The Freedom Channel

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A cable TV
channel devoted to freedom, that’s what we need. It’s the only indisputable
way to get the message of this and other websites to the mesmerized
masses who spend eight hours a day in front of the tube. We already
have the Golf Channel, Black Entertainment Television, and the Romance
Novel Channel (Lifetime) — so why not the Freedom Channel?

Somehow, it
must be accomplished. There was a piece this past weekend on the
CBS Sunday Morning show about the founder of BET, Bob Johnson,
who sold the company to Viacom for $3 billion five years ago. Apparently
he started the cable channel with $500,000 of borrowed money. This
is a substantial sum, and in today’s money and with today’s presumed
higher cost of entry into cable TV, it would doubtless require more
dollars, but the Freedom Channel can be — and has to be — created.
Someone with the knowledge and connections needs to come forward
and begin this effort.

There simply
must be an alternative to the History Channel, Fox News and the
worthless “Big 3″ network news broadcasts. On these channels, there
is never a negative word about Lincoln or FDR, or that according
to the Constitution, the current President has overstepped his authority.
“Scientific” tests always prove that Oswald killed JFK alone. No
one ever wonders aloud that maybe the public schools are not such
a great thing, or that the Constitution says nothing about government
regulation of drugs.

The internet
and sites like this one are valuable and important, but they cannot
begin to approach the power and significance that the Freedom Channel
would have. Ordinary, clueless folks would flip through their channels
as they always do, and one day they’d see and hear someone stating
that “labor unions keep wages artificially high and cause unemployment.”
Some of them would start screaming and cursing, but I’ll bet dollars
to doughnuts (both being essentially nothing but empty calories)
that most would continue watching. Some viewers might even learn

Think of it!
Your Morning with Mises… Rothbardian Retrospective… Letters
to Lew…. Of course, there would be the semi-alliterative Freedom
Nightly News, history specials that would present “alternate” versions
of our entry into WWI and the like, and What The Constitution Really
Says. Imagine the impact of such a freedom-oriented channel!

I know virtually
nothing about the cable television industry, but it’s obvious that
the hurdles are many. Cable operators would be scared to death of
irritating their government regulators. The backlash toward such
a mass infusion of new ideas could be enormous. The simple concept
of “more liberty, less government,” broadcast on a regular basis,
might make the established order shake with fear, and react harshly
and impulsively (especially after the theatrical release of V
for Vendetta
in a few weeks).

Perhaps satellite
radio would be a necessary first step; programming could be provided
to that emerging medium free of charge. The libertarian community
could start by recording simple readings of some of the articles
on this website, and forwarding them to XM or Sirius. This would
cost nothing but time, and I’d expect that volunteers for this purpose
would be abundant.

So who will
make The Freedom Channel happen? Who? You must be out there! You

28, 2006

S. Fischer has worked in various fields.

S. Fischer

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