Adam, atom, Atman

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The time it
takes to pour another drink,
A pitcher falls unnoticed to the ground
Holding in abeyance certain facts:
The car won’t start. A tumor grows unchecked.
The roof leaks. A train careening off its tracks…
A commonplace to say things fall apart;
The mystery’s it all together holds.
Impossible, emergent yet from the start,
What is this spiral looming lyre world?
From hidden groves strategic chessboards play
Out imposed order’s false utility;
Technicians conjure dark & dread new days
Perfect black arts’ violent contingencies.
Cathedrals built dissolve within a breath;
All striving distilled into one wish, death.

19, 2006

Carper [send him mail] is a
graduate student in cello performance at Wichita State University.

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