A True and Faithful Servant

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Yesterday a
very unpopular decision has made it to the news: Brigitte Mohnhaupt
will be released from prison on March 27th. Brigitte

Some thirty
years ago, the "Rote Armee Fraktion" (RAF / Red Army Faction)
had waged a guerrilla war on Germany. Hanns-Martin Schleyer, president
of BDI (League of German Industrialists) and BDA (League of German
employers), Siegfried Buback, Federal State Attorney of Germany,
and Günter von Drenckmann, President of the Berlin Kammergericht,
have been allegedly killed by terrorists. A Lufthansa plane had
been hijacked to Somalia by RAF-associated Palestinians in order
to blackmail the Federal Republic of Germany to release the convicted
terrorists Jan Carl Raspe, Gudrun Ensslin and Andreas Baader from
the Stuttgart Stammheim high-security prison.

These were
the days of what historians call the German Fall (Deutscher Herbst)

The hijacking
failed and the imprisoned terrorists were found dead in their cells.
Investigations came to the result that they had committed suicide,
but some questions have been waiting for answers ever since.

The RAF has
always been a nightmare to Germany as were the Brigate Rosse to
Italy, who allegedly have killed Aldo Moro, then the head of the
Democrazie Cristiana, one of the most influential political groups
in Italy. Nobody could infiltrate the RAF, not much was known about
its structure and about its lines of command. The founders being
either dead or convicted to life terms in high security prisons,
the so-called "second generation RAF" was an enigmatic
mystery, which has not quite been solved until this very day.

One of the
few successes of the German police state was Brigitte Mohnhaupt,
who, being sentenced to three life terms in prison plus fifteen
additional years, is going to be released on March 27th,
having served twenty-four years in prison.

Some people,
including the widow of Hanns-Martin Schleyer, still consider her
one of the most ferocious enemies the German state ever had.

But, did she
and her fellow Guerrillas really fight the state?

The explicit
aim of these terrorists was to provoke the state, not to fight it.
They wanted the police state to fight. Not to fight the feeble force
the RAF represented in her wildest days, but to crack down on the
average man. The RAF intended to create a brutish police state in
order to force the German public to revolt and follow their lead
into a socialist revolution, where the RAF leaders would be able
to lead the German people into a socialist terror state the way
Lavrentii Beriia and Joseph Stalin would have approved of — with
the RAF terrorists as benevolent dictators and leaders.

They were denounced
as Anarchists, fighting the state, but in reality, they were serving
as excuses to create a police state Heinrich Himmler would have
been proud of. With the RAF as an excuse, laws could be passed,
which would have caused the press to cry bloody murder and which
would have made many — classical — liberals piss blood. Instead,
they all fell in line and applauded to laws which would have been
blatantly unconstitutional, if the Grundgesetz, which had been in
a bad constitution already, had not been altered in time in order
to give these laws a "constitutional" foundation.

When, in 1990,
the Eastern part of Germany pleaded for annexation, the Grundgesetz
was altered again, essential parts, like the old article 145, which
had granted the people the right to resist against a state, which
had undergone the change from state to tyranny, being omitted or

The legislation
after 1990 could erase all barriers in the way to a total police
state, legalizing things like searches without warrant, telephone
surveillance without even a hint of a suspicion, abolition of the
last remainders of financial privacy, a new shortcut between secret
services and police, like in the good old GeStaPA1
days and many, many more items which were established long ago in
order to limit the government's powers.

George Orwell's
was an optimist prophecy of a total police state, but even Orwell
could not foresee internet surveillance or "Rasterfahndung"
(computerized investigation), which would bring many harmless people
in trouble, but not a single terrorist. During the heydays of Rasterfahndung
and RAF hype, the apartment of an octogenarian lady had been raided
by a Sondereinsatzkommando, the German equivalent to a SWAT unit,
merely because her daughter had been paying her telephone bill in
cash every month. The old lady had no bank account of her own and
could not pay her telephone bill by cashless payment. What a success
in the war against terror!

The last of
the RAF terrorists who ever happened to run into the dragnet of
German investigation was Christian Klar, who surrendered to some
surprised policemen when he, halfway starved and deteriorated, had
found no way to run or hide any more. He, of course, had been sentenced
to several life terms and will most probably be released in 2008.

Most rules
of due process have been suspended for the sake of fighting terrorism,
thus turning the state into a terrorist group, exactly the way the
RAF had intended to.

The rhetorical
question is: who served whom, the terrorists the state or vice versa.
In point of fact, German Police State has recovered from its 1945
defeat and has resurrected in full glory. The only excuse it needs
to flourish again will be a new Reichstagsbrand as a legitimation
for a perpetual state of siege. I think, this will not be much of
a problem to create. Another Martinus van der Lubbe might be waiting
somewhere in the dark to take the blame.

When on March
27th, the gates of Aichach prison will open for Brigitte
Mohnhaupt, still some people will think of her as a heroine in the
fight against the state. She will most probably live off social
welfare and the royalties of the books she is going to have written
in her name.

I will think
of her as what she really was and why she earned the pension our
state will grant her: a true and faithful servant.

  1. The commonly
    known acronym "Gestapo" was popular, but wrong. The
    official term was Geheimes Staatspolizeiamt, a. k. a. GeStaPA.

15, 2007

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a consultant in Munich, Germany.

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