Cursin' USA (originally Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys)

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If anybody
had a damn clue
Up at the top, they’d say
We should rethink our tough-talk,
And stay the hell away!
You’d see ‘em pullin’ our troops out,
Attending funerals too,
Maybe pigs will fly too…
Cursin’ USA!

You’ll catch
‘em spoutin’ baloney,
Towin’ the party line,
"We’re spreadin’ lots of freedom…"
It just takes some time!
Ask the average Iraqi
If they feel safe today,
And then you’ll know why they’re cursin’
Cursin’ USA!

We’ve all be
plannin’ that coup
We’re gonna strike real soon!
We’re drawing up our war plans,
It’s like a bad cartoon!
If they can’t cope, that’s a bummer,
Because we’re here to stay!
Tell the White House they’re cursin’
Cursin’ USA!

Because nobody
still likes us,
We’ll have to fight alone!
But that don’t bother our leaders,
Their kids are safe at home!
We’re stomping out evil,
We always get our way!
While the rest of the world’s cursin’
Cursin’ USA!

Everyone is
Cursin’ USA!

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