Neoconservatives Speechless!

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from the left, right and middle, including George W. Bush, believe that they create
their own reality
, live in their own world, and make their own history.

kind of funny how they don’t want to talk about it right now.

ironed World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, when asked about the Downing Street
Memoranda, had this to say:

will be a
time and place to talk about history
,” he added, “but I really don’t
believe it’s now."

classified and eyes-only official government records, written by the British counterpart
to George Tenet at the time, record the Bush decision in early 2002 to invade
Iraq — long before the Congress or the American public was alerted by the
administration to any national security risk involving Iraq.

Downing Street memoranda also indicate that the George W. Bush administration
crafted and disseminated half-truths and falsehoods to Congress and the media
to support this predetermined policy.

saw it
, many
others saw it
, and we
could not stop it
. Each and every day since the war in Iraq was illegally
launched, long before actual invasion in March 2003, people have died as a result.
Cities and entire nations have been destroyed as a result. Billions and billions
of U.S. borrowed money — added to the oppressive tab already owed by our
children and grandchildren — has been wasted as a result.

memoranda from Downing
Street, circa 2002, also indicate that the Bush administration was attempting
— through increased military attack beyond enforcement of the Northern and
Southern No-Fly Zones and through an obscenely oppressive international inspection
regime — to goad Saddam Hussein into some action that could then be used
to justify a military action by the United States.

for the neoconservatives, Saddam Hussein did not take the bait. He sat passively
as the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy attempted to soften up the Iraqi battlefield.
Saddam Hussein eagerly welcomed the most intrusive inspection regime imaginable.
The inspectors had full access, and they — like David Kay’s team after them
— found no weapons of mass destruction. No stockpiles, no existent capability,
no programs.

Wolfowitz prefers not to discuss such history. He remains, in his own mind, a
hugely successful instrument in gaining the war he had long fantasized and craved.
What’s not to like?

is Donald Rumsfeld on the Downing Street Memoranda? Increasingly, Rummy seems
to embody the utter dementia that permeates the current administration. He seems
to not to understand questions, not to have seen the news, not to have heard of
the policy, not to be aware of the facts, not to conceive of the gravity of his
personal situation in historical terms.

but there is time for that later, they say.

Cheney, beyond identifying and denunciating presumed enemies of America behind
every shrub at the Naval Observatory and beyond, has had little to offer. While
Cheney makes history — for himself, Halliburton, Iraq, energy policy and
American neoconservatism — discussion of that history can wait. Let’s not
talk about it now.

W. Bush gave another speech this week, regarding energy. It occurred to me again,
as I watched and listened to his words, that we have elevated only knaves and
fools to Washington. Like Spanish conquistadors witnessed for the first time,
we believe them gods and kneel.

a better analogy is seen in The
Gods Must Be Crazy
, where a Coke bottle dropped from an airplane leads
to a new "culture" of worship for an African tribe — a
culture filled with hatred, envy, and discontent.

George spoke this week about future energy technologies, ethanol from corn, and
bio-diesel from soybeans. He said taxpayers should be glad that he is spending
" to pay for programs to teach people to conserve energy and to
subsidize research into energy saving practices, devices and vehicles.

oil prices — made higher by wars and threats of war and embargoes and government
managed international trade and expansion of unpopular U.S. military operations
around oil pipelines and fields — in another world, would amply fuel this
type of alternative energy research.

no, the American government needs to extract more tax receipts and can somehow
spend it more smartly than the marketplace of a billion choices could do. This
is shocking. That it spews forth from a so-called Republican in the
White House is in itself historic, or on second thought, perhaps not. Maybe the
Whigs are back.

of course, let us study all that later.

who says the Congress has sat idly by? Why, there is a bipartisan move to repeal
the 22nd Amendment, to remove the restriction that a President serve
only two consecutive terms. The Senators fuss over the idiotic Bolton nomination
while they vote 100 to 0 for the REAL ID and grant more of "our money"
for the President’s every whim. They quibble over Bolton’s mediocre incompetence
while smoothly confirming the far more deadly and corrupt Negroponte as super-intelligence
czar, and integrating domestic and foreign intelligence and law enforcement in
a constitutionally inscrutable way. J. Edgar Hoover would have been so proud.

what history we could postpone talking about if we repealed the 22nd
Amendment! You’d think that the Democratic and Republican sponsors of the 22nd
Amendment Repeal bills in the House and Senate could think of some other stupid
laws to repeal, like say, the Patriot Act, the Intelligence Reform, the REAL ID.
Perhaps they could eliminate funding for the illegal war they were seduced into
supporting. But no, they can only get it up for giving some future President the
right to be a permanent ball and chain in Washington, bequeathing to the rest
of us an American version of the aging and interchangeable Presidents and Prime
Ministers of France. Who knew?

in the reality-based world, that is to say — real history — is made
by individuals, who simply put, act.

North Carolina Republican Representative Walter Jones who, following his father’s
advice to "vote my
conscience first, my constituency second, and my party third
," publicly
repudiated the President’s past and continuing lies about Iraq and called for
an exit.

Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush don’t want to talk about the Downing Street evidence.
Perhaps this is on the advice of counsel. But if I may recall a Chaucerian phrase,
"Time and tide wait for no man."

the Coke bottle worshipping Bushmen realized the utter nastiness of life in thrall
of a piece of trash, they sent out one of their own to simply throw the garbage
out. That strategy sounds really good
about now.

24, 2005

Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., [send her mail] is
a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, who spent her final four and a half years in
uniform working at the Pentagon. She lives with her freedom-loving family in the
Shenandoah Valley, and among other things, writes a bi-weekly column on defense
issues with a libertarian perspective for

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