More State Hypocrisy

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The summer
driving season is just around the corner, and the kept media are
dutifully reminding us how much more pricey it will be, and of course
who to blame. The talk is centered on "high gasoline prices,"
"gouging" and other such nonsense. The topics are glossed
over, naturally, with no one bothering to investigate root causes
and their effects. As the Congress scrambles and plots to once again
hamper the functioning of the market, I notice something curious.

Whenever I
happen to spot a vehicle idling for more than say, five minutes,
invariably it is a government vehicle. And I don't just mean diesel-powered
either (ambulances, etc.). Perhaps you have noticed this in your
city or town as well.

I have the
misfortune of living down the block from an esteemed NYC councilor
who recently ran for mayor. Outside his apartment building are two
Chevy Suburban SUV's (fully armored, I assume as part of his u2018security
detail') each with two security people in them. I have observed
them idling there, on more than a few occasions, for longer than
two hours. On my daily walk to work I encounter at least
one or two other vehicles (most often NYPD cars) parked, and idling
away. The NYPD has a new "show of force" display that
they go through across from the old WTC site. Maybe you saw it recently
on "60 Minutes." I walk past this every morning, and while
not all the police cars are idling, out of the fifty-plus vehicles
that are there, many are. Add to this the scores of diplomat vehicles
(courtesy the US taxpayer) that I see here on the East Side, idling
away waiting for their UN busybodies to finish doing whatever it
is that they do.

Among the "legislators"
who are currently agitating for more government control of the energy
markets, (and also a virtual break up of the largest oil companies)
is none other than New York's own, Senator Chuck Schumer. His duplicity
is truly amazing. While he grandstands at Manhattan gas stations
with his threatening language, he of course fails to mention that
New Yorkers pay the highest gas taxes in the nation, at a whopping
$0.679 per gallon (American Petroleum Institute). He then talks
of subpoenaing top oil company executives and opening up their books.
This coming from a man who has spent not a single day of his adult
life in the private sector. I could go on and on. And when he has
finished spewing his anti-market rhetoric, he will be whisked away
to his taxpayer-provided car and security car(s), no doubt idling
away in the background.

So while the
government browbeats the public about conservation and other such
nonsense to "conserve energy," its agents seem to do as
they please. "Do as I say, not as I do" is the order of
the day, I guess. What a bunch of lying hypocrites. Gary North is
right. National Politics is truly hopeless.

3, 2006

Stewart [send him mail] writes
to us from New York City.

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