'War' in Iraq/'War' on AIDS: Same Rhetoric/Same Results

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A year and
a half ago, the following customer review of my
biography of Peter Duesberg
appeared on Amazon.

An exact
analogy (
August 29, 2004)

"A number
of people have commented here on the similarities between the War
on AIDS and the War on Terror. As I learned from the crisp and clear
explanatory prose in this book, the Bush presidency and its War
on Terror are, in fact, excellent analogies to the HIV/AIDS hypothesis.

Both have been
obvious total disasters in terms of practical results. Both are
supported by fear, economic and social special interests, shifting-sands
rationales, bad data, rhetoric spiced with religious fervor, outright
deceptions and worse. Both are rooted in over-specified phantom
boogeymen, a harmless virus and a perhaps not so harmless, but certainly
elusive Osama, and his Fu Manchu-like shadowy network of (I’ll kill
ya!) Al Qaeda.

And yet, 50%
of the electorate swallow the War on Terror and even want more,
according to the omnipresent polls that should be heavily regulated,
or perhaps outlawed since they clearly influence what they are supposed
to neutrally report, like poorly designed experiments in biology.
With the virus-AIDS hypothesis, it’s worse, an overwhelming majority
swallow it, and many to suicidal consequences."

Today, the
US Ambassador to the “free and democratic republic of Iraq” gave
this assessment:

“Despite much
progress, much work remains,” U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and
Gen. George W. Casey, Jr. said in a joint statement. “The legitimate
security forces must quell sectarian violence. Population centers
must be secure to allow Iraq’s new institutions to take root and
businesses to flourish. Finally, the people must be able to trust
their leadership.”

Progress? O,
Saddam is gone, one tends to forget. And Tony Fauci and his gang
at the NIH have ARVs. But, really, what remains to be done seems
an awful lot and does give the lie to the first bold but empty assertion.

I am constantly
amazed that the conservative right, which appears to embrace HIV/AIDS
criticism more easily than the left does not see this, and even
more amazed that the left, which does indeed see through the soiled,
tissue paper Washington writes its policies on, cannot see it either.

The Bush administration
perverted what might have been a legitimate "war on terrorism"
into a misguided, wasteful and dangerous invasion and occupation
very much like the "war on AIDS," which should have been
part of the "war on drugs" in the US and a "war on
poverty" in Africa, became turned into a war on HIV, to the
exclusive benefit of a variety of vested interests at the expense
of the truth.

is worth remembering that in both cases the chief device that was
employed to lower the bar of proof sufficient for the pig to fly
was terror itself.

10, 2006

Bialy, PhD [send him mail]
is resident scholar at the Institute of Biotechnology of the National
University of Mexico, Cuernavaca, Mexico. He is the author of Oncogenes,
Aneuploidy and AIDS: A Scientific Life & Times of Peter H. Duesberg

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