The Democrats' Impeachment Plans

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in the imperialist and neocon National Review, Byron York

can be expected to be against impeachment of King George the Dubya.
And so he is. But if the Democrats really have assembled the goods
on how Dubya has broken some 26 laws and regulations (I haven’t
read the 350-page document yet), he can scream “leftwing” all he
wants but it won’t stop impeachment proceedings from beginning IF
the Democrats win the House in November.

All the more
reason to get out the vote for the Democrats in November!

For those (like
myself) who oppose King George from the Right, the main reason to
want divided government is to slow down the financial destruction
of the United States a bit. In recent decades the two periods of
slowest growth in the federal government have occurred when we had
divided government in the Reagan years, with a GOP White House and
a Democratic Congress, and in the Clinton years, with a Democratic
White House and GOP Congress. Both parties are evil, but at least
with divided government they spend most of their energy fighting
each other. That’s the best we can hope for in the short term.

A second reason
for wanting divided government would be to hold King George, if
not his minions, accountable for their actions in killing American
soldiers and draining the American treasury in an unconstitutional
and unprovoked war of aggression. Since I guess it’s expecting too
much for Congress to bring charges of treason, I’ll have to be satisfied
with a middle-of-the-road course of impeachment. If the Democrats
really have the balls to do this, the next two years could be tremendous
fun AND bring government growth to a relative halt!

It all seems
to depend on the House. National Journal’s latest roundup
of the races (and they follow this much, much more closely than
I do) shows the Republicans probably holding on to the Senate by
one or two seats. But while they don’t offer a prediction in the
House, they list the 50 seats most likely to change hands in November,
starting with the one MOST likely to change parties, and 40 of the
50 (including all of the top 11) are presently held by Republicans.

My congressman
is a Republican who calls himself a “conservative” but voted to
give King George unconstitutional authority to pursue war at his
whim, and voted to bankrupt Medicare still faster with the prescription
drug plan – the two most destructive votes in the GOP Congress.
I don’t even know who his Democratic opponent is, but I’ll be voting
for that Democrat. It’s the true-conservative thing to do.

My pledge of
allegiance is to the Republic (which, alas, no longer exists), not
to the deceptively misnamed Republicans.

9, 2006

Franke [send him mail]
was one of the founders of the conservative movement in the 1950s
and 1960s, when Democrats and liberals were the ones who believed
in big government, fiscal recklessness, and an imperial presidency.

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