We Shall Be Free

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I am sending
a voice
speak truth to power
We shall be free
In a truthful manner I speak
We shall be free
With a good heart I speak
We shall be free

In April of
1999, President Clinton was in the process of delivering American
“Full Spectrum Dominance” to Kosovo. The methodology is to slaughter
civilians. Rain bombs from killing platforms at high altitude, beyond
reach of anti-aircraft defense. This is the modern American style
of spreading democratic values. I wrote these verses during a visit
to my former home.

On a Visit
to America in the Spring of Ninety Nine
My Heart Hurts, And I Grieve

For sacred
trees, gone to money
For the loneliness
of a faceless mankind / isolated /
in cyberspace

For the disconnect

of human heart / .
Mouse-click missions
that kill form a distance

For all creatures
great and small, killed /
For all things bright and beautiful — destroyed
by our mindless greed
for ease, comfort and “power”

I rage at the
ugliness of self-pity
In my seeming impotence
to do anything more useful
than just say “NO,” and leave

I grieve for
my children
whose inheritance is desecrated
The blue-green planet, once
alive, breathing, sustained by respect

No matter the
of personal sacrifice,
I must not support
the killing and the lies.

“There are
times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all —
the voice of conscience — even though such obedience may cost many
a bitter tear, and even more separation from friends, from family,
from the state to which you my belong, from all you have held as
dear as life itself. For this obedience is the Law of our being….To
deprive a man of his natural liberty and to deny him the ordinary
amenities of life is worse than starving the body. It is starvation
of the soul, the dweller in the body.”
~ Gandhi

Further along
in this communication to my fellow men, I deliver one small voice
of notice. It speaks to the violations of humanity that have been
perpetrated by the Powers That Be, and that are continuing. I offer
— without suggestion of relevance to any other — my personal response.
The following verses are offered as preface to my declaration. I
hope thereby to indicate the spirit of my intentions. A man needs
a country. He would be better off without a government.

Road Log

Now the world
gone mad
in the violence of its greed
humanity gone crazy
thread the labyrinth, try to be pure
the labyrinth made of lies
meaningless, yet full of fear.

The bus rolls
quiet now, springtime nippy-cold
bird song and pussy willows and a south wind
Feel the great vast serenity space of the North
the land so sweet – a moment of reverie ~

~ then suddenly
sky shattered
civilization comes roaring the earth trembles
with sudden deafening roar
F-16's overhead
corporate state war machines rip the sky
Military Operations Area
full spectrum dominance blows away
the tranquility of ages to the edge of time
land so sweet – humanity so bitter.

First border
crossing just ahead
show documents get interrogated searched
stripped of dignity, violated
as if owned like a serf
tracked like a criminal
this is no way to live
not for a man.

From yonder
far shore
must I wage Satyagraha
my nonviolent struggle
for freedom.


See this man
in tribal cloth,
for generations oppressed
under the jack-boot heel of Big Oil
brand USA?
He is in my way,
obstructing corporate access.
And besides, he hates our freedoms.

in the name of religion
and all that is good, proper and democratic,
remembering my father's words at Kyoto
“The American lifestyle is not negotiable”,
and having silenced peace-loving dissenters
by the insidious draconian Patriot Act
(you are either with me or you are in jail, may Fascism prevail)

let me now kill him off.

I will rain
upon his huts, his weddings and his children
as I click the murder-mouse
from the safety of my air conditioned bunker.
That my God and my country may reign supreme
and this other man's oil
may be mine forever.

That my shares
of Halliburton, Unocal and Carlyle
may keep on rising with news from Afghanistan and Iraq.
That the dust of depleted uranium
may mutate his foreign genes into forever and ever.
Let the Earth burn.

Let Iraqi children
starve and war widows weep –
as Ambassador Mouthpiece said before me,
“five hundred thousand dead Iraqi children is worth the price.”
After all, we need the oil, and the votes,
so that our children may drive their SUV's
and aimlessly wander in mindless malls.

Lest you mistake
my intentions,
I say to you now –
lying with all my charismatic patriotism —
you had better be afraid,
for the voice of God has told me
Iran is an axis of evil.
Let them be warned,
all options are on the table.
Full spectrum dominance is our aim
shock and awe our tactic
Hiroshima our training ground.
Let them be warned,
for they are next.

Stand aside
women and children when I move my mouth
for I am the Decider and I decide
who shall live and who shall die
never having known
that these others
had lives or hopes or sufferings
or love.

* * *

For Power,
there is no tomorrow. There are no grandchildren.
Even of earth there is none.
There is only power.

The Way
has been lost. We stand on the brink of a maniacal holocaust. How
shall we live?

“The path
is made by walking.” — African proverb


I send this
message to Bush
and his minions of death
Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Gonzales
and all the other faceless unelected
machine parts
in air conditioned bunkers anonymous
maintained at specified operating temperature
don't take it personal
morally lobotomized organs
of State
self selected symbiotic pairs
with bin Laden
mutually co-dependent
for power
to hold us in thralldom
of your lies.

Symbols of
our devolution projected
we all are responsible
for what you have become
To face and not to deny my share of
this tragedy of the human commons
is the call of duty and conscience
answered now in a clear voice speaking truth to power.

I deny you
to murder in my name
not with my income tax will you murder
come and get me if you wish
before you are booked for crimes against humanity.

I never gave
or anyone
moral sovereignty over me
my life is not your property.

Let no infant
for his blown to bits mother
from a bomb I paid for
I practice resurrection
I renounce you and all the murder for which you stand
for you my mind is trackless.

*”What kind
of victory is it when someone is left defeated? What difference
does it make to the dead, the orphans, the homeless, whether the
mad destruction is wrought under name of totalitarianism or the
holy name of liberty and democracy? What is a war criminal? Was
not war itself a crime against God and humanity, and therefore,
were not all those who sanctioned, engineered and conducted wars,
war criminals? The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute
of the strong. Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty.” ~
Mohandas Gandhi

The Remedy
of Wisconsin Is Also Remedy of Jeff

The Constitution
has no inherent authority unless as a contract between man and man.
It does not purport to be an agreement among persons now living.
Those persons, if any, who gave their consent, are all long since
dead. The Constitution, so far as it was their contract, died with
them. They had no natural right or legal power to make it binding
upon posterity. The instrument does not purport to be an agreement
between anyone except “We the people of the United States” then
existing. It cannot be said that the Constitution formed “the
people of the United States” into a corporation extending to perpetuity.
No assemblage of men – existing at any one time – has the power
to create a legal perpetuity. As a matter of law and reason, this
instrument cannot bind its posterity.

according to the present writer, “We the people” is a legal non-entity
with respect to making a contract or entering any binding agreement
whatsoever. “We the people” is no more than an abstract term for
a loose conglomeration of independently acting individuals. It has
no intrinsic reality. It is merely a slogan devoid of content. Exactly
who is “we the people?” Who signs for and assumes the responsibility
and liability of “We the people?” Who steps up and bears the burden
of accountability for actions of “We the people?” Where is there
any accountable, responsible, liable individual or group of individuals
who physically signed or co-signed an instrument and took upon themselves
the burdens of its performance?

And still further,
in the particular events under discussion, those men who allegedly
established an agreement binding upon not only several millions
unknown to them (those millions having had no voice or participation
whatsoever), but also upon their unborn posterity for all time to
come — met and negotiated on behalf of their unknowable clients
in secret, and made an oath of secrecy. They left no record of their
proceedings, and they signed no document purporting to be an agreement
even among themselves, let alone millions of unknowable others and
posterity for all time to come.

That “We the
people” have put up with this nonsense for so long is truly an absurdity
that boggles my mind.

Referring now
to The
Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
, by Tom

A statement
by the Wisconsin legislature in 1859 said, “Resolved, that the government
formed by the Constitution of the United States was not the exclusive
or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself (I
ask, delegated by whom?); but that, as in all other cases of
a compact among parties having no common judge,
each party has an equal right to judge for itself,
as well of
infractions, as of the mode and measure of redress. The individual
states, being sovereign and independent, have the unquestionable
right to judge of the Constitution's infractions; and that a
positive defiance of those sovereignties, of all unauthorized acts
done or attempted to be done under color of that instrument, is
the rightful remedy.”

Thus I conclude
that the maximum possible validity of the Constitution — notwithstanding
my understanding and belief that it has no validity whatsoever —
is that of a compact among parties having no common judge.

just as the state of Wisconsin is an independent sovereignty in
relation to the United States, so also am I as an individual. If
I am not recognized as an individual sovereignty, then I am a nullity,
for all purposes of law and reason a non-living being, an entity
to be dealt with as an object or a piece of inanimate property.

And therefore,
just as the remedy of Wisconsin is “positive defiance,” so also
is positive defiance my remedy as a sovereign individual.

The foregoing
notwithstanding, my understanding and belief is that the Constitution
is of no authority over me, or anyone. The authority of State emanates
from the barrel of a gun.

I maintain
that it is the right of any individual person to reject and renounce
a government which violates his moral conscience. I maintain that
it is my personal right, in this very body, here and now, to ignore
the State, and to refuse participation in its actions which violate
humanity and life itself. I also declare that the same is my intention
insofar as refusal to pay direct tax to any nation-state. There
can be no treason if one's first loyalty is to humanity and to life
itself. Human life is above Nation-State. Personal conscience and
individual moral sovereignty is above State sovereignty. How can
the question of treason arise when one refuses to murder innocent
women and children? He who claims self ownership can never commit
treason because the State cannot own him. He is not the property
of the State.

Believing the
American State to be a criminal operation of nigh incomprehensible
scale, and having executed no contract by which it has any jurisdiction
over my life, I declare it is my right to renounce and depart from
it without obligation. Like the Hopi, I believe the laws of the
Great Spirit (for me, the Law of Truth and Nonviolence) are of a
higher order than any man-made political law. Pursuant to the application
of reason, common sense, mental purification through self-observation
(far to go here), conscience, and the felt presence of Love, my
highest duty is to do no harm. This means I must not support
war in any manner, directly or indirectly through payment of taxes.

“He who
distrusts freedom in others loses his moral right to it.” ~ Rabindranath


“Civil disobedience
becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless and corrupt.”
~ Mohandas Gandhi

- The United
States has forcibly taken from me, under penalty of my liberty,
the product of my labor.

- It has used
this product of my labor, taken from me by force, to execute massive
crimes against humanity in my name usurped from me. These crimes
are too numerous to account. A few of them include deliberate, calculated,
cold-blooded mass murder of innocent, non-combatant civilians including
women and children; massive destruction of the infrastructure of
civilized societies, resulting in untold suffering and death; long
term poisoning of earth's ecosystem and food-water supply with effluence
of war, such as depleted uranium and Agent Orange; massive destruction
of local ecologies upon which civilians depend for life and livelihood;
massive direct destruction of livestock and crops, leading to suffering
and death of human beings; deliberately fomented and supported war,
revolution and genocide in foreign lands for its own purposes of
domination. Other abuses are discussed elsewhere in the text of
the booklet of which this is part.

- It has used
this product of my labor, forcibly removed from me, to undertake
assassinations and murder in the course of overthrowing foreign
governments. It has further employed these funds for the illegal
imprisonment, torture, degradation and murder of innocent civilians,
without charge, and without habeas corpus.

- It has used
my taxes paid under coercion of threat of force to conduct weapons
experiments with poisonous chemical and radioactive substances on
its own unwitting citizens, some of whom died as a result. This
is premeditated murder.

- It has used
my taxes paid under threat to my liberty to experiment with pesticides
on pregnant women, resulting in damage and death to the unborn.

- It has conscripted
me to military service and dispatched me as a participant in an
aggressive war against a foreign country of no palpable threat to
the United States — a war in which millions of people were murdered.
This violates my right not to kill and not to support killing.

- It has used
the product of my labor forcibly taken from me under penalty of
liberty to manufacture, deploy and drop napalm bombs upon innocent
women and children living in grass huts in non-combatant Cambodia,
dispatching hundreds of thousands of souls to an incendiary death.
This is a grotesque crime against humanity.

- It has used
tax payments forcibly extracted from me to build, maintain and operate
a reported seven hundred military bases around the world, doing
thereby immense ecological damage, disturbing the peace, destabilizing
societies and causing the flames of hatred against America to burn
ever hotter in more and more places.

- It has used
the product of my labor taken from me under palpable threat of force
to execute certain specific “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”
as defined by the UN, including but not limited to the following:

Targeting of
foreign leaders in “decapitation” strikes
Targeting civilian populations and civilian infrastructure with
by intentionally directing attacks upon civilians and hospitals,
medical centers, residential neighborhoods, electricity stations,
water purification facilities, and intense indiscriminate military
operations against cities and towns which resulted in many civilian
Using disproportionate force and weapons systems with indiscriminate
effects, such as cluster munitions, incendiary bombs, depleted uranium
and chemical weapons.
Using depleted uranium munitions with devastating long term
effects upon human beings and the environment.
Extensive destruction and appropriation of property not justified
by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly (Geneva
Seizure of, destruction of and willful damage done to religious
institutions, charity and education, the arts and sciences, historic
documents and archeological treasures of humanity.
Attack and bombardment of undefended towns, villages, dwellings
and buildings.
Wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages with devastation
not justified by military necessity, for example the wanton destruction
of ancient Babylon.
Imposition of interim government over a foreign people with
practices of managed elections and violation of right of self-determination.
Unlawful attacks, including assassinations, summary executions,
murders, disappearances, kidnapping and torture, use of deadly violence
against peaceful protestors, imposition of punishment without charge
or trial, including collective punishment.
Unlawful detention and torture, including by US military personnel
and paramilitary forces operating anonymously, including widespread,
repeated and systematic use of torture and degrading treatment of
civilians as well as military personnel detained in prison facilities
or covertly transferred for torture in foreign countries, practices
which are unconditionally prohibited by international law.
Willfully devastating the environment, including through the
use of depleted uranium.
Systematically utilizing, controlling, directing, manipulating,
misinforming and restricting press and media coverage and deliberately
presenting false and misleading reports to obtain support for US
military and political actions; and to deprive the American people
of knowledge essential to develop an informed public opinion essential
to democratic processes and public justice.
Ordering young Americans, soldiers and others, to commit terrible
acts that will aunt them, their families and their communities.
Their acts of torture and the killing of women, children, injured
people, doctors, nurses, and the bombing of places of worship and
hospitals will not only brutalize these soldiers individually, but
will increase te violence and militarization of American culture.
Indefinite detention of persons seized far from any combat zone
while denying protection of the Geneva Conventions and US Constitution.
The use of military force to seize and detain indefinitely without
charges US citizens, denying right of habeas corpus.
Committing murder by authorizing the CIA to kill people designated
by the President anywhere in the world.

- It has not
only taken from me by force the product of my labor and thereafter
employed it in the execution of crimes against humanity, but it
has also violated my human rights and my conscience as being done
in my name and with my money, in ways listed below, among events
too numerous to account. The overwhelming force of government being
beyond my capacity to resist, this is a clear violation of my person,
as well as utter degradation of humanity itself.

Lying to the
people of the US, the UN and people of the world to provide false
and deceptive rationale for war.
Instituting secret and illegal wiretapping and spying operations
against people of the US.
Violation of the rights of US individuals under the First, Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments of the Constitution, the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil
and Political Rights.
Making, ordering and condoning false statements and propaganda
about the conduct of foreign governments and individuals and acts
by US government personnel; manipulating the media and foreign governments
with false information; concealing information vital to public discussion
and informed judgment concerning acts, intentions and possession
of weapons of mass destruction in order falsely to create a climate
of fear so as to destroy opposition to US wars of aggression and
first strike attacks.
Violations and subversions of the Charter of the UN and international
law, both a part of the “Supreme Law of the Land” under Article
VI of the Constitution, in an attempt to commit with impunity crimes
against humanity and war crimes, and usurping powers of the UN and
the people of its nations by bribery, coercion and other corrupt
acts and by rejecting treaties, committing treaty violations and
frustrating compliance with treaties in order to destroy any means
by which international law and institutions can prevent, affect,
or adjudicate the exercise of US military and economic power against
the international community.
Acting to strip US citizens of their constitutional and human
rights, ordering indefinite detention of citizens without access
to counsel, without charge, and without opportunity to appear before
a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention, based solely
on the discretionary designation of the Executive of a citizen as
a suspected “threat” to the US.
Ordering and authorizing the Attorney General to override judicial
orders of release of detainees, even where the judicial officer
after full hearing determines a detainee is wrongfully held by the
Ordering indefinite detention of non-citizens in the US and
elsewhere, without charge, at discretion of the Attorney General
or Secretary of Defense.
Authorizing secret military tribunals and summary execution
of persons who are not citizens, designated solely at discretion
of the Executive who acts as indicting official, prosecutor and
as the only avenue of appellate relief.
Refusing to provide disclosure of identities and locations of
persons who have been arrested, detained and imprisoned by the US
government in the US.
Use of secret arrests of persons within the US and elsewhere
and denial f right to public trial.
Authorizing the monitoring of confidential attorney-client privileged
communications by the government, even in absence of court order
and even where incarcerated persons have not been charged with a
Ordering the seizure of assets of persons in the US, prior to
hearing or trial, for having had lawful or innocent association
with any entity that at discretion of the Executive has been deemed
a “terrorist.”
Institutionalizing racial and religious profiling and domestic
spying by federal law enforcement officials on persons based on
their engagement in non-criminal religious and political activity.
Development of diverse nuclear weaponry in direct violation
of the UN Charter even as it decries other nations for attempting
to acquire their own nuclear weaponry in order to defend themselves
from pre-emptive strike by the US.
Issuing Executive Orders that legalize criminal corporate collusion
with the government in war crimes and finance of war crimes and
concealment of the records thereof.
Employing vast sums of money and large numbers of people to
conduct research and development of weapons of mass destruction,
and to create a stockpile thereof sufficient to destroy all of humanity.

By forcibly
taking from me the product of my labor, under penalty of loss of
liberty and confiscation of property, and employing these funds
in execution of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the government
has made it impossible for me to earn my livelihood without thereby
becoming an accomplice to murder. This is an abomination, a violation
of life itself.

*In addition
to these violations of humanity and of conscience the government
has violated my natural and human rights in other ways too numerous
to account. A few incidents are listed below as “tip of the iceberg”

- Classifying
documents as “secret” to remove them from public view, their contents
and actions described therein having been financed by the public

- Manipulation
and falsification of government statistics on employment, commerce,
money supply, public debt.

- Keeping a
double set of accounts for government financial operations, one
being obscured from public view

- Diversion
of the Social Security Trust Fund to general government operating

- Creating
and operating sub-rosa “off-budget” government operations.

- Using the
monetary authority of the Federal Reserve to print new money which
depreciates the currency and robs the people of their savings, as
well as permitting war finance without taxes.

- Using banking
regulations to prevent the free movement of capital and to spy on

- Issue Executive
Orders to authorize the President – at his sole recognizance of
“National Emergency” — to seize property, organize and control the
means of production, seize commodities, restrict travel, take control
of the stock market, institute rationing, and more …

- Using the
powers of Eminent Domain to transfer property to the hands of favored

- Using the
powers of regulation and monopoly to advance the business interests
of large corporate contributors at the expense of the public welfare.

- Denying by
law and regulation my freedom to contract; defining the terms thereof
as legal only in Federal Reserve Notes, a medium of depreciating
value; and imposing other strictures on the freedom to contract
on mutually agreeable terms in free and voluntary exchange .

- Obstructing
my right to free and peaceful enjoyment of my property by imposing
ubiquitous and onerous regulation of nonsensical building codes,
ridiculous and counter-productive safety regulations, and everywhere
posting regulations and limits of action under the guise of health
and welfare.

- By operation
of the “Plunge Protection Team” and “Economic Stabilization Fund,”
intervene directly in stock and commodity markets to favor the government
agenda and favored clients.

- Using government
(public) funds to finance huge developments that profit a few at
the cost of massive destruction of the ecology of the human commons.

- In an act
of outright theft, confiscating all the privately held gold of US
citizens in 1933, which included the property of my parents' generation,
and maintaining to this day the executive authority to repeat this
grand larceny.

- In an act
of outright chicanery and breach of faith, abrogating the redemption
of dollars into gold by foreign governments, thereby initiating
world wide economic instability and loss of faith in the US since
the order by Nixon in 1971, with effect upon my personal livelihood.

- Forced payroll
deductions for Social Security, a trust now on the road to bankruptcy.

- Obstructing
my right to educate my children as I see fit; instead, subjecting
them to government brainwashing and outright falsification and censorship
of textbooks.

- Made it quite
impossible to lead a decent, quiet, productive life in any ordinary
sense. Any person of integrity must devote most of his energy to
protecting himself from direct predation of the State upon his property
and common facilities of life — and if he be of morally compassionate
character, he must devote whole of life work to resisting the State's
lust for its hideous foreign wars and exploitations of the rest
of humanity.

- Breach and
violation of my substantive rights to control my own life and property,
to wit:

Unimpeded right
to life, liberty and property
Freedom of speech and press
Right of Habeas Corpus
Right to trial by jury
Freedom to travel
Freedom to educate my children as I see fit
Unimpeded right to own and operate my own business
Right to defend myself, including the right to bear arms
Right to security of my home and papers against government intrusion
Right not to be spied upon.

The government
has perverted justice and the public morality into such grotesque
forms as to be unrecognizable by a rational man with a conscience.
The preceding list is by no means exhaustive. I doubt that I would
live long enough to complete a full tabulation.

This government
is an abomination so vile, corrupt, vicious, destructive and murderous
that it is unfit to exist. It has become the single greatest threat
to survival of the human species. As will be set forth, I renounce

“I am sending
a voice, Great Spirit, forgetting nothing you have made
the stars of the universe and the grasses of earth.” ~ Nicholas
Black Elk


For a time
beyond memory of people now living, the government of the United
States has committed a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing
the object of reducing to absolute subordination and servitude the
individuals subject to its power. It has methodically undermined
and abrogated its foundation documents, comprising the Declaration
of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It has
systematically violated established and long standing principles
of the international community of nations. It has committed heinous
crimes against humanity and its own citizens as partially listed
in my Statement of Abuses and Violations. It has so perverted the
precepts of justice, liberty, public morality and human rights as
to make them unrecognizable to a rational man with a conscience.

Sincere respect
for my fellow human beings – brothers and sisters during this earthly
sojourn — demands that I declare the causes which impel my severance
of relations with the government of United States, and my assumption
of an equal and independent station free from the domination and
subordination to which I have been subjected. These causes are enumerated
as Statement of Abuses and Violations in that certain booklet authored
by me under the title Experiments in Moral Sovereignty — Notes
of an American Exile, by this reference incorporated herein
and made a part hereof.

I hold these
to be self evident truths: that all people are endowed at birth
with equal, inalienable and independent rights, among which are
sole possession of their own life, liberty and the seeking of happiness
in their own way. That to secure these rights, associations may
be formed among humans, deriving their just delegations of responsibility
from the full consensus of their members; that it is the right of
any member to secede from any such association without reason given,
to cease all relations of any nature whatsoever, and either to abstain
from or to create or join different associations which adopt such
precepts and principles, and organize their responsibilities in
such form, as to their members shall seem most likely to effect
their safety, enterprise and happiness. ~ by Jeff Knaebel

does not exist if not exercised”

We have lost control of our lives to a force we cannot see, cannot
reckon with, and have no influence over. It is far away while simultaneously
all-pervasive. We must take back control of our lives. To do this
we must take back personal responsibility for our human duties to
family and community. We must not abrogate our responsibilities
to faceless unaccountable institutions.


I add my
breath to your breath
that our days may be long on the earth
that the days of our people may be long
that we may be one person
May our Mother bless you with life
May we finish our roads together
~ Zuni

3, 2006

Knaebel [send him
] is an expatriate American domiciled in India since 1995.
He formerly practiced as a registered professional engineer, having
been trained at Cornell Univ. and the Colorado School of Mines.

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