Beast of Prey The Eve of Destruction

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Nietzsche wrote in part:

within all the noble races there lurks the Beast of Prey,
bent on spoil and conquest. This hidden urge has to be satisfied
from time to time, the beast let loose in the wilderness… The
noble races have everywhere left in their wake the catchword “barbarian…"…their
utter indifference to safety and comfort, their terrible pleasure
in destruction, their taste for cruelty – all these traits
are embodied by their victims in the image of the “barbarian,”
and “evil enemy,” the Goth or the Vandal… "

"Just Cause" was to thwart Saddam's WMD and his partner
Osama bin Laden and their attempts to obliterate America using a
Holocaust of nuclear and biological weapons. Bush said, "We
must strike now before the enemies of our way of life complete their
mission." This has proven to be a rhetorical Grand Illusion
with no WMD's and no Osama bin Laden partnership.

any forethought to what was meant to happen and the unintended consequences
of what did happen, Bush, like a latter day Vandal, has ravaged
Iraq. Bush's indifference to the horrors visited on the citizens
of Iraq will reach our shores in payback. Americans will reap a
whirlwind of revenge which will make the Twin Towers seem like child's
play in comparison. All due to Bush and his innocence of the Beast
of Prey conscience despite the depredations visited on the people
of Iraq.

"Axis of Evil" is not Nations. The real evils are people
like Rove, Feith and Cheney or Rice, Rumsfeld and Bolton. Bush and
his Disciples of Manifest Democracy believed they would be welcomed
with open arms and flower-strewn paths. Too bad these un-welcoming
Iraqis made the mistake of being born over fields of Black Gold
and wanting the fields for themselves.

and his Beast of Prey driven by blood lust are barely slaked by
the sacrifices of American troops. This Crusade will continue in
the name of "The Noble Cause" and requires sending troopers
to die while fighting under the false flag of the" War on Terrorism."

and the Beast of Prey shouts," Cry Havoc! Let Lose the Dogs
of War!" and "Onward Christians Soldiers"! Bush needs
these bloody sacrifices for his Altar of Conquest. Who gets the
spoils of War? Hail Halliburton, KBR and all government contractors.
Fill the coffins with fallen warriors while lining your pockets
with Greenbacks.

and the Beasts of Prey do not care how many die in the name of the
Noble Cause. Why should they! It is someone else's sons and daughters,
fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters who pay the ultimate price.
Never the spawn of the Beast of Prey! These spawn have other priorities
and can not be sacrificed.

and his Beast of Prey neglect to face one priority as their rotating
of troops to Iraq eviscerates the Guard and the Reserve. The War
on Terrorism in Iraq has a chilling effect on recruiting of new
volunteers for the military. The Law of the Jungle military recruiting
slogan of "Learn to Kill or Be Killed" is certain to attract
recruits meeting the reduced standards of education and "smoked
a toke – hey haven't we all?" We should feel safe knowing an
armed, badly trained, semi-educated 18-year-old ex-drug addict is
protecting us from terrorists.

and his Beast of Prey send his half-trained, semi-equipped, semi-armored
Christian Crusaders into battle against the Infidel Terrorists.
Then can only stand by and watch how so few terrorists tie up the
Warriors of Democracy. Bush does not listen to the voices begging
for better training, personal armor and knowledgeable senior officers
who understand 4th Generation warfare. He turns a deaf
ear to those who suffer dis-membering wounds. His generals create
tactics and strategy which only alienates the very people Bush is
trying to save for Democracy. Bush just keeps on believing those
haunting cries in the Wilderness do nothing but give aid and comfort
to terrorists.

the rousing glory of," Mission Accomplished"! Two and
a half years later Bush and his Beast of Prey said yesterday,"
Our efforts in Iraq and the broader Middle East will require more
time, more sacrifice and continued resolve."

much more effort over what period of time is needed to resolve the
sacrifices being made by everyone but Bush and his Beast of Prey?

31, 2005

Getty [send him mail]
is a Vietnam Veteran of Chui Lai-I Corps and works as the senior
tax coordinator for an attorney who battles the IRS on behalf of
woebegone taxpayers.

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