Creeping Neo-Fascism

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IV, the Bill Of Rights of the US Constitution:

“The right
of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not
be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by Oath of affirmation, and particularly describing
the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Tyranny comes
on gentle cat’s paws. The fiery Spirit of Freedom must wither away
within a once free people before it can be “transcended” by the
opportunistic demands for “Security.” All tyrannical regimes begin
their encroachments upon the liberties of the people in darkest
secrecy and one small step at a time. Free people will not be stampeded
into forsaking their precious freedoms, but they can be lured and
coaxed and lied into drifting one fatal step at a time into the
iron cage of tyranny, especially when they are terrorized in times
of warfare or other calamities. But after many years of growing
accustomed to the new definitions of ancient laws, the lies about
“protecting freedom” by eliminating it, and the other pains of the
iron cage, the secret tyrants become more open in taking greater
leaps into “The New Freedoms” and “The New Security Measures” which
hide the iron cage from the more ignorant. This is the fateful moment
for any people. If they do not immediately recoil in vast outrage
against the more blatant usurpations, they are lost and begin the
fatal plunge into despotism now hidden only by the incessant propaganda
campaigns from Big Brother about the Evil Ones threatening to take
over the world and seeking to destroy their way of life.

This was true
in the time of Peisistratus in Ancient Greece, in Rome in the century
of the tortured death of the “res publica” (The Spirit of the Republic)
and the rise of the Caesars, and in the modern seductions of the
peoples of Russia and Italy and Germany into their iron cages by
the communists and the fascists and the fascist Nazis.

We Americans
have been lured and lied and terrorized into periods of totally
secret tyranny many times, beginning in the Civil War, and ever
more rapidly and fatally in each war since then. The pattern is
very obvious.

secretly usurp powers to fight wars. After the wars the people discover
the tyrannical usurpations and try to root them out, but each bout
of tyranny leaves their Spirit of Freedom and their other defenses
against tyranny weaker. Some of the tyrannical measures become redefined
as “necessary” for “national security in the modern world” and are
left in place and quasi-legalized by fictitious additions of legislation
to the Constitution which are themselves hidden acts of tyranny
(since The Constitution to which our ancestors agreed allows only
Amendments to change it, a fact denied by the tyrannical usurpers
of The Constitution). We have been drifting ever faster into an
utterly immense totalitarian police state which is the exact opposite
of everything The Constitution was enacted to prevent (though no
one at that time could even imagine the immense secret police powers
the U.S. government now asserts over us and the entire world). We
drift by a ratchet-up pattern: two steps into tyranny, one back
and one pseudo-legalized; two steps into tyranny, one back and…on
and on ever faster we rush into the iron cage as our new tyrants
wrapped in the pseudo-Constitution launch new wars that create new
terrors which they assert demand new tyrannical measures for national

We have now
arrived at our fateful encounter with the bald face of total and
blatant tyranny disguised only by the absurd lies about “the necessities
of National Security.” We old Americans lived through the tyrannical
wars of Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton
and now Bush II, none of which were authorized by Congressional
Declarations of War, the only way a war can be legitimized by The
Constitution. (Ford and Carter were licking the wounds of the awful
defeat of the U.S. in Vietnam, not launching great new “Wars of
Liberation to make the world safe for Democracy.”) We have seen
over and over again after many years of total secrecy that the U.S.
secret police armies have grown ever more rapidly and usurped ever
more powers. We have discovered to our dismay that we have been
lied to over and over again to lure us into disastrous and ruinous
wars used to justify ever more tyrannous usurpations. Each discovery
led us to break out in vast outrage, as we did in the 1970’s after
discovering the vast secret tyrannies of the FBI, CIA, DOD Special
Ops, DIA, and all the other secret police and military armies. We
even forced Nixon to resign in utter disgrace over some of his most
extreme and clownish tyrannies known as “Watergate,” though almost
all the vast tyrannies were perpetrated by the FBI, CIA, SS, DEA,
and other secret police, not the tiny group of ex-secret police
in the White House known as The Plumbers. Our outrage and demands
led to new laws and cutbacks…but not to any significant dismantling
of the secret police state in America. The CIA immediately launched
a worldwide, secret program of “going off book” to hide even from
the Senate overseers which continues to this day.

Bush I started
the blatant attacks and annihilations of other states to put in
place regimes which would “play ball” with him behind a Veil of
Democracy. The earlier piecemeal and temporary invasions of Latin
American countries over a whole century were transcended by the
secret, total Air, Land, Sea invasion and annihilation of the Noriega
Regime in Panama. Clinton annihilated the forces of Serbia and brought
the people to the point of total starvation and death by disease
by destroying their infrastructure. He continued this policy started
by Bush I in Iraq. The U.S. secret overthrow of governments in the
Muslim World which began under Truman in Iran and the occupation
of Arab lands, especially Saudi Arabia, led to the attacks by Arab
guerillas on 9/11. Bush II, Cheney and Rumsfeld (from the Nixon
tyranny), and all of those who had been secretly developing a plan
of permanent global empire for the U.S. in Rumsfeld’s DOD, immediately
started invading and annihilating Arab nations to put in place the
usual puppet regimes wrapped in an absurd veil of pseudo-democracy.
Most of the American people, even most of the older ones who have
seen all of this before, went along and totally supported it.

The growing
defeat of the U.S. in Iraq has led to the same revulsion against
the war we saw in Vietnam. Finally, people started coming out of
the secret recesses of government to bear secret testimony to the
vast war crimes of torture and murder and lies, lies, lies…

We are finally
at the point at which some insiders are beginning to bear witness
to the vast secret tyrannies always created by the government in
these wars. Americans are not yet aware that the NSA, FBI, CIA,
SS, DEA, ONR, DIA, and all the secret police have vastly expanded
their secret spying on Americans by using the secret intelligence
court to get rubber-stamped warrants to spy on any Americans they
want to spy on. This is the tyrannical system created over recent
decades, in total violation of the entire spirit and all letters
of The Constitution, to give a thin veil of legitimacy to this tyranny
which only the ignorant can believe. It is still hidden but is perfectly
obvious to anyone watching closely. But the newest forms of Bush
acts of tyranny – scofflaw redefining of war crimes and torture and
much else by the Justice Department appointees of Bush, vast torture
systems, war crimes, CIA murders by rockets from the heavens, sniper
murders worldwide, and now NSA spying on Americans inside America
are popping into public view like the giant tips of utterly immense
icebergs of tyranny.

The response
around the world has been more outrage against The Evil Empire,
as America is increasingly called. Famous seekers of peace and justice
like Nelson Mandela have been denouncing The American Terror. Now
even the new Nobel Laureate in literature from Britain has denounced
American tyrannies and terror before the entire world, but was almost
totally censored by the Media in America.

But the response
in America has been muted outrage by liberal journalists, ear-splitting
support from the Bush Media, a vast Media Propaganda Campaign by
the Bush people to “justify” these measures by claiming that the
President as “Commander In Chief” has Constitutional powers to do
all of this and more (as Cheney has put it blatantly), and much
yawning in boredom by the American people concerned mainly about
their SUV’s and new status symbols. The government and the Big Media
have exploded in a massive campaign of Big Lies claiming American
victory in Iraq is just around the corner, the U.S. is building
a shining democracy in Iraq, the President has Constitutional powers
to do anything he wants to do to defend American security, and on
and on.

Bush and his
Party have blatantly violated the clear, specific, and explicit
laws of the Constitution as well as its entire spirit from the beginning
when the Party members on the Supreme Court overturned the explicit
laws on how a disputed election for President is to be resolved
in the Congress. He now blatantly violates the once sacred Amendment
IV of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution and blatantly asserts
he has all the Constitutional authority to do that and all the rest
and, by obvious implication, anything he decides to do.

This is not
the Secret Tyranny I have lived through my entire life in America
(since birth in Miami, Florida, January 14, 1937). This is Blatant
Tyranny hidden only by the thinnest veil of Big Lies and obfuscation
that only the very ignorant believe. We are literally staring in
the face of the Neo-Fascist Tyranny in America (the giant police
state ruling over giant corporations and other concentrations of
power hidden only by a veil of empty democratic forms and dead rhetoric
about freedom).

Bush II has
proudly and defiantly thrown the gauntlet of Despotic Tyranny into
our faces in this vast Media Propaganda Campaign this week. He is
utterly convinced that the American people will stare into that
face of Tyranny and applaud its dictates and spying and mass murders
and tortures.

I fear he is
right and I am certain this is a great turning point for us Americans,
a moment of fateful and fearful commitment. If he is not now driven
from office in utter disgrace by massive outrage at his blatant
Tyranny, but instead is allowed to continue building his blatant
Despotism, then the gravely weakened Spirit of Freedom will die
in America, we will live on in the ruins of the empty forms of Constitutional
Democracy, and the iron cage of the totalitarian secret police state
will close ever more painfully and fiercely around us.

20, 2005

D. Douglas [send him mail]
is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California
at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human
beings, most notably The
Myth of the Welfare State

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