Plea From a Simple Vietnamese

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have been terrified since the event of 911, not because of the accused
terrorists, nor the illegal, abusive activities of political governments.
For I know exactly what they are, who they are, and their nature.
I have been terrified by you, my fellow human beings! Yes, by YOU.
Because you now are running the opposite way from liberty toward
the political governments, which are the very institutions that
we, generations after generations all around the world, have fought
hard against to take back our liberty and dignity. I am terrified
by your amnesia.

our history as humankind, political governments never gave us, the
people, anything, even the protection that is supposed their job.
They enslave us, and we have to protect ourselves against the power
of our own governments. They always find ways to take, and steal
away from us our property, our liberty, and our dignity. Remember
it is we, the people, who have fought hard and sacrificed in many
different ways to force them, the Kings, Queens, Presidents, Generals,
etceteras, to give in, give up, and give back our rights, our dignity,
our life as free peoples. All legal documents such as the constitutions
do not give us our rights and liberty. These documents only recognize
our rights after we, the people, have fought so hard for generations
to force the political governments to give in by writing these documents.
So please do not mistake that THEY, the political governments, gave
us these documents, but we have fought and forced them to do so.
They did not give. That’s why political governments always try to
bend and ignore the documents if we stop fighting.

battle for liberty never ends, for the political government always
tries to steal away our rights, our liberty as much as they can,
and only give in and give back as little as they are forced to do
so by us. We must not forget this.

of wars we have been forced to fight are the products of conflicts
between and among political governments, not between peoples themselves.
More than often political governments have spent our lives just
to experiment or prove their “grand ideas," because, as Mike
Rogers explains, they “don't
normally send their kids off to die in wars; high-ranking government
officials are always in bed with arms and weapons manufacturers
and always looking for a way to line their pockets. The governments
start the wars and the people pay the price.

Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, have lived peacefully together,
have done business, exchanged goods and services, even married without
any problem, until political government gets in and takes control.
Our histories, our experiences speak for themselves.

am not a Jew, or a German, to speak of the experiences under Hitler.
I am not a Russian, or a Chinese, to tell you about Stalin and Mao
regimes. I am a Vietnamese, and I will tell you about the Vietnamese
experience of political government.

Vietnamese were enslaved by the Chinese, then the French, then the
Japanese political governments. In 1945 HoChiMinh and his gang's
so-called “Communist Party” unified us to expel the French. So we
did trust him and his gang and we sacrificed our property, and our
lives, to fight for our “independence,” only to be enslaved, exploited,
and murdered more by HoChiMinh and his Party than under the French
and the Japanese occupations. Yet, we’ve put up with them.

any governments, HoChiMinh and his gang were very cunning in choosing
the timing of their plans. During the DienBienPhu campaign (1950–1954),
at the height of this war (1953), Ho and his gang started their
plot, “the land reform,” which lasted from 1953 to 1956, and which
murdered and sent between 300,000 to millions of people to concentration
camps, always in the name of the people, “to protect the nation
and the people” and “to take from the rich and give to the poor.”
It should be noted here that there is no way we can have the exact
number of victims, and the exact scope of this crime, due to the
lying, deceitful nature of political government. However, given
that the majority of Vietnamese people at that time were farmers
(90–95% lived and worked in agriculture), and the fact that
a person who owned a small piece of land would be categorized as
a “landlord," that an owner of a small shop would be classified
as “capitalist” by Ho’s Communist regime, the whole family would
be imprisoned, and persecuted. So my estimation is still conservative.

chose this timing to carry out the “land reform” as a disguise of
purging non-communists members and those who opposed or even doubted
his and his party leaderships, because Vietnamese people were focusing
on the struggle against the French. Many poor peasants hated not
only the French, but also those who were better off. HoChiMinh and
his gang exploited the “dark sentiment” of the masses at that time:
sentimental nationalism against the French, and envy of the rich.
This explains why, when the “land reform” hurt not only those “reactionary
elements” but also the peasants and the families of communist cadres
themselves, the people cried out for mercy. Ho himself, and Vo Nguyen
Giap, the hero of DienBienPhu, then appeared before the public,
shed some
tears, and apologized
. That was all. And the people forgave
them. But it did not stop there; Ho and his gang later drummed up
a new enemy, the USA, and plunged the whole North VietNam into war,
with, of course, a beautiful slogan, “liberate the fatherland from
the USA imperialists.” That was just half truth. The whole truth
is that Ho and his gang wanted to experiment with the “grand ideas”
of Communism on the whole nation. The political situation and the
living conditions of the whole VietNam after 1975 speaks for itself.

the South, under the “protection” and “assistance” of the USA, the
dictator Ngo Dinh Diem and the Generals tricked the people into
the belief that “the GIs come to defend democracy and liberty of
the South." Ironically, few of us admit that there was no democracy
or liberty in the South to protect or defend at the first place!
But people feared the Communists, and accepted their government's
explanation. Thus we, the Vietnamese people, murdered each other,
hated each other, and the South let the GIs burn villages, and massacre
innocent people without loud protest. The war lasted for 20 years
with 3–5 millions Vietnamese, 58,000 GIs deaths, and many broken
lives today. Today if you meet a Vietnamese exile in California
or Texas you shouldn't be surprised if he or she is apologetic for
the USA, or even defends the atrocities that the USA committed during
the War. The same is true if you meet some one in Hanoi; there you
would hear a mantra praising beloved HoChiMinh and the Party. In
fact, today many of us still call them “heroes.” Some of us even
call HoChiMinh a “saint!”

many of you who live in the Western world would have pity for and
even look down on people like North Koreans, or Vietnamese for their
“imbecility," “stupidity," and “submissiveness” in putting up with
such regimes. You would be partly right, and you may have a sense
of superiority in this respect. But you would also be wrong! You
are not superior in any sense, except that you may be materially
richer. Look at yourselves!

let your political governments fake evidence and lie you into war
after war, particularly this current war, which has destroyed other
people's lives, your lives, those of your loved ones; you also let
your governments take away your rights, and your liberty. Is it
the “Manifest Destiny” that you believe in? Ho could have used that

friends, I know for a fact that many of you still believe deeply
in the “The White Man's Burden," and that you are the chosen
ones to carry out that “manifest destiny” through your political
governments. You know full well, with concrete evidence, that your
governments lied to you, and took away your rights, took away even
your dignity as once great people who would fight anyone who dares
tell you what to do and how to live your life, but now you have
openly gone along with your governments in making wars, and stripping
away your own liberty. Why? Because your government has satisfied
your dark side? Deny this if you want, but many of you just don’t
like Blacks, and hate Muslims. Thus, apart from the fear that your
government has invented and installed into your society, as long
as your government humiliates, demonizes “them,” namely the Muslims,
you are happy to pardon your government. So please, don’t tell me
and our fellow human beings around the world that you have been
deceived. You deceive yourselves.

know that I am incriminating myself in writing this under the Australian's
new sedition law. But as a citizen of this planet of humankind,
I owe too much to many people who have fought and sacrificed their
lives for our rights of free speech, freedom of expression, to be
silent. I will not let their deaths and sacrifices pass in vain.
I do believe: “If large numbers of people believe in freedom of
speech, there will be freedom of speech even if the law forbids
it. But if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will
be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.” George Orwell
[Eric Arthur Blair] (1903–1950); I also am convinced that:
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.” ~ Albert

know it is dangerous for me, but I have to speak my mind, for I
owe too much to those who, as in the words of tienne
de La Botie
as quoted in an essay of Mark Davis, “Fascists-R-Us”:

having good minds of their own, have further trained them by study
and learning. Even if liberty had entirely perished from the earth,
such men would invent it. For them slavery has no satisfactions,
no matter how well disguised.

want to be one not to invent liberty, but to keep Liberty that we
have now alive and well. And I ask you, beg you, my friends, to
be such a person. It is for an obvious selfish reason. I am better
off if you are one such person. Please do not deceive yourselves
anymore. Please free yourselves, and I am right there with you.

14, 2005

him mail
] fled Vietnam with the boat people in 1983 and has
lived in Australia since then. He returned to Vietnam in 1997, but
was expelled for anti-government activities. See his

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