You Don't Pay Twice To Homeschool Your Children

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Marshall Fritz,
the brilliant founder of the Separation
of School and State
makes it clear that when you homeschool
you do not pay twice for your children’s education.

You only pay
one time, not two. Many public school math teachers will be confused
already. Therefore, I will go slowly for those who teach math in
the public schools: 1 is less than 2.

The Government
School Tyranny

The public
school system was created for the state by the state. Whether or
not one chooses to homeschool, one still must pay taxes to put others
in a Godless, broken, education system. We might as well call it
what it is however, and a public school tyranny funded by your family’s

But ask yourself
what those taxes fund. Do they fund your child’s education if you
make the grave mistake (and sin) of sending your little ones into
Satan’s Synagogues known also as the public schools? No, your child
does not get an education. An indoctrination is not an education.
Your child gets indoctrinated by your tax dollars and the tax dollars
of your neighbors who also have to pay for your child’s indoctrination.
But your child does not get an education.

People often
blame the Government (and they should) and the school administration
(and they should) for the bad education in this country. But those
same people will defend teachers saying, “There are some good teachers.”

I suggest
that the ONLY good teachers are those teachers who warn parents
every day to pull their children from the public schools. All the
rest care more for their paycheck than they care about warning the
parents to rescue the children. It’s that simple.

Those same
people would never defend evil prison camps by saying, “Well, there
are some good prison guards.” (Not that I’m comparing the public
schools with prison camps because I wouldn’t want to disparage prison

Don’t Close
the Schools Tomorrow… Close Them Today

The system
is corrupt and cannot be fixed. The system cannot be reformed. Institutions
do not repent. The schools must go.

you say, “What are you saying,” you ask. I realize that if we closed
the government school system tonight, the following would take place:

  • Children
    would be far less likely to learn how many earrings fit in their
    left nostrils.
  • Children
    would be unable to experience the joy of being inspected by school
    teachers, administrators, and nurses who are latent pedophiles
    (you read in the news almost EVERY day of a public school teacher
    or administrator who molests a child, but it’s such common news
    that it’s often buried on page 13-C).
  • If we closed
    the government school system then children could not learn the
    importance of an open mind towards homosexual experimentation.
  • If we closed
    the government school system tonight then kids would not learn
    that truth is only relative, that whatever is good for you is
    right as long as you have self-esteem (the two Columbine murderers
    had LOTS of self-esteem… the school system really taught them
  • If we closed
    the government schools tonight, I realize that teachers could
    no longer blame parents for bad children — The late 60s and 70s
    began the modern liberal thought in America’s government schools
    and teachers who blame the parents (teachers always blame the
    parents) are speechless when you then ask, “Well, who taught the
    parents?” (Ask them, you’ll see, teachers really HATE that question
    after they’ve blamed the parents for all their ills).
  • Children
    would no longer believe the lie that they evolved from slime if
    we closed the public schools tonight, and without that important
    public school education they’ll begin to see that life has more
    meaning than their teachers used to make them believe.
  • If we closed
    the schools tonight, how in the world would the children learn
    that you can have sex with anything you want as long as a condom’s
    involved somewhere along the way?????

How much of
your income goes to your local school district? We paid almost $5,000
in property taxes, per year to one school district, before we moved
to acreage to get away from as much municipal tyranny as possible.
On top of that, how much of your other taxes go to schools, directly
or indirectly? How much towards the Department of Education’s programs,
failed programs such as D.A.R.E. that have been proved to
cause more drug use among school children? How much of your time
is spent wasted — waiting in traffic behind stopped school buses
(I mean, children jails) each day?

I ask you
this: If you attend church, Does the total percentage of
money you spend on the government’s school system equal or surpass
your church tithe? Why do you tithe your and other people’s children
to the State 6+ hours each day?

Nobody has
the moral right to force someone else to help pay for a child’s
education. Why is stealing okay when it’s done by the government?
When the NAZIs murdered the Jews, it was NOT okay just because “the
government did it.” And when the government steals money from us
to pay for education, it is not okay.

Four words
a public school teacher does not understand: Thou Shall Not Steal.

school children’s Dads might teach their young ones not to steal
and then put them on the yellow school bus each morning, paid for
by the neighbors all around them. The child learns stealing is not
okay unless it’s done by government decree. They also learn Dad
is an idiot. And if they don’t learn it that way, teachers (and
every sitcom on TV) make sure children learn that Dad’s an idiot.


The Columbine
teachers taught a program called “death education” three years before
the Columbine murders. They taught kids that suicide was an option
and that death was not something to be avoided at all costs both
for you or for others. Well, why not? We all evolved from slime,
we’re no better than animals, animals kill other animals. A reporter
was commenting on one of the murderer’s T-shirt that had this phrase
on it: Survival of the Fittest. The reporter actually looked
straight at the camera and said, “It’s not really clear what was
meant by that shirt.” The only time the national media won’t passionately
defend evolution is when it would expose the foolishness behind

I suppose
I must admit once again, those Columbine teachers really did their
intended jobs. But the Liberal’s nightmare always kicks in eventually:
The Law of Unintended Consequences.

blames the teachers for Columbine!!!!” (I hear you saying that.)
I do. It’s simple. It takes effort to become as dumb as a public
school administrator. In fact, what does it take? It takes a degree
in education to get that foolish. You’re not born that stupid, you
have to REALLY work at it.

Who become
the administrators? Only the “best teachers” get promoted to the
administration positions.

is Not the Answer

We have a
fixation on Education in this country. Education does not work to
solve problems. The drug education such as D.A.R.E. in our schools
exacerbates the problem. The more alcohol and tobacco education
we have, the bigger problems that we get in those areas.

Liberals (most
Republicans and Democrats) love to say that education is the answer
to our problems. If that were true (it’s not), would any doctor
smoke? Would any police officer ever commit a crime?? Wouldn’t the
all-knowing, all-powerful, all-greedy, all-corrupt public school
system have solved all our problems by now?

“Raise the
test scores” we keep hearing. Let me be blunt: The test scores are
NOT the problem. If all public school children received straight-As
this next year, our society would be worse off because then we would
have smart thugs instead of stupid ones, people who are smarter
and who still do not know right from wrong. Besides, the test score
increase would be false and have nothing to do with increased knowledge
anyway; teachers want to keep their jobs and the scores will rise
to the required level to keep their jobs because they will dumb
down the tests as needed and they’ve done this for several years
and the trend keeps continuing.

schools are the enemy.

Public school
teachers are the enemy.

Public school
officials are the enemy.

Don’t waste
your time fighting to get prayers back in schools! That’s doing
nothing more than re-arranging the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks.
Instead of working to put prayer back into schools, you should work
to rescue children out of the entire government school system.

11, 2005

Perry [send him mail],
a recovering public school victim, may have been born with one leg
and a total of three fingers, but don’t call him disabled! He prefers
the term “handicapped” because the ADA advocates hate that term.
You might wonder how that applies to him because Perry is the most
prolific computer book author in the world and just finished his
75th computer book published internationally. He recently fulfilled
his long-standing promise to expose the Americans with Disabilities
Act by writing the book Disabling
America: The Unintended Consequences of the Government’s Protection
of the Handicapped

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