6-Day School Week All Year Long?

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Democrat Mayor
Richard Daley of Chicago, which has the third largest school district
in the nation, has announced that he wants to extend the school
week to 6 days, all year long, meaning no more summer vacations.
Daley?s model is Communist China, where he vacationed, which has
250 days of brainwashing – excuse me – schooling per year. It seems
that the mayor admires the Chinese government and wants to model
his administration just like it.

Daley somehow
thinks that six days of mediocrity would be much better than five
days of mediocrity. And he wants that to extend from 180 days per
year to the Communists’ 250. It seems that the plan is to force
kids to become good and obedient little robot socialists.

Just imagine,
publik skool not only for 6 days a week, but for longer hours each
day, and then for 12 months a year.

Sobering, isn’t
it? Education for exactly what?

All year in
publik skool to become a better publik fool? Why does Daley
and his cronies want to extend the misery longer?


Chicago Teachers
Union officials said they support year-round schooling, but say
teachers would have to be paid more. It would have to be written
into their union contracts, and for more money, of course. Sen.
Martin Sandoval (D-Cicero) will propose legislation next year to
possibly raise the minimum required days of school attendance in
Illinois after careful consideration and learned debate.


More money;
for the democrat unions, suppliers and especially for the political
SICKO’s (Socialists In Charge of Killing Opportunity).

Political SICKO’s,
as do all socialists, live at the expense of the tax-paying sheople,
increasing their ‘fair share’ by impoverishing not only the children
but their whole families as taxes are raised yet again. All will
be called good, when it is evil. Those good citizens who voice dissent
will be called evil by the SICKO’s.

The irony of
this situation is that most publik skool teachers are themselves
graduates of the same system. They can’t spell much better than
their students. So the students will grow up dumb and dumber and
not able to get a decent-paying job since Congress sold them down
the river. They simply won’t be able to pay the increased taxes
with which Daley, Sandoval and the other SICKO’s try to empower
themselves. In fact, all will be taught the socialist diversity
of false entitlement and expect to be given free jobs, free health
care and free rein to do everything but work. SICKO’s invariably
commit slow-motion suicide by their own stupidity.

Albert Einstein
once said that, "The difference between genius and stupidity
is that genius has its limits." Einstein was an eyewitness
to German SICKO’s who ruined their nation, as well.

"If we
want to compete against China and India, we have to change,"
Daley said.

Press writers in their puff-pieces about SICKO politicians rarely
mention how home-schooled children easily outstrip 98% of public
school kids in math, the arts and sciences and even in spelling,
making them frequent winners in national spelling bees. Never said
is how private and charter schools often use less money and produce
graduates with far better skills. Yet mayor Daley, SICKO that he
is, wants to imprison children even longer in the useless tedium
of the SICKO-run public obedience schools in Chicago.

People who
like Dracula movies recognize that SICKO’s are political vampires
sucking the people dry ‘ of their money, their parental control,
their dignity and their hope. SICKO’s prove this by shrinking in
horror from crosses or any other public display of spirituality.
Most likely the SICKO vampires will use a good portion of the pending
‘education’ tax increases to continue fuelling their bloodlust to
exterminate the good because it burns their evil.

The people
of Chicago should make a deal. They’ll allow their kids to go to
publik skool 6 days a week and the democrat unions get an increase
in pay, only if Daley, Sandoval and all of the State congress attend
their jobs only one day a week and get paid for only one day a week.
That would put a stake through their SICKO hearts and would be well
worth the sacrifice.

22, 2005

Duggan [send him mail]
lives in Hamilton, New Jersey with his family.

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