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If you have
not signed up with YouTube, it’s time.

can do it in 60 seconds.

I’ll wait.
. . .

Still hesitating?
Still not quite ready to believe me and invest 60 seconds on my
recommendation? Let me tell you why you should do this.

First, you
have a story to tell. YouTube can help you tell it.

Second, there
are people — if only family members — who would like to hear your
story. If you can provide photos, they would like to see your story.
YouTube makes this possible. You can limit access to family members.

Third, you
may have a message to get out. YouTube makes this possible.

Fourth, you
ought to have a will. (A lot of people don’t.) But to pass along
money without passing along vision is a mistake. How about a video
that presents your vision?

Fifth, you
may have old family movies or videos that you would like to share
with family members. A DVD will let you do this inexpensively, but
highlights ought to be on YouTube.

Sixth, you
may know how to do something that ought to be viewed to be learned
rapidly. YouTube lets you share this. You can include contact information.

Seventh, you
can use low-cost videos to help sell just about anything. All you
need is a YouTube video and a short link from

Eighth, you
belong to organizations that want to promote events. YouTube can

Ninth, you
belong to organizations that want to tell their story to outsiders.
Tell it on YouTube.

Tenth, you
belong to organizations that may want to tell more of their story
to members. YouTube lets you limit access.

sign up.


Buy a cheap
tripod. Sit in front of the tripod-mounted camera. (More on this
later.) I presume that you have an outline in your head or posted
in large letters to the side of the camcorder or above it.

Turn on the
camcorder, sit in front of it, and say whatever you have to say.

You can edit
the video with any Mac computer. Windows XP has a free video-editing
program. You
can download it here

Then post your

If it’s under
10 minutes, you don’t need to do anything special. Just follow the
easy instructions when you log in.

You must sign
up in order to log in. One more

What if you
have photos or other images? How can you get them onto your video?

One way is
with a video screen capture program. This will let you record anything
that is on your computer’s screen. You can narrate what the person
is seeing by using your lapel mic.

can download a free video screen capture program here

Maybe you have
a pile of family photos. Digitize them. Then use CamStudio to narrate
the story that lies behind each photo.

I recommend
doing photos in a series that in some way lend themselves to telling
a story. A vacation record is a good example. This way, you keep
your video under 10 minutes.

You can do
a how-to video this way. You don’t need to have everything on-screen
moving. You can use the cursor to highlight something stationary
as you narrate. By reducing movement, you reduce the size of the
file. YouTube’s limit is 100 megabytes, compressed.

YouTube automatically
compresses your video. You don’t have to do this.

You can shoot
a how-to session while narrating it. Or you can shoot it and then
edit in your narration later. This way, you can read a script.


The YouTube
files are long. Use a free on-line file-shortening program to make
the files manageable. I recommend This allows you to
name a file. You don’t just get a few numbers. Here is an example.
I shortened a YouTube link to a video of Bill Myers’ dirt-cheap
room-corner studio. You will be amazed at what he can do with practically
nothing. I had my option of naming the file. Either link works.

Once you have
a short file name, you can use it in the following media:

  • business
  • yellow pages
  • postcard
  • classified
  • newsletter
  • e-letter
  • autoresponder
  • sales letter
  • flyer

I cannot imagine
selling a home without using YouTube to take a prospective buyer
through the entire house. Narrate it. Tell some of the great times
you had. Make it personal. Then create a written flyer that you
stick outside your home in a plastic box or tube. The shortened
link to your YouTube video is featured in the flyer.

This way, you
pre-sell the person who calls your realtor for a tour.

run a classified ad in the local paper or on
(free). Provide a website or blogsite (free) address. There, the
person can click through to take your video tour.


You can use
a home video camcorder. You can rent one if you don’t own one.

You can buy
a near-professional camcorder for $600. You don’t need this for
YouTube. YouTube’s resolution is minimal.

You do need
this feature: a plug-in socket for an external lapel microphone.
You need this for decent sound. A
$25 lapel (lavalier) mic from Radio Shack
is all you really

camcorders with an external mic jack are the Canon
(around $225) and the Canon
Elura 100
(around $350).


it costs nothing to register
with YouTube
, why not do this? It will help motivate you to
follow through on your first video project.


7, 2007

North [send him mail] is the
author of Mises
on Money
. Visit
He is also the author of a free 19-volume series, An
Economic Commentary on the Bible

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