I Am Angry

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Dear Lew, the
Honorable Ron Paul's piece
on why Americans are angry really
stirred me to respond. Mr. Paul's piece speaks about many issues
facing Americans today.

I am a
51-year-old woman. I have been married to the same man since 1976.
I am the secretary/office manager for a small legal firm in the
D.C. suburbs. My husband manages a wine and spirits store. I have
two sons, aged 26 and 22. After realizing it wasn't possible to
support themselves and the government at the same time, both returned
to the nuclear nest. Along with most people in my economic situation,
I believe I am living what is supposed to be the American dream.
I know why I am an angry American. I am frightened because America
isn't the same country it was when I was my children's age. Allow
me to share with you some of the reasons why I am an angry American.

I am angry
because my government has been taken over by liars, thieves, thugs,
deviants, and micromanagers. The propaganda it produces rivals that
of the most fascist dictatorship.

I am angry
that my government perceives my intelligence to be that of a jar
of pickles incapable of making the smallest decision.

I am angry
that my government takes it upon itself to shove its clucking nose
into my pantry, medicine chest, bedroom, family room, doctor's office,
workplace, and everywhere else it thinks I need guidance to keep
me safe from myself.

I am angry
that the will of the American people is ignored on every issue imaginable.
If voting really mattered, it would have been outlawed long ago.

I am angry
that I am called a conspiracy theorist because I dare to think on
my own and question authority and its lies.

I am angry
that the more I read about 9-11 the more it looks like an inside
job that was allowed to happen, enabling the Patriot Act to be conveniently
enacted into law with the ensuing "war on terrah" following
closely on its heels.

I am angry
that the evil puppets in power think laws are created for the peon
masses and it is their right to ignore the ones that get in the
way of their agenda.

I am angry
that the media has sold its soul to the evil forces running the

I am angry
that my "leaders" have taken to calling my country the
"homeland." It reeks of socialism.

I am angry
that my government has invaded yet another sovereign nation and
caused untold death and destruction based on a flimsy lie. I am
expected to believe that weapons of mass destruction threatened
my freedom and then I am told several years and billions of squandered
dollars later that a massive intelligence network got the wrong
information. A select group of businesses profit enormously from
war. When Bush announced his intention to save Iraq from itself
and that its oil would pay for the overthrow of Hussein, I laughed
so hard I nearly choked. I remember the instability in the Middle
East during the 1970s and the gas "shortages" that followed.
I knew which direction gas prices would go. How stupid does Mr.
Bush and his cronies think I am?

I am angry
that the world stands silently by while my government bombs foreign
lands with weapons containing depleted uranium and the news magazines
wonder on their front covers why lung cancer has increased six-fold
in the last year.

I am angry
that Americans accept as gospel the propaganda that is routinely
cranked out of the Washington lie machine. The lies become more
transparent and brazen with each passing year, yet the only thing
that seems to matter in living rooms across America is who will
be the next American Idol.

I am angry
that I am punished with high energy and gas prices and the resulting
inflation because tree-hugging terrorists masquerading as environmentalists
have handcuffed my country's ability to produce its own energy.
It would be easy to tell the Middle East what to do with their oil
if restrictions on exploration and production were lifted in our
own backyard.

I am angry
that I am constantly admonished by minimalists for being a greedy
consumer because I live where I choose, drive the vehicle of my
choice, eat meat, and use tin foil to cover my leftovers.

I am angry
that my life doesn't belong to me anymore.

I am angry
that I am required to obtain permission, fill out mandated paperwork
in quadruplicate, and obtain the correct license or permit for just
about everything imaginable. The tentacles of government are strangling
my freedom, choice, and privacy at an alarming rate. The wrath of
the machine is a constant threat should I dare do anything without
leaving a neon paper trail and of course ignorance of the law is
never an excuse.

I am angry
that property rights are a thing of the past thanks to court-approved
eminent domain theft.

I am angry
that the Constitution is routinely declared irrelevant making it
easier for a fascist police state and new world order to take over.

I am angry
that legislation is in the works that will require me to carry "papers"
to "prove" who I am. Another coming law I will ignore.

I am angry
that my right to own and carry a firearm is drastically regulated
and restricted.

I am angry
every time I see a young person detained on the side of the road
while cops paw through their possessions looking for anything that
could enable them to be arrested and dragged through the criminal
justice system. This has become so commonplace it is now the accepted

I am angry
that roadblocks are set up under the guise of keeping roads free
of drunk drivers. What has happened to my right to travel freely?
Why am I presumed guilty without probable cause? I am afraid to
have a few drinks when I go out to dinner for fear I will be pulled
over and end up in court-ordered drug rehabilitation.

I am angry
when I read stories of Americans terrorized in airports and treated
like common criminals by government minions after they have paid
for the right to travel within a private system, yet pilots are
blocked from carrying firearms.

I am angry
that America has become a nation of busybodies. We are constantly
bombarded with messages to be on the lookout for terrorists around
every corner, report "suspicious activity," and rat on
our neighbor whenever the opportunity presents itself. Is this not
how the Nazis gained control of Germany and then most of Europe?

I am angry
that the government requires me to sign a form every time I purchase
a prescription. Whose business is it that I choose to take a thyroid
medication, an antibiotic, a painkiller, an appetite suppressant,
or any other substance? Am I dying of cancer? Am I facing debilitating
chronic pain? Do I simply want to get HIGH? Heaven forbid someone
out there might get their hands on something that might make them
FEEL GOOD! No substance should be illegal or unobtainable. If a
person wishes to self-medicate, that is their right. The government
should not be in the business of criminalizing personal choices
of any kind as long as those choices don't infringe on another's

I am angry
that my government meddles in the lives of people all over the world
but looks the other way on the catastrophic issue of what to do
about the millions of illegals who have crashed the gates of this
nation. My country's laws are ignored and mocked, yet I am told
I must accept with open arms those who are here illegally. My taxes
are used to educate their children in their native language. Hospitals
are overrun with indigent people seeking medical care. Untaxed dollars
earned in the underground economy are sent to the family back home
while social services here are stretched to the limit. I read job
want ads stating if you aren't bilingual don't bother to apply.
What would happen to me if I placed an ad that said don't bother
to apply if your English isn't understandable? Marches are conducted
in my cities' streets waving their countries' flags as they shamelessly
demand their "rights." I am told they deserve the same
opportunities that brought my forefathers here. I am scolded that
it is un-American to ask why they are not sent home. I am told that
the term "illegal alien" offends them and that they prefer
to be called "undocumented workers" and that my economy
would die without them. I will happily pay more for fruits and vegetables
if it means enforcing sensible immigration laws. But immigration
isn't about the cost of lettuce. It is another facet of an agenda
that is bent on changing the face of America. When America is no
longer a wealthy country of white European descent, it will be a
place worse than anything Orwell could have imagined.

I am angry
that my country is the only nation on earth who declares that a
baby born on its soil is automatically an American citizen.

I am angry
that the thugs that run my country don't have the guts to declare
English my nation's official language.

I am angry
that I have to search a package for English and push a button on
every telephone system and ATM machine to continue in English.

I am angry
that Washington, D.C.'s Metro is now being pressured to replace
every station sign with bilingual verbiage to the tune of millions
of dollars. Are bilingual road signs going to be the next mandated
law of the land? I am currently forced to pay for voting ballots
printed in 15 different languages and my tax dollars pay for interpreter
services for people who are summoned to court for breaking laws.
If English is the international language of the world, why isn't
it good enough to be the official language of the United States?

I am angry
when I am told I am a bigot when I thumb my nose at political correctness.

I am angry
when I wonder whether an expressed belief or opinion could land
me in litigation if someone doesn't like what I said and wants to
silence my voice.

I am angry
that diversity and sensitivity training is being forced on people
whose only crime is to dare to speak freely.

I am angry
that the symbols, customs, and roots of my Judeo-Christian country
are being systematically outlawed because my culture offends newcomers.
When we freely choose to go somewhere, are we not accepting the
customs and cultures of that place? I am weary of being made to
feel guilty for being an American.

And finally,
I am angry that after working my entire adult life, I don't see
retirement in my life's picture. My husband and I earn over a hundred
thousand dollars a year, but by the time we pay federal taxes, state
taxes, social security taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, excise
taxes, energy taxes, telecommunication taxes, savings taxes, fees,
permits, etc., there isn't much left. But please don't think that
I mind supporting every deadbeat and down-and-outer with his hand
out for a piece of my pie that I worked so hard for. I love supporting
the world. After all, it's the American way, isn't it?

5, 2006

Fassanella [send her mail]
was born in Washington, D.C. and resides in Frederick County, Maryland
with her husband and two sons.

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