Congressman Ron Paul's Secret Revealed

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While speaking
to a woman the other day that had never heard of Ron Paul, she stated
“My goodness, he is amazing. He is the best kept secret of this
presidential campaign.” She could not believe there was a contender
who represented everything she wanted in a presidential candidate
and more. (For those of you who have not yet heard, Ron Paul is
running for President.) She talked about wanting to end the war
in Iraq. Ron
Paul has promised to do that immediately
and not leave a soldier
behind. She talked about wanting a more secure border. Ron Paul
has stated that he wants very strong
and he was appalled that our government had taken border
guards off of our borders to send them to Iraq. She mentioned she
is treading water financially and never seems to get ahead. Ron
Paul has a solution for that too: end
the fiat money system
so Congress cannot create
monetary inflation
. Well, what about privacy she asked? She
felt we have moved into an age of Big Brother. Ron Paul wants to
protect our privacy by sticking to a strict Constitutionalist policy.
He wants to end
the Patriot Act
that allows the government to enter your home
without a warrant and without notifying you so you know they were
there. Dr. Paul wants to end
the destruction of habeas corpus
, the only doctrine we have
that lets you see a lawyer if you land in jail. Without it, all
other rights are meaningless. Dr. Paul has voted against every attempt
to regulate and control
the Internet
. He believes that the Constitution does not
give Congress a right to decide who may or may not marry, or what
a physician may or may not prescribe
. Ron Paul believes in limited
Federal government and limited taxes: he even wants to end
the Income tax
. (Can you imagine taking home your whole

The conversation
continued. She wanted to know why she should vote for a person who
has no chance. The obvious answer was because Ron Paul offered her
everything she wanted. The second not so obvious answer was that
he is actually doing much better than anyone knows because the press
hides all of his successes. What most people do not know, because
the mainstream press is doing its best to manipulate support away
from Dr. Paul, is that he
the first debate, he
came in second
in the second debate, and he came in first
in the third debate. In the most recent straw polls Dr. Paul placed
in the Georgetown SC straw poll, he placed second
in the Cob County straw poll and he
the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers straw poll at
their annual picnic. As
of this writing
Ron Paul has placed number one in the PajamasMedia
straw poll with 70.8%
of the votes! Yet, over and over we are subjected to articles that
say he has no chance. (This is an oft-used tactic to sway voters
away from a candidate because people do not like to "waste"
a vote. As if voting for what you want is a waste.)

The mainstream
media call his supporters “spammers,” attempting to claim that all
his Internet support is really just a few folks pressing a lot of
buttons. Nonetheless, his “non-existent” support is growing by leaps
and bounds. Oh, the big guys may have the big money, but Ron Paul
has the people. In one month alone, his Meetup supporters
have grown from 16,184 to 25,101
with 4,192
more waiting to join in the fun. He has 643 separate
groups. (These figures tend to rise daily; they were accurate at
the time this article was written.) These are undeniable signs that
the snowball is rolling. When people get through the gauntlet of
media attempts to control their thoughts and votes and actually
HEAR Ron Paul speak (see videos on YouTube like this
) or read what he
has written
they become ardent supporters. I dare you to click
on that last link of articles he has written and start reading.
I double dare you.

Ron Paul brings
a sense of decency back into the political arena. He is not out
to win the nomination so that he can run your life, he just wants
to return this country to the basics of liberty and freedom we once
enjoyed and used to fight for. The rest of the candidates, on both
sides, with the exception of Dennis Kucinich, are willing to use
pre-emptive nuclear strikes against other countries. Has it been
so long that people have forgotten the horrors of nuclear war? Tens
of thousands
of innocent civilians die. They get radiation sickness
and die horrible deaths. Babies die screaming with burning flesh.
Thousands are blinded and left helpless. It is a horrible inhumane
thought, let alone action. Incredibly, when asked if they would
take the option of a pre-emptive nuclear strike off the table, nearly
all the other candidates, Republicans and Democrats alike said no.
When Dr. Paul was asked during the last GOP debate on Fox, what
he thought was the most pressing moral issue facing our country
he stated that it was the idea that all those other candidates were
willing to entertain even the thought of pre-emptive nuclear

the most optimistic predictions
about the effects of a major nuclear
exchange predict the death of millions of civilians within a very
short amount of time; more pessimistic predictions argue that a full-scale
nuclear war could bring about the extinction of the human race or
its near extinction with a handful of survivors (mainly in remote
areas) reduced to a pre-medieval quality of life and life expectancy
for centuries after and cause permanent damage to most complex life
on the planet, Earth’s ecosystems, and the global climate.

Let’s be clear
here. Pre-emptive warfare means that one country will strike another
before they have been attacked. Translated that means that
if one of those other candidates becomes President they would consider
dropping a nuclear weapon on another country on the thought
that perhaps that country could be a threat to us. Where
are the headlines? Where is the outrage? Where is the humanity?
Well, I can answer that last one, it is with Dr. Paul.

It is difficult
to get through the morass of disingenuous reporting that insists
on calling Dr. Paul names rather than address his policies. But,
if you can do it, and if you can find out information about him
yourself, you will understand why those of us who support him are
so emphatic in our love of this man. He represents all that is good,
or was good, about this country. He lives a principled life and
will not accept his own Congressional pension even though he has
spent ten terms in Congress because he does not want to take one
dime away from any American. He sent his children to college but
would not let them take out student loans because the government
has limited resources and he wanted to make sure that loan money
went to small businesses that needed it more than his children.
He has been married for 50 years. If that doesn’t show commitment
I don’t know what does.

Dr. Paul is
the most moral, upstanding, best hope this country has. Those who
have read his writings and seen him speak have learned this. I invite
all to do the same. Please click
on this link
to see his writings and things people have written
about him. Find out WHY his campaign is growing so fast, so exponentially,
and with so many individual supporters. Find out WHY most of his
money comes from donations of less than $250 dollars each and almost
none from the big players who want government favors. Find out WHY
people become so passionate about a silly politician. Have you ever
seen such a thing before?

Dr. Paul offers
us all hope. Hope that things can actually change in this country
and we will not get another 4 years of the same. Disenfranchised
Democrats, who voted expecting their party to end the war only to
see the money handed over to continue it, are supporting Dr. Paul.
Why? Because Ron Paul voted against the war the first time it was
brought up, he voted against it the second time it was brought up
and he wants to end it completely now. You can always trust people:
you can trust them to act the way they have in the past.

Dr. Paul offers
businesses hope out of the morass of paperwork and costs they have
had to endure since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. An
Act so heinous
, it threatens to destroy the very fabric of our
capital markets in this country. He offers hope to the small business
owner who just wants to try to make it on his own and not get buried
in the costs of complying with section 404.

Ron Paul offers
hope to the elderly who need to have their Social Security checks.
Ron Paul wants to have a
separate fund
to make sure that Congress cannot raid the money
and take it from those who need it most. He also introduced an act
to repeal
all taxes
on Social Security benefits. He offers all hope that
their savings
will still have value
in 20 years by taking us off a fiat money
system and eliminating the possibility that Congress and the Fed
can create monetary inflation. He offers hope to the young people
by devising a plan whereby they will have the option to
opt out
of the Social Security system completely. He offers
those same young people hope by promising to vote against a draft
while the rest of Congress contemplates
the idea

Ron Paul offers
hope to all. Hope that things will change. He is not the “usual”
politician. He is known as Dr. No in Washington because he will
not take money from one group of people just to give it to another.
The lobbyists don’t even bother knocking on his door. They know
better. We need someone unusual. The usual has brought us, well,
the usual.

Where else
can you find supporters who give up their weekends to make phone
calls, spend their Saturdays standing on street corners with signs
just so people will hear about their candidate? Where else do find
people willing to meet others and work for hours stuffing envelopes,
making DVDs and doing it all on their own dime and their own time?
All the other candidates keep asking how Ron Paul has garnered this
much support on the Internet. He has done nothing. Dr. Paul is more
surprised than anyone. The people are doing this all on their own.
It is his message of freedom and liberty that is doing the selling.
After all, that is the very foundation of our country: A thing the
new breed of politician seems to have forgotten. Freedom has been
replaced with cameras on every corner and expected groping at the
airport. Liberty has been replaced by sneak-and-peek warrants, an
end to habeas corpus, expectations to "show me your papers"
and Executive decrees that place the President above the law. By
the way, Ron Paul also voted against the National

Ron Paul stands
for limited government. For many they think that means he is uncaring.
To those who understand, nothing could be further from the truth.
Our government does not make anything, create anything or have any
means of creating wealth. It has what it has by taking from others
by force. When Ron Paul seeks limited government, what he is really
asking for is limited coercion over our lives. That is why so many
support him. We don't like being coerced. We like liberty and freedom.
And we like Dr. Paul.

So, is Dr.
Paul the best kept secret in this campaign? Perhaps he is. One can
only hope that it will not be for long. The people need him and
need to know he is out there. They need to know he is a choice.
With any luck, and continued exponential growth, Ron Paul supporters
will soon be strong enough to overtake the media manipulation machine
that has done all it can to silence him. As so many have said, what
this country needs is a doctor to fix it, not another politician.
If his campaign continues to grow you can expect the negative, fact-voided,
name-calling articles to continue and get nastier. They will attack
him on his most positive stances. They will call him a nut for trying
to stop the counterfeiting Federal Reserve so that Americans will
have money that holds its value. They will call him insane for trying
to end the war in Iraq when 70% of the people have that wish as
well. So fight back. Don't sit there and take it. Don't let the
mainstream steal the one hope of getting out of the mess we are
in. Think for yourself and do the research. Don't let Ron Paul stay
secret any longer.

Please read
the links in this article. Many of them are to Ron Paul's articles
and Acts he submitted to Congress. These should help give you a
better understanding of Dr. Ron Paul, Presidential candidate for

truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."
~ James Madison

4, 2007

Haman [send her mail] is
a 44-year-old attorney. She grew up in NYC, dropped out of high
school, and then moved to Las Vegas to become a croupier in craps
working at the Desert Inn for seven years. She obtained a GED and
later attended Arizona State University receiving numerous awards
and graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1996. She then went on to attend
and graduate from Harvard Law in 1999. She is licensed in both CA
and AZ. She practiced complex civil litigation and appellate work
for 6 years. She is currently on sabbatical, living with her husband
Adam in Mesa, Arizona.

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