, never, ever, under any circumstances, are you permitted to
threaten Franken-Fed, much less to condemn him to the hell he so
richly deserves.

And the final
proscription? It's the most important one of all: When Franken-Fed
wants to go to war, you'd better not give him any resistance. Because,
if you do, he'll accuse you of giving aid and comfort to those persons
opposed to his dictatorial ambitions — terrorists.

Ron Paul (unlike
the Pope) can't (and doesn't) refuse, on sheer principle, to be
drawn into a debate with the Devil, even though the debate itself
is a game where the Devil is allowed to write the rules.

What other
politician in recent memory (or in any kind of memory) has jumped
so boldly, and so unafraid, into the fray? It's truly heartwarming
to observe just how "un-ecumenical" our Good Doctor really
is. And Americans are taking note…in a big way.

And guess what?
The establishment is noticeably less steady on its feet since Dr.
Paul (the real Dr. "No!") stepped into the ring. Why?
Because he has landed some staggering blows squarely to the jaw
of The Monster.

But, beware.
The Beast's frustration is rising. By the day.

Ron Paul is
not an opponent of any political party. He is not an adversary of
individual politicians. He represents an enemy of a system of financial
power which, by its very nature, is antithetical to basic American

I believe that
Ron Paul, and we, are on the path to victory against The Monster.
Let us remind ourselves, however, of one of The Beast's least ingratiating
traits — his ability to rise from the ashes.

Remember the
old Frankenstein movies? Just when the poor villagers thought they
were free — it was déjà vu all over again. Back to
the torches and pitchforks.

But the villagers
repeatedly took their (always temporary) freedom for granted, and
routinely paid the price for their lack of vigilance. Their message
for us? The American Revolution is, indeed, a process, not an event.

Ron Paul has
been standing-guard for our freedoms, now, for many-a-year. And
every day, thousands more Americans are joining him on the ramparts.

of us are duty-bound to continue to spread his message, both far
and wide.

These days,
with Dr. Paul on-call, the Devil is definitely not feeling better
about himself.

In fact, he's
worried like hell.

20, 2007

Dr. James
N. Herndon [send him mail]
is a media psychologist with Media Psychology Affiliates. He specializes
in naturalistic research and media design for the worlds of politics
and entertainment.

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