Why You Should Support LewRockwell.com

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During this holiday season, like all previous holiday seasons that I can remember, there is no shortage of individuals and groups who want your money. And who can forget that the state still demands its share of your income in the form of the taxes.

Why, then, would I tell you that you should channel some of your money into supporting LewRockwell.com? Is it not free to view LewRockwell.com from any computer that has a modem, an Internet connection, and a browser? Yes it is, and that is precisely why LewRockwell.com needs your support. There are no paid subscribers. There are no grants from the Ford Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I would like to briefly address four questions:

  • Who should support LewRockwell.com?
  • Why should they support LewRockwell.com?
  • How should they support LewRockwell.com?
  • When should they support LewRockwell.com?

No one connected with this website expects or requests that everyone who views the site make a donation. Obviously, we want every person in every country to visit the site every day, as no password or subscription is required. Who, then, should support LewRockwell.com? The question implies that perhaps there are some people who would never be asked or expected to contribute. This would include those who stumble across this site while surfing the Web, those who come to the site because of a Google search, those who regularly write for LewRockwell.com and already support this site with their time, and those who occasionally read some articles. This leaves the regular reader of LewRockwell.com — probably you reading this right now.

So, given that it is regular readers of this website that ought to be supporting it, the next question to be answered is “Why?” We realize that every dollar spent on LewRockwell.com is one dollar less that can be spent somewhere else. So what is it about LewRockwell.com that makes it worthy of your support? The publisher of LewRockwell.com makes these claims:

  • This is the best-read, most influential libertarian site in the world.
  • Freedom’s clear and consistent voice.
  • LRC is a powerful community for liberty and against all the depredations of the state, now and in the past.

I am sure that most regular readers of LewRockwell.com would agree with this assessment. I would only add this: Besides the articles by Lew Rockwell himself (which alone would make the site worthwhile), where else are you going to find articles by Thomas DiLorenzo on the Lincoln cult, Paul Gottfried on conservatives and neoconservatives, Michael Rozeff on the evil state, Bill Sardi on medicine, Stephan Kinsella on libertarianism, Brad Edmonds on food, Ron Paul on Congress, Robert Higgs on the warfare state, John Lott on gun control, Karen Kwiatkowski on the Pentagon, Thomas Woods on politically incorrect American history, James Bovard on the government, Michael Gaddy on war, and Gary North on everything — plus links to outstanding articles on economics from the Mises Institute?

Okay, we know that you are probably one who should support LewRockwell.com and we know why you should support LewRockwell.com — How can you do it? If you live near Burlingame, California, or its environs, you can make a cash donation, write a check, drop off a money order, or donate by credit card at the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame. Since he is the proprietor of Camino Coin, I am sure that Burton Blumert, the president of the Center for Libertarian Studies, will accept gold in lieu of cash. But since you probably don’t live anywhere near there, the publisher has made it easy to donate online directly, or through PayPal. If you’re still squeamish about using your credit card online, you can phone in your donation to 800-325-7257 or fax it to 650-401-5530. If you prefer to donate by mail, you can send your check, money order, or credit card information to the Center for Libertarian Studies, 851 Burlway, Suite 202, Burlingame, CA 94010. State that your donation is for LewRockwell.com.

Donations in any amount are appreciated. And yes, all contributions are tax-deductible.

An additional way to support LewRockwell.com is to purchase books from Amazon that are linked to from this site.

And finally, when should you support LewRockwell.com? The time is now. Smears against Lew Rockwell and LewRockwell.com by big-government conservatives, crazed neoconservatives, warmongering evangelical Christians, bloodthirsty liberventionists, and regime libertarians are at an all time high. Don’t wait until next Christmas. Will your donation build a vacation home for Lew Rockwell? Hardly. I don’t think he ever takes a vacation anyway, although he probably should. He honestly loves his job — ask him.

To those who don’t think that LewRockwell.com is worthy of your support: Don’t complain about this article — just keep your wallet in your pocket and, of course, continue reading.

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