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a 2007 graduate from the prestigious University of Kansas with a
dismal degree in Keynesian economics. I was president of the Libertarian
Party of KU my sophomore, junior, and senior years. At first, my
comrades and I attempted to give the party a mainstream political
face (think World’s Smallest Political Quiz), but after about two
years of that nonsense we became more or less a group of individuals
working together to protest the Establishment and the garbage our
particular accredited university was feeding the student body.

We took jabs
at the ridiculousness of the democratic corporatist system: the
Democrats for being beholden to the neo-cons, the Republicans for
embracing big-government, and of course the school’s overpriced
lessons in pro-Federal Reserve Marxism. We weren’t out to get votes…
we were out to shatter the sheltered, feeble collectivist mindset
of those pushing and accepting the Establishment line. We freed
some minds, made a few enemies, and caused grown men to tremble
at the sight of our anti-State truthaganda.

Our efforts
turned quite a few heads… but perhaps not enough. I found myself
troubled by the sight of thousands of… young adults?! who cared
more about their Muck Fizzou t-shirts than the fact that their freedoms
were vanishing by the second. We tried our best to demonstrate to
our peers that they were being scammed in more ways than they could
currently fathom by the self-promoting, ever-expanding Savior of
the People: the State, instrument of the Power Elite. But of course
this was easy for the devout statist to refute: I’m just an elitist
Libertarian asshole who hates the poor and the regulations designed
to protect us from the corporations… Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I caught quite
a few scornful looks and middle fingers flashed my way while protesting
on campus. I just smiled back and let my colorful posters do the
talking. Speaking out during my anti-capitalist pre-requisites was
an action I left behind sometime after my sophomore year. During
my first several semesters, just about every discussion class included
a heated debate between me and the teach-from-text TA or some self-described
“government force brings harmony” socialist. But the New Keynesian
chorus and their “deficit spending and inflation are good” tune
became deafening. And the Globalist message was everywhere: Market
failure is killing the Environment… The US Constitution is antiquated…
Prepare to work, live, and lead in a global community… Exploitative,
white, patriarchal capitalism needs to be checked by big, benign
government… Globalization guided by central banks is intellectually
acceptable… Social Security only requires slight reform… And
according to the UN, speaking out in class can be likened to hitting
one locomotive out of hundreds with a flyswatter.

I took twenty-four
hours of pretty easy classes my last semester to get the credits
needed to escape the cog factory. I always sat in the back of the
auditorium for Intro to Econ. with my laptop either checking email,
reading the articles on and, or mindlessly
leveling up my mage in World of Warcraft. I’d casually listen in
from time to time when the learned professor spoke of Henry George’s
ingenious land-tax idea, the boom and bust cycle inherent in the
capitalist system, the great J.M. Keynes: Einstein of economics,
etc. These discourses in anti-capitalism usually depressed and angered
me quite a bit. Thankfully, genuine intellectuals like Mises and
Rothbard were always an e-bookmark away to keep me company. Unfortunately,
I have little doubt that most of my peers accepted as truth every
fallacy that spewed out of our seemingly wise, good intentioned
professor’s mouth.

Note: during
one particularly insulting pro-government lecture the entire class
of six hundred was treated to an outburst of my maniacal laughter
as a new letter popped up in my inbox with the
subject title: “Anarchy!!!”

So I survived
the sickening sequel to high school and am currently taking a year
off to live and work in Mordor (Washington, DC) with my girlfriend
before heading off to a graduate school that’s drenched in Austrian
thought (suggestions, anyone?). While staring down the Eye of Sauron,
I plan on ridiculing the State and its minions with my “artwork”
and/or doing something much more productive like helping Ron Paul’s
campaign go as far as the powers that be will let it go. As much
as I despise all things political, I could write a novel on how
much I desperately want that integrity-ridden… politician?! to
be president.

I have a hunch
his presidency would drive the self-described progressive intellectuals
at my alma mater up the walls of their ivory prison tower.

26, 2007

Ward [send him mail] hates
the machine because he loves liberty.

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