A Stone in the Lake

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week’s Operation Swarmer was ballyhooed as the largest U.S. combat
air operation in Iraq since 2003. Designed to take the Iraqi insurgents
by surprise and wipe out the obstacle to peace in Iraq. (Seems I
have heard that line before.)

a succession of military and civilian bureaucrats, Washington has
spent three years trying to impose its blueprint upon an increasingly
resistant Iraqi population. The world’s most expensive military
has been deployed to try to force political change and define the
boundaries of a conflict which knows no boundaries. After three
years, Washington is farther than ever from its illegal goals. Take
Operation Swarmer.

50 transport and assault helicopters and 20 tactical vehicles ferrying
1,500 U.S. and Iraqi troops, the force set off for an "insurgent
stronghold." According to Lt. Colonel Edward Loomis of the
101st Airborne, "We believe we achieved tactical
surprise." Yet, apparently nobody was home when they arrived.
According to reports of the operation "No resistance and no
casualties were reported." The 1,500 Swarmers nabbed a whopping
"40 suspects…10 of whom were later released." (MSNBC.com
March 17, 2006) Undoubtedly, the release of the remaining suspects
will quietly follow. All in a day’s work in Iraq.

Swarmer is a symptom of U.S. failure in Iraq. Our entire invasion
and occupation has been like throwing a stone into a lake. There
is a splash, followed by some ripples, before everything returns
to its natural level…and the stone sits uselessly at the bottom
of the lake surrounded by water.

Administration deluded itself into believing that our military could
forcibly transform a nation of millions into their compliant lap
dogs. Three years ago the Administration deluded many Americans
into believing the same fable, but the public has seen enough and
is no longer the dupe.

has tied his approval ratings to the results of his policies in
Iraq and both are sinking like a stone. When the ripples of our
military occupation subside Iraq will return to its natural level
and we will be sitting at the bottom of the lake wondering how we
got there.

23, 2006

M. Peters [send him mail]
is a practicing attorney in Michigan.

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