Successfully Failed

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morning, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder dared to conquer
new historical terrain by publicly admitting his incompetence and
staging a vote of no confidence against himself. A politician who
until yesterday fought like a lion in order to get a parcel of seventy
new laws into the books which he wanted to be passed before he himself
had to pass, today stages a vote he deliberately intends to lose
in order to have his disability to govern officially confirmed.

is historically unprecedented, and I think it is an example that
all who think they can govern with no concept except by a legislative
shooting spree and administrative tinkering void of concept and
vision, should follow. I wish Gerhard well, having to live on unemployment
benefits for the next 18 months, and, by succession, being too old
and lacking success in his last job, not qualified for any further
employment, being forced to live on social welfare for the rest
of his days. A long and peaceful retirement, I hope.

his cutting by half of the unemployment figures from four to only
five millions will be remembered forever, as will be his other successes
like the "Green Card" and the "Ich-AG" by which
he forced hundreds of thousands of unemployed straight into government-inflicted
and -funded poverty.

predecessor in office will rub his hands now, these developments
never having been able to happen during his three and a half terms
of office. At least he can score not to have botched the German
reunification, being absolutely caught trousers down by the rapid
development. At least, he succeeded in selling Germany to the Euro,
just to add a drop of vitriol to the sweet milk of freedom from

outstanding compassion I am looking at his true and faithful Sancho
Pansa, a.k.a. Joseph "Joschka" Fischer. He will, as kaishaku-nin,
have to follow his master in his political seppuku. His own party
which more often than not has tried to back-stab him, will now be
deprived of the triumph of stabbing the too successful party leader
on the staircase of the senate. What a pity, they will be reduced
to being each other's ghoul in the hind ranks of fundamental opposition.

least, Ulla Schmidt, Secretary for Health etc., had managed to console
her most faithful civil servants with raise and promotion, both
equally hasty and generous.

remains is the consolation that Schröder's successors, no matter
which party or sex, will find the stage prepared where they can
fight theatrically about Schröder's heritage. The problems
our country suffers from, such as hypertrophical bureaucrazy, EU
absurdities as the idiocy to force twenty-five states or thirty-odd
nations under the rule of one super state, none of his successors
will be able to resolve. All who are running for office today have
already contributed their fair share to exacerbate these problems
instead of providing a real cure.

government governs best" said Thoreau "that governs least."
In that way, here might be hope for a change to the better: a former
Secretary of Defense, who could not even defend himself, preferred
to go on a vacation trip with his latest mistress instead of exacerbating
another artificial crisis by his presence.

humbly ask for a constitutional amendment: any elected official
must be required to spend at least 95% of his term in paid vacation
outside of the EU. We'd gladly pay our taxes for that. But as long
as megalomanic bureaucrats tend to bother us with a tsunami of superfluous
and stupid laws, we won't elect you any more. Imagine, you're smiling
down from all those billboards, kiss little kids — and nobody cares…

6, 2005

[send him mail] is
a consultant in Munich, Germany.

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