Can’t Attend Our LRC Health and Wealth Conference?

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Can’t Attend Our LRC Health and Wealth Conference?

by Burton S. Blumert by Burton S. Blumert


Don’t despair.

Sure, we’ll be having a great time, getting healthier and wealthier, wishing you were here, but I still want you to help, and a deserving student at the same time.

Here’s the plan.

We have a bunch of terrific kids who would love to attend, but can’t afford the $200. So, if you make a donation to the Center for Libertarian Studies for that amount, you will be providing a scholarship to the conference for a great kid.

For a young mind, this weekend could influence the rest of their lives. 

Wait, there’s more.

You will also receive a VIP package which includes a set of MP3s or CDs of the entire conference, and a surprise gift or two.

You’ll be with us in spirit.

Be a VIP; help LRC, help a student, and listen to the best conference ever.

What website is more important to your life, liberty, and property (and health) than LRC? Please click here to help LRC and a student (please indicate $200 as the donation). And let us know if you want an audio recording of the whole conference, and in what format. Or phone Cathy at 800-325-7257, and she can take your credit card.

Burt Blumert [send him mail] is publisher of, president of the Center for Libertarian Studies, and proprietor of Camino Coin. See Burt’s Gold Page.

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