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Well, on Monday,
a young boy, just eighteen years old, who had just finished junior
high school, paid back the humiliations he had to suffer at school,
injuring thirty-seven people, among them a pregnant teacher, finally
killing himself. As a modern man, he had posted a farewell-letter
in the internet, explaining that his major motivation was revenge.
He felt like a loser and wanted to pay back all hatred he had received
during his short life.

Internet. This
vile source of right-wing hate propaganda, kiddie porn and senseless

Firearms! Readily
available, protected by antiquated laws and the vicious gun lobby
of the USA –

Wait a minute.
I am not talking about an incident in the United States of America.
This happened in Emsdetten, Germany, where things like this can't
happen. No way. Our firearms law is one of the strictest in the
world, and people under the age of eighteen can't get firearms except
shotguns after having passed their sixteenth birthday and the Hunters'
Examination (Jägerprüfung), which has the same
degree of preparation and effort to pass as has a high school diploma.
If any well-checked person under the age of twenty-one applies for
a handgun license, this poor wretch has to be evaluated by an experienced
and licensed psychiatrist, thanks to a shooting spree in an Erfurt
school four years ago.

So, this can't
happen any more. To make this twice as sure, pump-action shotguns
with pistol grips have been outlawed in order to make violence at
school virtually im-pos-sib-le.

Of course,
the incident was completely analyzed by eggsperts who have never
set a foot on the crime scene, but who are well-known on the TV
screen. The young man was a loser, of course, one of the new German
underclass, which has recently been discovered by the Social Democratic
Party (SPD), which needs a new clientele, since their usual clientele
has eroded away, feeling sold out by the very politicians who created
this new underclass.

The poor wretch
was a "gun nut," of course, with problems in establishing
a functioning relationship with the other sex, a lonesome madman,
mad at the world which rejected him once too often, an internet
addict whose screen name was "Resistance X," and living
in a rural area, where jobs are scarce and utterly unavailable for
less-than-average-skilled youngsters.

In German public
schools, there is an atmosphere like in a battle zone. Collective
harassment not only concerns foreigners, but anyone who happens
not to be member of a strong social group. Gangs, drugs, aimless
violence, our public schools offer the full nine yards of humiliation
and deprivation anyone can imagine. The major motivation to work
in such a system as a teacher is that this is a public servant's
duty, which means that you can't get fired for bad performance and
you can draw a pension no matter if you teach children or just administrate

the lower-grade public schools, where more often than not a two-thirds
majority does not speak German, are not suited to help children
find their way into life. Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Serbo-Croatian,
and various African languages can be heard in German schoolyards,
but you must be an incurable optimist to expect a German teacher
to speak an understandable English. Knowledge in Turkish, our largest
minority, is not considered necessary for a teacher, at least not
by our government. Especially in larger towns, Turkish children
make up to eighty per cent of the pupils, and many of them do not
hear their first German word until they enter school. More and more
pupils leave school without being able to read or write. But who
cares as long as the teachers get their pensions.

Four-plus million
people out of eighty-two million gross population are officially
registered as unemployed in Germany, some six million families are
fed by social welfare, and a good school report has long ago ceased
to be a guarantee for a job and a life on your own feet.

Is it really
a miracle that more and more children and young adults just drop
out and either seek their fortune in drug trafficking or just resign
and surrender their lives to the welfare state?

This young
guy would do neither. Two years ago, he announced his suicide in
the internet, on a counselling site. He explicitly laid down his
plan to walk on the schoolyard during the first pause and shoot
all those whom he hated, especially teachers. His predecessor, who
had shot sixteen people in Erfurt four years ago, had done the same,
so these professional counsellors should have been alerted when
this boy asked for help. Of course, nothing happened. These counsellors
are either unpaid volunteers who offer their service in order to
have a cozy feeling around their own heart or, even worse, public
servants who just sit away their hours in order to receive a pension
when their time is done. So why should they listen to a call for

To hold smart
speeches on TV, without having a clue what really had happened is
much more suited to advance your career than to do your job when
nobody is watching.

Of course,
the case is clear — a lonesome gun nut internet junkie and computer
game ("Counter Strike") addict had blown a gasket and
all we need is much stricter legislation and more psychological
surveillance of notorious pupils.

Of course,
home schooling is illegal in Germany and everyone who tries to spare
his children the humiliations of public schooling must go to jail.

It does not
matter that our schools fail to educate children. It does not matter
that the many regulations our state imposes on us, do not serve
any productive purpose at all and have not done so for at least
forty years. It does not matter that our strict and tricky firearms
laws never ever had any effect on violent crime. It does not matter
that social welfare is no solution to a suffocated society where
life is almost one hundred per cent regulated. It does not matter
that drug prohibition does not save lives but destroys them in large
scale. The pensions of our public servants are safe. Our politicians
have everything under control. Our leaders tell us what to think
even if they have no idea what they are talking about. And, what
is best — they help us to evade the necessity to ask questions.

is Strength.
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.

George, we're

24, 2006

[send him mail] is
a consultant in Munich, Germany.

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