What Noble Cause?

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has been one month, one week, and 4 days since I sat in a ditch
in Crawford, Texas. My request was simple: I wanted to speak to
the man who has sent over a million of our young people to fight,
kill, and die in a country that was absolutely no threat to the
United States of America. I wanted to ask him: “What is the Noble
Cause that you keep talking about?”

we all know now that George Bush never came down the road to talk
to me. Thank God! Many people have been saying that I am the “spark,”
“catalyst,” “face" of the anti-war movement, etc. I beg to
differ. George Bush and his arrogant advisers are the spark that
lit the prairie fire of peace activism that has swept over America
and the entire world. If he had met with me that fateful day in
August, it would not have been good for him (because I knew he was
going to lie and I would have advertised that fact), but it would
have had less of an impact on the peace movement if he had.

reflection on the events of this past August, I have come up with
two reasons why George could not meet with me: He is a coward and
there is no Noble Cause. If George had as much courage and integrity
in his entire body as Casey had in his pinky, he would have met
with me. But, ironically, if George had that much courage and integrity,
he never would have preemptively invaded a practically defenseless
country. His sycophantic cabinet and hangers-on are also incontrovertible
evidence that he is a coward. No one had better disagree with him.
How dare a mom from Vacaville, California, have the nerve to contradict
the emperor of Prairie Chapel Road?

of the “Noble Cause” reasons that George has variously given for
the invasion and continued illegal occupation of a sovereign nation
are also patently false and ridiculous. He has been claiming recently
(since he admitted a long time ago that Iraq had no WMDs or links
to 9/11) that this occupation of Iraq is spreading “freedom and
democracy” in the Middle East. Really? Does he have any idea that
the constitution that the Iraqi governing body is working on is
based on Sharia and that it undermines the freedoms of women? Does
he realize that for over 50 years women had equal rights with men
in Iraq? Does George realize (of course he does) that the puppet
government the US put in place in Iraq is comprised of the very
same people who encouraged the invasion to line their own pockets?
What kind of freedom and democracy is this?

George is so hellbent on freedom and democracy for Iraq, then why
doesn’t he practice them here in America? Up to 62 percent of Americans
believe that what George has done in Iraq is a mistake and we should
begin to bring our troops home. Well, George, 62 percent is a clear
majority and you should begin to listen to the people who pay your

has also claimed that what we are doing in Iraq is “making America
safer.” This statement is even easier to disprove than the “freedom
and democracy” baloney. To refute this little bit of deception,
all we have to do is look at the Gulf states. Ask the people of
New Orleans, especially, if they feel safer. By misappropriating
all of our personnel and equipment, and pouring hundreds of billions
of dollars into the sands of Iraq, George has made our country more
vulnerable to attack by outside forces. Also, from the cold and
callous statements of people like Michael Chertoff and George’s
own mama, the people of New Orleans seem to be “acceptable” collateral
damage to the ruling elite of this country.

is my opinion that the only thing that will make America safer is
to get George and his unfeeling and dangerously incompetent supporters
out of our White House.

all now know the reason that we are in Iraq. George told us so from
a break he was taking from Crawford in San Diego on the same day
that Katrina was hitting the Gulf States: it is for oil. It is so
George, Dick, and their evil buddies can extract more money and
power from our children’s flesh and blood.

is not a Noble Cause. It is a highly ignoble one. We as Americans
knew either in the front of our brains, or in the back of our consciousness,
that this war was to feed the corporate state. Fifteen brave young
Americans have been killed so far this month while our attention
has been focused, and rightfully so, on the Gulf states. More than
200 innocent and unfortunate Iraqis have been killed this week alone.
How much more blood are we going to allow George, Congress, and
the state-connected corporations to spill before we demand an end
to this war and an accounting for the lives that have been needlessly

is also time to stop hemorrhaging money in Iraq. I witnessed the
abject poverty and sense of abandonment the less fortunate people
of New Orleans were living in even before the levees broke. It is
time to start taking care of Americans. How many millions of our
tax dollars are we going to allow George, Congress, and the special-interest
corporations to misuse and waste in Iraq?

one more drop of blood. Not one more life. Not one more penny for

you love our country and want to see a change for the better, come
to DC on the 24th of this month and stand up and be counted
for peace. The whole world is counting on you.

19, 2005

Sheehan [send her mail]
is the mother of Spc.
Casey Austin Sheehan, KIA 04/04/04
She is co-founder of Gold
Star Families for Peace
. She is the author of Not
One More Mother’s Child
and Dear
President Bush

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