Bush Brings Back Body Bags!

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Multiply the
picture above by 166 times, and try to visualize it. Three rows
of one thousand fine young American men and women who will never
see their families. Three rows, well over a mile long, of possibilities,
futures, children, businesses, of friendships gone, never to be.
In each casket, the remains of one more comes home. They each deserve
a handshake and a thanks from President Bush. I would hope that
he opens each and every casket so as to view the consequences of
his own actions. Each of their families deserves a personal phone
call from him and a heartfelt apology. Multiply the count by twenty,
and the Iraqi losses begin to appear, although it may be far greater.
No one knows the exact count.

Owen, one of the "Lost Poets" of WWI, wrote:

On Seeing
a Piece of Our Heavy Artillery Brought into Action

Be slowly
lifted up, thou long black arm,
Great Gun towering towards Heaven, about to curse;
Sway steep against them, and for years rehearse
Huge imprecations like a blasting charm!
Reach at that Arrogance which needs thy harm,
And beat it down before its sins grow worse.
Spend our resentment, cannon – yea, disburse
Our gold in shapes of flame, our breaths in storm.

Yet, for
men’s sakes whom thy vast malison
Must wither innocent of enmity,
Be not withdrawn, dark arm, thy spoilure done,
Safe to the bosom of our prosperity.
But when thy spell be cast complete and whole,
May God curse thee, and cut thee from our soul!

When Weapons
of Mass Destruction are discussed, you should realize that heavy
artillery, tanks, bombs of all sorts, and military airplanes are
part of the WMD. What are any of these doing in Iraq? What are they
doing in our military bases? Are we so afraid that we need the weaponry,
the military bases throughout the world? Is fear truly our motive?
Our WMDs cause more harm than they do good and should be scrapped.

What would
the world look like without the WMDs of the United State of America?
Certainly much more peaceable. We would no longer be able to threaten,
cajole or scare other countries. Likewise, other countries would
not need to continue the accelerated process of building up their
own WMDs. Some may, of course, but without the WMDs in possession
by the U.S.A., their own fear-mongering campaigns no longer have
the world’s largest stockpile of weapons to use in manipulating
their own populace to fund their own little wars.

this end war for all time? No, and it probably will not end all
wars currently in process. But we will no longer be responsible
for making war. We will no longer be responsible for starting war.
I’m sure that the old canard, "give peace a chance," is
rejected by those willing to start a war if a drop of oil falls
onto the sand half-way around the world in some little country,
but we have given war a chance. Let’s try something different.

8, 2007

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