Race in America and the Whacking of Don Imus

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Every morning
as I get off my graveyard shift, I count the days I have left to
graduate and curse the day I was left on my own to pay my way through
school. As I pull out of the parking lot I tune in to Imus. Whether
it was the skit on Ray Nagin or the parodying of a pill-popping
Hulk Hogan, Imus has made me smile and made me forget about my miseries;
every weekday morning for the last three years. This morning the
birds stopped chirping and the rush hour seemed to be a menace.
The laid-back and relaxed voice on the radio was replaced by the
venomous barrage by Revered Jesse Jackson who is upset because television
is "all white all night." The great Don Imus has been
sacrificed on the "altar of political correctness and race
relations" in America.

As I was following
Don Imus' indictment, trial, sentencing and execution in the courts
of the "Reverend Twins," I wondered what is this all about.
It is not about free speech. The double standards for free speech
were set the day the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. It was
not about misogyny. In spite of his occasional gaffes about men,
women, heterosexuals and homosexual, Don has always scored well
with the ladies. It was not about race because the Rutgers basketball
team is made up of both black and white players. So, was it about
hate? Surprise! Yes it was about hate; the hatred for Western Civilization.

When Kamau
(a Professor at a North Carolina State University) called
for the genocide of white people, I wasn't shocked. After all, I
have been a witness to a condoned and growing trend of advocacy
for violence against white people and desecration of Western Civilization.
Whether it was the protests
in London
calling for the murder of white men and rape of white
women or it is the usual Hip-Hop glamorization of the thug culture
and assault
on women's dignity
, everything is alright as long it is the
"crackers" who are on the receiving end. The same students
and faculty who took part in candle-light
vigils and protests
against the "Duke University rapists"
were nowhere to be seen when the supposed "rapists" were
acquitted earlier this week for "not raping a black woman."
Instead of apologizing for his promiscuously filthy remarks against
the three Lacrosse players, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton utilized
their time and resources to capitalize on the gaffe of an old white
man who has devoted his entire life to the cause of children and
grown-ups, both black and white, who are suffering from autism,
cancer and other curses of Mother Nature.

Kamau Kambon
is still a Professor. The protesting Muslims of Europe still mock
the impotency of their hosts. Snoop
and his fellow thugs still rap about the tough gangster
lifestyle they don't live. The Duke progressives are busy enrolling
for their African-American History and History of Feminism classes
for the summer semester. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are buried
under their own hubris for their successful whack-job on Don Imus.
And, the Don himself just lost all he had achieved through his career,
for making a stupid remark that no one cared about for two days
until Media Matters realized
its exploitative worth.

Through all
this, I hear calls for a need
for dialogue
on "Race in America." So, can anyone
suggest to me how we could categorize Professor Kamau Kambon's call
for violence or the blind accusations against a bunch of white kids
whose only crime was underage consumption of alcohol, as a "dialogue?"
Isn't the "Liberal-Progressive America" already having
plenty of dialogue on "Race in America" and that too on
their own terms? What more of a dialogue could they want when they
can get away with just any thing they have to say that a decent
person won't say even after downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniels
Tennessee Whiskey?

Entire institutions
have become bastions of hatred against Western culture, values and
civilization. Being neither white nor black, I was caught in the
crossfire between political correctness and liberal education when
I came to college. Being an outsider who was unaware of the American
Liberal Education system, my reaction was "you got to be kidding,"
when my academic advisor drew a long list of courses (approximately
36 hours) related to African-American history, Feminism, Sexuality,
Tolerance and Racism in America that I needed to take in order to
graduate. I asked my advisor, how come it’s Liberal education when
you are forcing me to take courses that I am not interested in.
I was more eager to take advanced calculus and mathematics courses
to improve my career prospects, using the scarce financial resources
that I had. Her response was equivalent to: "shut-up and do
as I say." Over the next two years I was a victim of Liberal
education. I was tormented by being forced to read Ward Churchill
essays and writing reviews of Spike Lee films. For me, what was
"just get the credits and get the heck out of here," for
the white kids those were two years of repenting and a reminder
of the evils of Western Civilization, upon the virtues and values
of which, America was built.

It is a sin
to explore an alternative understanding of Race in America. If anyone
dares to part ways with the institutional beliefs, there is a heavy
price to pay. I was an A-student in my American Cinema class. Thanks
to my usual clashes with the instructor, I passed with a B in spite
of having straight A's on all exams. My instructor once mentioned
how racism still persists in America and cited the example of a
whites-only high-school prom in a small Georgia town. Coincidentally,
that day I went back home to read Patrick
Buchanan's article
on the whole controversy. The next day I
presented a copy of the article to my instructor. She wasn't visibly
furious. But, her furor was evident the day I got my grades. She
used a dormant departmental rule to reduce my grade for three absences
which were fully excused by her in the first place. I protested
all the way up to the program head Dr.
Maricarmen Martinez
; but it was a sail against the winds.

Don Imus became
just the fodder that feeds this sadistic anti-Western culture. Imus,
who is known to have been supportive of numerous black figures like
Harold Ford Jr. and Barack Obama, was dumped by them in his time
of need, in favor of the political fallout from the entire non-controversy.
Everyone from Sen. Hillary Clinton to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann rushed
to pick up the pieces like birds of prey. The very person, who was
among America's 25 most influential individuals just a week ago,
became the fossil fuel for so many political and other ambitions.
Don Imus' gaffe was just what thugs like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson
and Hillary Clinton were looking for to boost their Political vantage.

Race in America
isn't a social issue. It is more of a Political Issue. Huge voting
blocks and chunks of cash are at stake. Individual like Jesse Jackson
and Al Sharpton and institutions like NAACP, ADL and others have
undemocratically claimed guardianship of the minorities in America.
They claim to have psychological and mental control over the minority
voters in the voting booth. Thus, it isn't the minorities themselves
who the Politicians need to address; but they deal directly with
individuals and institutions that run the franchises for wholesale
lots of minority votes and issues. Just like there are elections
every couple of years, these minority franchises have to invent
minority-related incidents and controversies when there isn't one
to be exploited, in order to retain their control over the pulpit
of minority affairs.

The whole sham
is shielded under the cover of "Civil Rights." The only
known credentials of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are those of
marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. So what? There were thousands
of others who marched alongside Dr. King. But, those thousands others
aren't as conniving and enterprising as these two thugs. These two
individuals have exploited their "Civil Rights" credentials
beyond all imagination. The issue of concern isn't what is happening.
But the issue of concern is that while the media, the politicians
and certain sections of the white community themselves condone it
sometimes; they turn a blind eye towards it at other times, either
out of political correctness or out of political gains to be made.

The victims
of the sham are not the white or the black people. The victim here
is the healing process that was supposed to have brought together
the two major ethnic groups of this country after decades of Government-endorsed
segregation. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to remind the black
people every few days of how vile and racist the white community
is; and that they are fighting for equality and "Civil Rights."
On one hand they condone civil threats like Snoop Dogg and other
gangster rappers whose "work" promotes a thug culture
in the black community at a macro level, while on the other hand
they are on the lookout for a Don Imus to make a stupid remark that
is nothing more than a term out of a fifth-grader's social vocabulary.

The other victim
of the whole incident is the Rutgers Basketball Team itself. I have
a hard time imagining how someone would be scarred for life by being
subjected to an unexpected yet stupid expletive. I once remember
my roommate from Bombay (India) return home laughing about what
just happened. He told me that some white kids in a pickup truck
called him Osama. I laughed back and asked him what he did about
it. He waved back at the kids and asked "hey what's up."
While I laughed it away that day, I never thought that I would think
of that incident again, ever in my life. The whole Imus-Rutgers
affair once again reminded me of my roommate's calm demeanor and
maturity. One really does not have to stoop to the irrelevance of
a stupid remark. There are some very important things in the world
that should be scarring us at this very moment, like global strife,
corrupt governments and vile individuals like the "Reverend
Twins." By being told to grieve for the stupid remarks of a
Radio Show Host, most of whose listeners are middle-aged white Americans,
we are cultivating a highly vulnerable generation of individual
who will someday in charge of this country.

While most
people may be compelled to say that Don Imus' remarks were really
evil, I beg to differ. Don's remarks were just what he was paid
for, for nearly four decades. His reckless commentary and stupid
humor are what people tune in for. It was just what the corporate
sponsors of his show paid for to get slots during his show. A stupid
remark that is just one in a long series of lots of stupid remarks
did not set these corporations' board rooms on fire. It was the
days of blackmailing and threats of picketing by Al Sharpton and
Jesse Jackson that forced the corporate sponsors to part ways with
Imus. Imus may have worked hard enough to have a comfortable retirement.
But, as he admitted on his last show, he does not need a job. He
did what he liked doing the most and we the listeners did what we
liked doing the most every weekday morning; to tune in to his show
and start our days with a smile on our faces. He may not be doing
his show anymore and we the listeners will have to juggle with our
other options of morning talk shows. While everyone moves on, I
wonder who will be the next target of a Sharpton-Jackson whack job.

18, 2007

Dahiya [send him mail]
is a student at Florida State University. See his
e, which focuses on south-Asian affairs from a libertarian
point of view.

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