Security and Lies

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Social security
is the without a doubt the state’s biggest lie. While the state
has a history of lies, big whoppers that have cost tens, if not
hundreds, of millions of lives, it’s the lie of government-guaranteed
social security that makes all the other lies possible.

Before the
advent of the Prussian socialist state in the 1800’s, children cared
for their elderly parents. And, when that failed, the church stepped
in to provide for the community's old and infirm. That was the compact
— between parents and children, backed by the church — and it worked

Along came
the state saying that it would care the elderly. Children would
be emancipated from their parents, and parents would no longer have
to rely on their children. The original compact was broken and forgotten
in lieu of the efficient state solution. The dawn of the utopian
guardian state began.

Prussia was
looking to break the bond between parent and child in order to foster
a new bond; a bond between citizen and state. In this upside-down
world, the state would become the ever-living parent in care of
the never-maturing citizen.

As the parent,
the state would guide the lives, the thoughts, the religion, and
the morals, of its citizens. That’s the Faustian bargain; the citizens
blindly worship the all-providing state for the price of freedom
and souls.

Now, here comes
the bait-and-switch. Remember, under the socialist system of the
Prussian state of the 1800's and the current, near socialist, US
system, parents no longer have to rely on their own children for
care and security.

OK, that's
the bait, now the switch. You see, someone has to work to continue
funding the Ponzi
scheme that is Social Security, and that someone is the next generation
— the children and grandchildren of those retired.

The state cannot
create Utopia. Despite the nonsense coming out of the mouths of
babes — those left in a perpetual juvenile condition due to the
interventions of a state-run education system — the state cannot
remove scarcity and uneasiness. It simply cannot.

So, the state
steals money from the workforce in order to secure those in retirement.
Through the state's directions, the care of the elderly is provided
by their offspring. But, isn't this similar to what the family and
the church did before this whole mess started? Of course it is.
OK, but what was gained from the state intervention in this important
aspect of the family? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What was lost?
Freedom and the family itself, along with the souls of all citizens.

Parents no
longer look to children as later-in-life caretakers; the state has
filled that role. Children are now seen as a burden; an expense
to some, ravenous resource-consuming beasts to others. It's the
state that will provide; it's the state that will solve the ills
of the world.

Yet, since
the state cannot remove the yoke of scarcity, it must rely on its
citizens. Parents still need their children's care because the state
needs their children's labor. Social Security solved nothing, nothing.
It did, though, cause many ills. The family is now undervalued,
with the war on poverty ending up being a war on the family; a war
which the state has all but won.

The lie of
security makes all other lies possible. If the state is the caregiver,
provider, educator, and pastor, it can do anything. And, more importantly,
the state must be protected at all costs. The state as the pension
fund and old-age nursemaid must remain; it must not be allowed to
perish as nothing else can replace it. The family has been weakened
by two centuries of interventions and taxes, while the church has
been emasculated by laws and court decisions, and both have been
removed frmo their roles in society.

Many say with
a straight face that they do not want to burden their children with
the worries and strains of providing old-age care. These people
believed that the state will watch over them free of charge. Why?
Well, they have bought into the idea the Social Security is an insurance
policy purchased by years of labor and taxation, secured by the
backing of the state. That this lie persists despite the facts shows
that public education has produced its true product; a citizenry
in awe of, and obedient to, the state.

Sure you will
hear some folks say that they do not expect Social Security to see
them through retirement, yet these same folks act as if the checks
will come regardless. "The government cannot default as there
would be an uproar; a revolution." True, and your elected officials
know it. That's exactly why a number of European states are now
paying couples to have children. These states have all but admitted
that they cannot care for the elderly alone; the states need help
from the children and grandchildren. But, even here, the elderly
will still be cared for by the family of the state, not the traditional

If the state
is your family, your source of security, then it must be supported
at all costs. Our citizenry has enabled the state to lie at will
since the state has become the last hope. But surely it does not
have to end here.

Our nation
must face the lie of social security and understand that children
take care of parents under any system. Only then can the socialized
citizens begin to mature and take on the role of the adult, with
adult responsibilities and concerns; recognizing that the family
is central and the state superfluous.

While the state
will always lie, its lies will have little effect as its role will
be greatly diminished. With no more families to destroy and no more
empires to build, there are no more big lies to tell.

20, 2007

Fedako [send him mail], a former
professional cyclist who lives in Lewis Center, OH, is a member
of the Olentangy Local School District and maintains a blog: Anti-Positivist.

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