The Tyranny of Security

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Chicago Mayor
Richard Daley supports the wacky idea of Chicago Alderman Ray Suarez
that calls for cameras to be installed in every "licensed"
business in Chicago that operates for 12 hours or more a day. The
cost will be borne by business, further harming the private sector.
The businesses apparently have no say in the matter unless they
combine to shout down this idea hatched in the mind of a buffoon.
Businesses will probably bend over to the dictates of fools, leaving
employees and customers to foot the bill through lost jobs, increased
costs, and tax hikes.

Mayor Richard
Daley is the latest in the cabal of politicians inciting the herd
to its lowest emotion: fear. He told the press of his awe of cameras.
Daley said to the Chicago Sun-Times: “Block clubs, community
organizations want cameras. … They can’t walk down the street.
… Their kids have to go around a corner away from the gang-bangers.
You can’t walk to church. You can’t get on the CTA. … Cameras
really prevent much crime. Cameras also solve a lot of crime. The
terrorist attacks in London were solved by cameras. The whole incident
was solved by cameras.” Of course, cameras do not solve anything.
Daley doesn't know that. His statement is a jumble of contradiction,
obfuscation, and ignorance. He will go far in American politics.

Security is
the ideological lynchpin of the American Global Empire and its Total
State. It trumps liberty or property. Security is a requisite for
tyranny. Fear incites the herd's hunger for security. Fear is provoked
by the State that ultimately, and solely, benefits from the desire
of the people to be secure, safe, and risk-free. When people are
coaxed into a state of continual suspicion and fear, their desire
for liberty subsides because freedom is presumed to be more theoretical.
Politicians now tell us that we live in different times calling
for different measures to protect us. Whenever they say something
like that, rest assured that your liberty, property, or money will
disappear down the rat-hole of Congress. To the herd, liberty is
a vague set of statements issued long ago by strange men in powdered

Security is
real and tangible. It fits the nastiness inherent in democracy by
reducing all citizens to a single body in need of protection by
civil authorities. We are all equally sullen and shoeless in this
environment of government-given security. Usually people hear this
sort of nonsense: Freedom is all well and good but when you have
people who hate our way of life wanting to destroy us then you have
to sacrifice freedom for more security. Again, after those words
ooze from a politician's lips, expect to be lighter in money, property,
and liberty.

The desire
for security provokes anonymous callers to the myriad hotlines of
government warning of neighbors who seem not right, not quite American.
Security federalizes tens of millions of lack-witted snoops to become
patriots prying into others' affairs. The lust for security builds
the culture of squealing into a fine art. Government agents refine
the art further in secret prisons with the latest advances in gross

Security though
is the lie built on contradiction. The government tells us security
is working because it exposed and defeated various, vague "threats."
Dossiers on thousands of evil-doers percolate through the computers
of countless agencies. Armies of sniffers await orders to pry further
into the private affairs of innocent men and women. To make an omelet
one must break some eggs, for the recipe to the Global Total State
requires the breaking of all our liberties.

The Total State
grows on the broken shells of our liberty, but for the State enough
is never enough. While touting the fabulous secret record of battling
illusory terrorists throughout the land, the State preaches caution.
The job is not yet done. The obscure threats will last as long as
the State enjoys stripping us of liberty, which is forever. That
is the contradiction. The State tells us it can protect us and keep
us secure, but we are never in this state of security for there
is always one more threat, one more bogeyman on the horizon. If
he isn't real, the US government will help create him through mirrors
and the media. Over time, like the battered child or spouse, the
people of America become shell-shocked and weary, making easy pickings
for the government stooges in Congress and White House to chip away
at what remains of our liberties. We no longer become free men,
but creatures like those found in totalitarian nations; men who
are fretful, suspicious, anxious… and enslaved. It could well be
called the Battered Sheeple Syndrome.

The State is
unnecessary to our safety. Free men create their own security when
necessary. Knowing that risks cannot be eliminated in full, free
men balance security with liberty, knowing that the sorrow or discomfort
of one or a group is less important than the preservation of liberty,
property, and opportunity for all. The example of David Crockett
at this link
is instructive. Liberty, property, wealth are not the State's to
give, no matter how noble the cause may seem. The result over time
is worse than the ill the State attempts to cure. Always, without

Free men have
little need for a nanny State promising a safety that compromises
liberty. In the long run, the State's concept of security is an
electric fence around the herd once known as citizens, in a pen
once known as a constitutional republic.

In a constitutional
republic, security is addressed by the common defense of armed citizens.
In our democratic Total State, security can only be addressed by
the expansion of the policing function of the State. The former
requires a strong Second Amendment and an armed citizenry. The latter
fears the Second Amendment and an armed populace.

The former
is exemplified by Patrick Henry, who proclaimed, "Give me liberty
or give me death!" The latter is expressed in nearly every
politician who infects the body politic. These odious little men
and women demand, "Give me your liberty and I'll give you security."
Security is the manure of the State. We get security; they take
our liberty. In this malodorous cesspool the vines of our slavery
grow and strangle us.

Liberty is
beyond the scope of government to bestow. It is an inherent gift
in the human soul, given by God and irrevocable by the State. This
gift is naturally mitigated by prudence and other virtues that prevent
liberty from becoming a licentious display of pride, arrogance,
and filth. Constitutions can encourage liberty to one degree or
another, but they cannot add to or detract from this divinely-given
human quality. No matter how vigorously the State suppresses liberty,
oppressive governments cannot eliminate it, nor can they expand
it. The State can only beat men down until they're afraid of their
own shadow and who squeal in fear of any forbidden thought of freedom.
Liberty is a given state in the human soul. Use it or it will be
taken. It can be suppressed, but never destroyed.

2, 2006

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