The Price We'll Pay for Countenancing Presidential Omnipotence

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I suppose now
that President Bush has limitless power, a.k.a., the power of
God, the rest of us must cower before his countenance? Voters
and Congress permitted the President to circumvent the U.S. Constitution
for that omnipotent power, and of course we’re all paying for that
decision now – with compounded interest.

George Walker
Bush is a man who acknowledges the aspect of that potent power yet
dismisses several of God’s other assets – compassion, humility,
truthfulness and kindness to all creatures.

After the tragedies
of 9/11 the Bush administration, based on false or misleading intelligence
and with the approval of Congress and the American people, began
to wage a "Holy War" on terrorism. We did so against the
advice and feelings of many world nations. The administration has
created havoc in the Middle East at the cost of thousands of Iraqi
and American lives, including those of many civilians.

In truth, America,
"the land of the free and the brave," has become "the
loathsome and the feared." We have scalded the hands of our
friends, while perpetrating wars and violent acts against those
with whom we disagree. The democracy of our forefathers lies in
shambles, while our leaders plot an assault on other adversaries.
Will the Bush administration ride on to smite the infidels of
Iran? Only time will tell.

History informs
us that the Christian Crusades lasted almost two hundred years,
from 1095 until 1291. Pope Urban II was responsible for assisting
Emperor Alexus I of Constantinople in launching the first crusade.
He made one of several influential speeches calling on the Christian
princes in Europe to go on a crusade to "rescue" the Holy
Land from the Turks. Were the Crusades successful?

According to
Williston Walker, et al., A
History of the Christian Church
, 4th ed. (New York, Charles
Scribner’s Sons) p. 284,

Viewed in
the light of their original purpose, the Crusades were failures.
They made no permanent conquests of the Holy Land. They did not
retard the advance of Islam. Far from aiding the Eastern Empire,
they hastened its disintegration. They also revealed the continuing
inability of Latin Christians to understand Greek Christians and
they hardened the schism between them. They fostered a harsh intolerance
between Muslims and Christians, where before there had been a
measure of mutual respect. They were marked, and marred, by a
recrudescence of anti-Semitism…."

humans have difficulty learning from their history lessons. The
ground rules have again been set for another Holy Crusade that may
take generations to resolve in a peaceful manner. Already the repercussions
of our folly caused by invading Iraq are creating a U.S. nation
split and tarnished. Almost completely we are living under a corporate/military
oligarchic government. Currently our leaders are contemplating another
Holy Crusade into Iran. Our Constitution is in jeopardy and our
leadership is evolving rapidly – or, according to the "theory"
of Intelligent Design, "emerging" into a Despotic Monarchy.
Our King George, as did many monarchs before him, has embarked on
a tragic path. It will fail as assuredly as did the Crusades many
years ago.

American voters
would do well to learn their history lessons quickly, before the
democratic government they have long held in esteem has gone the
way of the dinosaur. We do not want generations of American children
learning about our lost democratic heritage via word-of-mouth from
community storytellers.

22, 2006

Stern of Driftwood, TX [send
him mail
], a former Director of Information Services, university
professor and public school administrator, is a political writer
well-known and published frequently throughout the Texas community
and nationwide. He is a Vietnam-era disabled veteran and holds three
post-graduate degrees.

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