Tax-Hungry Swedish Feminists

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[men] beat women to show them that they are still in charge of
them, in spite of the fact that they have lost the power over
them outside the homes"

Swedish ambassador to
Margareta Winberg,
during an interview with the magazine Veja

The Brazilian
magazine Veja recently interviewed Margareta Winberg, Swedish
ambassador to Brazil and the former Swedish minister of equality.
During the interview Winberg said that 40 percent of Swedish women
are exposed to violence and that the numbers have climbed steadily
as equality has increased. The Brazilian journalists were quick
to explain that equality was harmful to women, noting that violence
towards women was only 11 percent in the less equal society in Spain.

What the Brazilians
journalists failed to understand is that Winberg is a radical feminist,
quoting "research" from another radical feminist. The
figures stated by Winberg was based on the government-sponsored
report "Beaten women", which had been conducted by the
controversial feminist researcher Eva Lundgren. Lundgren has "discovered"
that over 40 percent of Swedish women are abused by men.

The definition
of abuse in her report includes having been shoved, having been
exposed to verbal threats or having been given an unwelcome hug,
at least once since you were 16 years old. Any women who has admitted
to have been shoved once by her brother after the age of
16 years old has been included in the same category as women who
are regularly beaten by their husbands. This "research"
report is a manifestation of lunacy which has been financed by taxpayers'
money. It is also a disgrace against any women who has actually
been subjected to abuse. More importantly, it is a warning to other
countries of the consequences of giving left wing feminists too
much influence.

“So far as
feminism seeks to adjust [woman's] legal position to that of man,
so far as it seeks to offer her legal and economic freedom to
develop and act in accordance with her inclinations, desires,
and economic circumstances, so far it is nothing more than a branch
of the great liberal movement, which advocates peaceful and free
evolution. When, going beyond this, it attacks the institutions
of social life under the impression that it will thus be able
to remove the natural barriers, it is a spiritual child of socialism.
For it is a characteristic of socialism to discover in social
institutions the origin of unalterable facts of nature, and to
endeavor, by reforming these institutions, to reform nature.”

Ludwig von Mises in Socialism

The radical
feminists have infested Swedish universities with their government
sponsored ideology "genus science". This political doctrine
is constantly imposed on the universities and the schools. The University
of Gothenburg, one of the largest in the country, has for example
enforced a policy where each scientist who wishes to get funding
must include a "genus perspective" in his or her research
proposal in order to get funding. "A research project in mathematics
you say?, how will this help to bring down the male-dominated system
of society?" This might sound like a joke, but is unfortunately
the hard reality for researchers in every scientific field in the
University of Gothenburg. Courses in "genus theory" are
given in many major Swedish universities and colleges. Many of them
are obligatory and enforce postmodern Marxist ideas on young Swedish

The feminists
have also taken over the organization ROKS, which has as its goal
to help women who have been abused. As left wing feminist ideology
grew in the organization, the main objective became hatred against
men. Eva Lundgren had a major role to play in this organization,
forming theories about how Satanist male sects routinely murder
young women in Sweden. Many young women who have been in contact
with ROKS have been brainwashed into believing that Satanist sects
are out to kill them; individual women have even been forced to
live in small cabins in our neighbor country Norway in order to
avoid the imaginary sects. Many other women have been brainwashed
by ROKS into believing that they have been exposed to sexual abuse
during their childhood.

The sects of
radical feminists in Sweden are currently working on establishing
a new political party. Their front figure is Gudrun Schyman, former
leader of the largest communist party in Sweden. It is difficult
to say whether the party will be successful or not, but it is safe
to say that Swedish feminists are on the rise in the same way as
the environmentalist movement were during the 1980s. Sure, they
have wacky socialist ideas and little contact with reality, but
they can create public opinion for their ideas and literally brainwash
millions of young people through their influence in the universities
and government. Hopefully, libertarians in other countries will
see Sweden as a sign of warning and question the publicly-financing
of feminist ideology.

8, 2005

Sanandaji [send him mail]
president of the Swedish think tank Captus and the editor of Captus
. He has been admitted to graduate studies in biochemistry
at the University of Cambridge.

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