Black Refugees Automatic Criminals

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happening yet again.

I watched both FOX NEWS and CNN between 3–3:15 p. m. EDST on
Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005, evacuees from Louisiana were walking down
the rear ramp of an American Airlines passenger jet at the Lubbock,
Texas airport. Awaiting them are well over a hundred uniformed police
officers. Not firemen, emt’s or just medical and disaster relief
personnel, but what looked like a cop convention on the runway.

federal government caused these poor people this tragedy by earlier
this year cutting the New Orleans District of the U. S. Army Corps
of Engineers by a whopping and unprecedented $71 million, diverting
funds desperately needed for reinforcing the New Orleans levees,
to fund the war in Iraq and to fund the useless FEMA, which is spending
over a billion dollars on black projects having nothing to do with
disaster relief. The federal government is responsible for all the
flood deaths in New Orleans. Yet where’s the video news coverage
of this by the head-embedded TV media?

evacuees were being forced to drop their bags at the feet of the
police officers, then step back, while a black Labrador police dog
sniffed their luggage for contraband. Can you imagine that? After
losing everything they had and suffering the trauma of the past
week, not knowing if they and their families would survive, they
are finally airlifted to Lubbock where they are ‘welcomed’ by dozens
of police forcing them to be again searched. While passengers everywhere
might have their bags searched for explosives, it is always before
boarding the aircraft, not after they step off of it.

are great that if these victims were mostly white, an army of cops
would not have been sent to the Lubbock airport, but only the mayor,
city council people, aid workers and a brass band.

I wrote a recent
saying that things have not changed that much in the
South from the perspective of the poor black people who were forced
to suffer as long as five hours in line in the New Orleans heat
and humidity because illegal searches were being performed on them,
I received many e-mails of protest saying that the South is not
racist any more. It may not be, but the government sure is. Most
said how lucky the “ghetto blacks” were to be saved at all by government
and should be grateful to submit to any treatment at the hands of
police and guardsmen. Yet, right now, while watching TV coverage
at the armed camp at the Lubbock airport, there is little room to
deny the racism of searching the hurricane victims who are almost
all black. There can be no other explanation for searching people
getting off of a plane.

many of the e-mails actually defended the nefarious actions of the
government, justifying it because of the bad behavior of the looters.
What about the looting by gas stations charging $3 a gallon more
than the week before? Most of them were selling gas that they paid
for at old prices. You won’t see any black faces on the corporate
boards of the giant oil companies who are looting you personally
every time you try to fill up your tank.

about the looting of funds, supplies and guardsmen? What are the
guardsmen of Louisiana and Mississippi doing in Iraq instead of
helping the victims inside their own states? The poorest classes
that supplied their sons and daughters to ‘defend freedom’ in Iraq
are the same who couldn’t even get an unused school bus to carry
them to safety. Now most the school buses are under water while
the media keeps re-showing footage of people looting food, water,
or goods to barter for food and water, which deflects the public’s
focus on the government. Apparently it worked with a lot of us.

looted the FEMA trucks? The satellite-dish news vans made it to
NOLA and Biloxi within 24 hours of the storm, yet FEMA never showed
for five days. They claimed it was because “water was covering the
roads…,” but news vans made it in almost immediately. Homeland
Security and FEMA have billion-dollar operating budgets paid for
by the American taxpayer and provide zilch in return. If that isn’t
looting the store owners in New Orleans big time, I don’t know what

about the looting of Social Security by Congress for years and years
of money never meant for anything but people’s retirement, and now,
if you’re under 55 years old, you won’t receive back because of
politicians’ looting? How many thousands have you been forced to
contribute in automatic paycheck deductions that you’ll never see
in your old age because of government looting?

my words when you’re lying neglected in a public rest-home ward
some day because you have no Social Security, and all as a result
of the fact that you were looted by government all your life. Maybe
you’ll recall that people could only focus on a few desperate poor
people in New Orleans emulating government. Who did those store-looters
think they were back then, Senators!?

looters left the Superdome because there was almost no food and
water available. Since no one would give them information on when
they would get out of there or get food, out of desperation they
were forced to strike out on their own. It was worse than a Soviet
gulag as far as those in the shelter were concerned. This hasn’t
been reported, just spin control about rapes and violence by the
ungrateful victims of the flood, the flood that was caused by a
federal government more interested in Iraqi oil and its self-preservation
FEMA police agency, than the lives of American citizens in jeopardy.

in my mind will be a revulsion for the City of Lubbock, Texas. In
my considered opinion this local government is still racist. What
they did is inexcusable. The mayor and every city council representative
should be fired along with their chief of police. What they did
at the Lubbock airfield on Sunday, September 4, 2005 will go down
as a day in infamy and is a permanent stain on the image of a southern
town that pats itself on the back for its enlightenment.

the South no longer contains prejudice? All we have to do is look
to the government, not the people, of Lubbock, Texas. If they are
not removed from office, then they truly do only represent white
Southerners of means, as many claim.

8, 2005

Duggan [send him mail]
lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax
mailings) with his family.

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