Conspiracy of Jobholders

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The travesty
of reality and justice which is the 50
case is proceeding at full steam ahead with the predictable,
nonsensical buncombe from both sides, with neither side willing
to address what is really at issue, and with both sides advancing
remedies which will make the situation worse and worse and worse
for the future.

On the one
side, we have the law enforcement community (in this case the NYPD)
using increasingly militarized guerilla tactics and covert ops to
pursue innocent people, because they may commit a crime
some time in the future, in order to satisfy the statist political
establishment in the present. And on the other side we have left
wing political Black activists led by The Rev. Al Sharpton, and
New York City Councilman and former Black Panther, Charles Barron
who want to re-live the glorious days of the riots of the late 1960's.
These sides are so steeped in their ideological lunacy that they
fail to see that it was their own agendas which caused the climate
that produced this case.

On Wed. Jan.
24, 2007 NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, in a city council
hearing examining the police tactics in this case, defended the
officers from charges of racism by Councilman Barron, citing the
fact that several of the officers were Black. Afterward, speaking
to reporters, Barron said,"(Kelly is) clueless about racism.
It doesn't matter whether you're Latino, Black, White; when you
join the force, you turn Blue. And what the Blue Culture says: you
police the Black Community this way – and you police the White Community
this way. So it doesn't matter that the shoot-ER was Black, (because)
the shoot-EE is ALWAYS Black."

Barron didn't know it, but he summed up the whole fallacy on both
sides with that one statement. One side sees things in terms of
Blue, and the other in terms of Black.

One of the
reasons cops are so militarized is because they are looking for
Drugs & Guns, as were the undercover cops in this case. The
theory is that Drugs & Guns, which are both inanimate objects,
cause crime. It is NEVER individuals of free volition who
commit crimes. And it is NEVER the State which creates the conditions
which foster crime.

Yet it was
the Federal Government–sponsored Reconstruction which led to
the destabilization and destruction of the South….which led to southern
"blowback in the form of democratically endorsed, state sponsored
Jim Crow Laws targeting Blacks….Which led to the mass exodus of
Blacks northward to form urban ghettos. But even then, there was
not the sort of violent crime in Black neighbourhoods that we see
today. That started in the sixties.

Most of the
racial violence was orchestrated by far left groups, some of which
were funded by the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War
in the late sixties. One such group was Mr. Barron's Black Panthers,
a group whose ideology consisted of an institutionally racist hodgepodge
of Fascism, Socialism and Maoist Marxism; a group which morally
justified the use of violence. And so Newark N.J. and the South
Bronx burned like Nero's Rome.

Then the politicos
entered the picture. And whom did they blame? Not the instigators
such as Mr. Barron who were leftists "fighting for the oppressed,"
and who had a political following of voters. No, the politicos needed
to find scapegoats. There were the old bromidic scapegoats like
poverty and oppression etc. But you could also blame inanimate objects
like Drugs & Guns. Gun owners (legal ones, that is, not under
NY City's Sullivan Law) live upstate, or out of state in the sticks
and don't vote on city issues. And dopers are too stoned to vote.
And so there is a consensus by the elected politicians on whom to
blame. Go after those who are not a political threat. Shift the
blame from people to objects.

We now live
with the outcome. Cops infiltrating the underworld like CIA operatives
in South America, armed with semi-automatic weapons and body armor,
trying to entrap some poor slob for simple possession of narcotics
or a piece of steel like a revolver. They created a very lucrative
black market in Drugs & Guns. Then they bust the poor slob after
he makes a poor vocational choice trying to traffic in these black
markets – especially when the legal market is so over regulated
and over taxed. Then when the poor slob gets clever in trying to
avoid detection, the cops go "Shock & Awe" and there
is "collateral damage" like last month.

So here is
this cast of characters with a new reason to advance their pet causes.
Barron, an elected jobholder who long ago traded his Afro for the
more sedate cardigan sweater and tweed coat, is blaming Ray Kelly
for institutional racism. Kelly, an appointed jobholder, is trying
to enforce the unenforceable, while on the very same day his boss
Mayor Mike Bloomberg is in Washington D.C. leading a coalition of
mayors to sue small outdoor outfitters in VA who sold guns to professional
agents provocateurs on the payroll of Bloomie's posse of mayors.

For the professional
mountebanks who need fiascos to keep themselves employed, this case
is better than a home run, it's a grand slam.

31, 2007

Lelong [send him mail] grew
up in the NYC area. He started in radio in North Carolina as a reporter.
In 1994 he moved back to New York City where he has been working
as a producer and newsroom sound editor for a news-talk radio station.
He currently lives in Queens and enjoys skeet and sporting clays
shooting, bird hunting, and sailing.

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