Coerced Auto Insurance

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I discovered
Lew Rockwell in 2003 and immediately knew I had found a kindred
spirit. Now after a few years I see there are many, many contributors
to the site. It is very encouraging to see that there are so many
people who believe as I do, that government is a brutal thief, nothing
more, nothing less. I can’t recall how many contributions to Lew
Rockwell I have read but it is surely in the thousands. Yet I can’t
recall a single one dealing with something that I personally think
is one of the most unfair, anti-free market concepts of our day.
I’m talking about the law that says I have to have car insurance
for a vehicle I already own. If I want to finance a car and the
financer wishes to make insurance a stipulation of the contract,
I have no problem with that. That is the right to contract. But
if I own my car outright, how can a government dictate that I have
to buy a certain product? Insurance companies sell insurance. They
are not run by the government. They sell a product, insurance. Now
I have no problem with insurance. It is a great concept. But to
make it a law that it must be purchased is outrageous. And I have
read articles (not on Lew Rockwell) where people bitching about
the government were thankful it had not come to a point where the
government was telling us what products to buy. HELLO!! It’s been
going on for years. It’s called car insurance. It is a product sold
by insurance companies. Is there a law that says you have to buy
life insurance? Is there a law that says you have to buy health

Ah forget it.
I’m so tired of law after law after law. Laws have taken the fun
out of being alive. This insurance law has been around for a very
long time. When I learned of it when I got my license in 1977, I
couldn’t believe it. What was even more shocking to me was that
nobody else seemed to have a problem with it. That was when I was
starting to get the notion that I had a problem with authority.
Yeah, maybe it is a “good idea” to have insurance. SO WHAT!!

It’s also a
good idea to save money and not go into debt. It’s also a good idea
to look both ways before crossing the street. I couldn’t help but
laugh when I got my first no insurance ticket and the citation was
for “failure to show proof of financial responsibility." I
was floored! Government is the single most unproductive institution
on the planet. It produces nothing. What it spends it has stolen
from someone else. It continuously has to take more to pay for its
own mistakes. For the government to fine me for financial irresponsibility
is a joke!

When you get
your insurance bill do you think they have just pulled that number
out of the air? Do you think they get it off of a government provided
table of insurance rates? What they do is get as much information
about you as they can, and then they figure the odds. They quantify
how likely you are to have an accident. If they charge you a low
amount, then they are betting that the odds are against you being
in an accident. If they charge you a high amount, they are betting
that the odds favor you being in an accident. Why do you think rates
are higher for young inexperienced drivers and for people who drive

That my friends
is legalized gambling.

And now I see
insurance companies providing a cash incentive not to have a wreck.
What kind of craziness is this? As if that incentive never existed
before. Can’t you see how stupid they think we are? Are you in good
hands? The words “state farm” should send a cold chill down your

3, 2006

James [send him mail]
works in the Odessa, Texas, oilfields.

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