America's Catastrophic Dilemma

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America now
faces a catastrophic dilemma in Bush’s World War Against the Muslim
World, and its occupation of the heartland of that world, the Persian
Gulf region. The U.S. will suffer great losses if it continues this
policy and great losses if it ends them. The U.S. can continue to
invade, occupy and otherwise control (through proxy regimes) the
Muslim World to control their oil and, thereby, unintentionally
feed the vast “blowback” the U.S. has already created, a raging,
soaring firestorm of Muslim Rebirth aimed (as Muslims see it) at
ending the American rule of their world and planned destruction
of Islam. The U.S. could only “win” this war by bankrupting itself
and turning the world permanently against itself. Or the U.S. can
withdraw from all of its vast military bases in the Muslim World,
end its vast wars against Muslim nations, and end its support for
its pseudo-Muslim proxy police states, thereby ending its vast feeding
of the Rebirth of Islam movements, but also ending direct control
over the oil. No halfway measures are possible. If the U.S. withdraws
partially, that will be seen as weakness and the Muslim Revolution
Against the American Threat will soar faster. No American “New Initiative”
is possible in the Muslim World because the U.S. is now seen as
The Great Satan incarnate by almost all Muslims, an evil force that
is absolutely bent on destroying Islam by force and by pop-culture
and bribes.

Each of the
horns of this dilemma presents some awful prospects. The rational
decision maker would be concerned with trying to see which looks
less catastrophic. It is not at all clear that Bush et al., will
make their decisions for the future of America and the world on
any rational basis. They are desperate not to suffer the awful wound
to their vanity of “losing a war.” But it is vitally important for
Americans to try to see through all the lies and real complexities
of the situation and recognize that there are now only these two
very broad choices in the awful dilemma Bush et al. have unintentionally
created for us.

Over the past
half century the U.S. has paid for and helped in every way the Muslim
World, from North Africa to Indonesia, to control and milk the vast
wealth of Muslim states, especially their oil wealth. The U.S. has
invaded and occupied two of the largest Muslim states, Iraq and
Afghanistan. The U.S. has also built massive military bases throughout
the oil-rich Persian Gulf and is now doing so in the oil-rich Central

This presents
any intelligent Muslim among this vast nation of nearly one and
a half billion people with a simple choice. One, he can go along
with the American Imperial Tyranny which rules over almost all Muslims
to get ahead personally and help modernize the Muslim World, thereby
giving him and all Muslims a chance for a more prosperous life,
but also feel as if he is losing his soul as a Muslim one little
step at a time. Or, two, he can try to reverse this half-century
of increasingly oppressive and tyrannical American rule over the
Muslim World by becoming part of the vast and soaring Born-Again
Muslim Community, stigmatized as “Jihadism.”

This is a
soul-wrenching choice. It would appear that somewhat more than half
of them, varying from one nation to another, have already chosen
to forsake the path to what they see as loss of their souls. They
are profoundly anti-American now, probably around eighty percent
or more of them. Hundreds of millions already have “returned to
their roots,” opting for one of the ever-more radically Islamized
movements. Palestine, Lebanon, and Iran were the first nations to
do this massively numbers. Young Iranians more recently started
moving away from the extremes of the Jihadist mullahs, but the American
invasion and annihilation and occupation of Muslim nations has totally
reversed this drift. Even Pakistan and Iraq, among the most secularized
and Westernized Muslim nations, have become extremely radical Muslim
nations in just a few years. This is a remarkably rapid change.
It seems very likely that the continued American occupation or other
control of their nations through tyrannical proxies will now rapidly
convince almost everyone to become radically Islamist and radically
anti-American. Al-Queda is now only one of the exploding number
of Holy Warrior groups dedicated to attacking America and they are
quietly supported by hundreds of millions of Muslims who see them
as their Saviors.

My own guesstimate
of the situation is that America would be safer economically in
the short run by continuing its losing wars, but this would guarantee
a long-run catastrophe for us and the world. The guerilla armies
are still in their infancy, have barely begun to attack us and will
soon master the use of low-tech weapons of mass destruction that
are readily available and easy to deliver. I think the rational
choice is to get out of the region, and try to make amends with
all of the Muslim World, just as we should avoid terrible wars with
China, Russia, Europe, and all other significant nations out of
simple self-interest.

relations with all nations, as George Washington said, are in our
best interest. The Muslim World was overwhelmingly in love with
America until Big Oil and the corrupt Republicrats started imposing
proxy totalitarian regimes on them. But my guess is that Americans
will not see the simple, rational choice that faces them and will
unknowingly choose the path to catastrophe, just as they have been
doing for the past half century.

The most
ignorant and hate-filled Americans put it very simply. “Stay the
course!” They will probably wake up as they are going off the cliff
and wonder in amazement, “How in the world did this happen to us?”
That’s what they did in Vietnam. That’s what they are doing financially,
happily digging an immense hole of debt and financial imbalances

are beginning to realize that they cannot “win” the war in Iraq
at any cost they are willing to bear. They will likely demand a
“pull-out” from Iraq in the coming months, hoping this will end
the soaring Muslim mobilization against America worldwide. But it
will not. It will simply make obvious the fact that the guerilla
armies can defeat the U.S. just as they defeated the Soviet “Superpower,”
while the continued occupation of the Persian Gulf and support for
the proxy police states will lead to a soaring hatred of America
and support for the guerilla armies.

could not even defeat the small nation of communist Vietnam. It
is losing its vast war against the tiny guerilla armies of the tiny
Sunni nation in Iraq. It cannot possibly win a World War against
an immense, mobilizing Muslim World that now sees America as hell-bent
on destroying Islam.

28, 2005

D. Douglas [send him mail]
is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California
at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human
beings, most notably The
Myth of the Welfare State

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