Truth Is Inconvenient

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Al Gore's movie
An Inconvenient Truth opens nationwide this week. The movie
purports to enlighten the benighted masses about the global calamity
facing humanity as a result of global warming. Unfortunately, for
Al Gore, Truth is Inconvenient because as we get closer to the truth
about global warming it will be inconvenient that his "truth"
will be revealed as a mendacious distortion of unrelated scientific
facts. The Gore program for socialism, which has lost repeatedly
in the polling place, now seeks victory through hysteria via worldwide
U.N. mediated regulation, and that is An Inconvenient Truth.

Really scary
images and wild assertions can be found at this
. What will be lacking is hard science because by virtue
of being hard it is not very popular, is not conducive to simplification,
does not provide vivid gut-wrenching imagery and is veiled in difficult
mathematical formulas, concepts and reams of numerical data.

The climatological
record based upon observation is about 150 years duration, which
for a planet of some 4.5 billion years of age is a statistically
meaningless sampling period. Nothing can be extrapolated from this
data other than its uselessness. Don't believe me, ask your friendly
neighborhood actuary about the veracity of my statement.

dynamics is a subject of such complexity that any "expert"
will readily admit that all of the models are no good; that is,
they have little to no predictive value (that's why the weather
man is wrong so often). These dynamics are governed by the Navier-Stokes
equation which cannot be solved, as a system of non-linear partial
differential equations, the solution of which required boundary
and initial value constraints that cannot be evaluated. Additional
and complicating factors are high dimensional systems of chemical
kinetics that interact (perturb) the pressure and density terms
of the Navier-Stokes system. Not to be forgotten is the effect of
radiation transfer from the Sun, as well as, radiative re-emission
by the planet and its gaseous envelope. All of these "models"
require extensive simplification such that they no longer represent
the systems they purport to model. Unfortunately, only a trained
mathematician or physicist will recognize these limitations and

We live on
a decent-sized planet with a large atmosphere, and the amount of
carbon man can pump into it is trivial compared to the natural sources:
biomass decomposition, animal flatulence, undersea vents, surface
hot spots like Yellowstone, volcanic eruption and soil out-gassing
to name a few of the sources that have been studied. There are many
Internet sites that abound with data on these assertions.

We also live
reasonably close to the Sun, which provides virtually all the energy
mankind and the planet has. It would be a vast oversimplification
to assert that this fusion reactor has a constant output over time.
The space weather link provides
continuous monitoring of multi-spectral data that demonstrates that
this is not in fact the case as solar output is spectacularly dynamic.

Those that
have taken freshman chemistry will remember Le
Chatelier's Equilibrium
and that it has a powerful effect on
this system. The Earth's oceans provide a massive CO2 buffering
system such that the atmospheric ocean system exchanges CO2 continuously
in copious amounts that will minimize concentration fluctuations

In the 1970's
Dr. Ralph
(University of Michigan) was widely promulgating a
theory that ozone holes from Freon-based refrigerants were pummeling
mankind with ultraviolet radiation due to questionable fluorocarbon
chemistry and its subsequent extrapolation was massive skin cancer
for mankind. It was clear that by the early nineties his predictions
were grossly wrong. I heard the man speak first hand, and as a freshman
could find the flaws in his analysis, but he retained funding for
years in spite of being grossly wrong. Subsequent research determined
that holes were natural, regular and harmless.

The planet
may be getting hotter, it may be getting colder. Some regions of
the planet may be getting hotter while others get colder (also known
as seasons), but none of these theories can model any of it with
any accuracy. Even the experts admit this in the terse mathematics
of their published papers, but never when requesting grant funding.

The Inconvenient
Truth is that Al Gore has assembled a team of statist academicians
to promulgate his theme. The theme so strongly rejected by voters
of the last quarter century at the polls, an overwhelming NO
to socialism. Every expert he brings forth in this evidentiary proceeding
is on the tax payer's dole, either directly like NASA employees,
or indirectly as recipients of NSF grants for research. As such
they should be treated as scoundrels selling snake oil under the
legalistic façade of academic respectability.

Physics is a growth industry but only for those that sing the proper
tune and in the proper key: the proverbial sky is falling and only
bold, massive government and inter-governmental regulation and expensive
"investments" (paid for by the taxpayer) can save the
world. Al Gore is a lifelong politician who has never held a job,
the son of a politician, who has unfailingly played the role of
Chicken Little (in a public policy frame of mind) his entire adult
life. This movie is a just another shameless, self-promoting, dishonest
and mendacious attempt at securing more taxpayers dollars which
at best will squander billions on science without results (think
star wars) or possibly a cruel lie that will lead to the death of
millions through environmental mismanagement at its worst. Now that
is an Inconvenient Truth.

7, 2006

Giles [send him mail] is
an independent thinker and writer in Nashville, Tennessee. He took
graduate course work in Atmospheric Physics under the Alabama State

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