Why I Feel Sorry for Scooter Libby

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Libby is facing one of the most fearful things of modern life: a
lawsuit brought by the United States Government. The government
can and will spend millions of dollars to convict him. He will probably
spend everything he owns to defend himself.

he is found innocent, the government will not issue an apology,
nor will he be compensated. Your tax dollars and mine will pay for
Mr. Fitzgerald’s adventure.

he is innocent, Libby is as good as bankrupt. If he is guilty, he
is as good as bankrupt, and there will not be a dime in his pocket
to pay a fine. He will be sent to jail. You and I will pay “our
fair share” for incarcerating him.

public has just lost the services of a career lawyer and Federal
official. Admittedly, that is good news, but the man might someday
have a more productive career: flipping hamburgers. If he goes to
jail, he will miss that opportunity.

American legal system is unjust. It stacks prosecutorial system
that can fund itself by money extracted from taxpayers against people
who are said to be presumed innocent. The accused, who may be innocent,
is automatically ruined. He has no way to get his money back if
he is found innocent. The government’s agents will simply walk away,
either silent or complaining about this or that technicality.

the government targets you, you’re finished. You may be innocent,
but you might as well be guilty. Only your lawyers will benefit.

what he is facing. He has lost his job. He was once a top lawyer,
but then he went on the government’s payroll. Top lawyers make big
salaries, but most of them spend it. They are rarely rich. He now
has no income.

will a legal defense team cost him? A good Washington lawyer will
cost at least $400 an hour. That’s $3,200 a day. There will be bills
for every expert witness, every piece of paper, every long-distance
call. Then there will be paralegals to pay for. Will he get out
for under $3,500 a day? Probably not. That’s $70,000 a month, after
taxes. The case may take two years. It may take longer.

meter is ticking. Fitzgerald’s isn’t . . . at least not for Fitzgerald.
For taxpayers, yes.

someone else pays his bills, he will be brought under suspicion.
“What’s the deal here?” If he pays his own bills, he will lose a
fortune. If he has no fortune, he will not be able to pay a lawyer.
He will have to defend himself. Legal wisdom announces: “A lawyer
who defends himself has a fool for a client.”

if this happened to you? What would you do? Plea bargain? Even if
you’re innocent? It has been known to happen.

legal system pits a government team against a lonely citizen. “You’re
innocent until you’re proven guilty.” That one is right up there
with “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

a system even vaguely just, Fitzgerald should be given a tight budget:
no overruns allowed. For every penny his staff spends, an equal
amount of money should be handed over to Libby’s defense team, with
no taxes owed by Libby. That would be equality under the law. That
would be innocent until proven guilty.

do not have equality under the law. We have a runaway State going
after people it has targeted for destruction, guilty or innocent,
with no consequences on the State for bringing false charges.

is about to get a lesson in government service. The government goes
by this rule: “You play ball with us, and we’ll smash you in the
teeth with the bat.” I would like to say that it could not have
happened to a more deserving guy, but injustice is never deserved.
Our legal system is unjust.

is about to happen to Scooter Libby, I would not wish on my worst
enemy. That’s because I could be next on some prosecutor’s list.

government just handed down a 30-year jail sentence on an aged
Irwin Schiff
for daring to tell people that the income tax is
unconstitutional and encouraging them to fight back.

not be nave about the nature of the present judicial system. It
is owned and operated by a government that is under few restraints
and is getting more ruthless daily.

28, 2005

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